45 Annoying Times When Beggars Were Choosers And Got Shamed In This Online Group

They say that beggars can’t be choosers. And they’re wrong. There are plenty of people who try to exploit the generosity of others even though they are in no position to do so.

And you can find them on the aptly-titled subreddit ‘Begging Choosers.’ Created in 2017, its 27K members are constantly sharing with one another the worst examples of entitlement.

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From demanding sellers give them products for free to attending only those BBQs that give away fancy sodas, continue scrolling to meet the bunch who think that the whole world revolves around them.

#1 A Nice Comeback!

Image credits: stockyman

#2 Or Maybe You Could Bring The Soda You Like?

Image credits: jumpstart1829

#3 This Was A Thread To A Post About A Family Going To The Wrong Concert

Image credits: Organic-SurroundSnd

#4 Posted On Cartoonist Jason Chatfield’s Twitter. Felt Fitting Here

Image credits: MattistKick

#5 The University Of Begging Choosers

Image credits: Public_Bother_613

#6 Poor People Androids

Image credits: madcre

#7 Shamelessness Is Far Away From The Confidence

Image credits: SorryTill

#8 What A Catch

Image credits: 4reddityo

#9 Karen Would Like A $10.00 An Hour Nanny

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Image credits: Additional_Refuse_46

#10 Stop Promising Shit You Don’t Own To Your Kids!

Image credits: Hebden_Herbivore

#11 Saw This Beaut On Fb

Image credits: churdayd

#12 Spotted On Good Old Facebook

Image credits: sueunwin94

#13 Buyers Remorse? Sellers Regret More Like It!

Image credits: lalaxoxo__

#14 Marine Strong

Image credits: ejusdemgeneris

#15 $20 Shouldn’t Make A Difference

Image credits: wwwDJTUNEZnet

#16 Hiring A Free Wedding Photographer (Found Screenshot On Twitter)

Image credits: leftistbitch25

#17 Jesus Is Watching

Image credits: Bro_Kuli

#18 Spare A Thought For This Poor Girl Who Has Been Dealt The Injustice Of Being Gifted A Mere $32,400 For Her Wedding ?

Image credits: secretly_excited

#19 Aww, You Have To Draw It Now!

Image credits: TheoryofJustice123

#20 Tempting

Image credits: 420gucciqueen

#21 Not The Water Bottle!

Image credits: lalaxoxo__

#22 Just Your Average Trashy Beggingchooser Transaction

Image credits: Minos114

#23 Money Is Tight, So Please Make Us Free Decor. For No Reason

Image credits: amlynn97

#24 Put A Add Up On Fb Marketplace Saying I’ll Build You A PC And I Get This

Image credits: AZsonny

#25 Listed My Old Bluetooth Speaker For 18 Bucks And I Was Gonna Give It To Him For 10 Freaking Bucks But Then This Happened Smh

Image credits: namaig7

#26 Begging For Free Swimming Lessons For Her Child

Image credits: AlternativeJeweler71

#27 Joke Or Not?

Image credits: UnratedMurderer

#28 James Gunn Shared This On Instagram

Image credits: HDgoMango

#29 This Woman Begs For Things Daily On Facebook In Our Neighborhood Group

Image credits: 4one_two

#30 Looking For A Live In Nanny Willing To Take Care Of 2 Kids For 100 A Week

Image credits: tighttightcoolcool

#31 Hate People That Do This

Image credits: TheCrowsNestTV

#32 $2 An Hour But Free Snacks!!

Image credits: gfc1217

#33 Did I Get One?!?! I Think I Got One. It’s A $60 Entrance Table

Image credits: JoeJoeBlaBla

#34 Yes, I Could Just Go Buy One But I’d Rather You Give Me One For Free

Image credits: SkootinSkitzo

#35 Stranger With Laptop Ruins Christmas, For Shame

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 ?? Feel The Bern

Image credits: NfamouSoNe

#37 Was At School, Came Home And Went On My Phone Just To See This

Image credits: NixRoll

#38 Dependapotamus Karen

Image credits: _That_One_Fellow_

#39 Found Itw

Image credits: octopusinthecloset

#40 Manager Refuses To Allow Employee To Go To College Graduation Ceremony

Image credits: surviveb

#41 I Want Something For Taking Your Free Item

Image credits: BetziPGH

#42 Take Me Out, You’ll Have Fun

Image credits: ClintonicRoad

#43 I Love It When People Get What They Deserve

Image credits: sueunwin94

#44 I Was Literally Selling It For 10 Dollars

Image credits: HectorBeeSee

#45 “Influencer” Throws Fit. Attempts To Throw St Louis Restaurant Under The Bus

Image credits: reddit.com

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