45 Hilarious Photoshop Fails That May Encourage You To Take Up Photo Editing

As with any powerful tool, Photoshop can be rather “destructive” in the wrong hands. That’s why we have the r/Sh***yPhotoshop subreddit, where people can proudly show off their terrible, hilarious, and cringe-worthy attempts at digital manipulation. This page is a goldmine of terrible Photoshop blunders that will have you wondering why anyone would even bother.

#1 Found On Youtube

Image credits: bengel8737

#2 I Found This And Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: nk2702

#3 Made This On My Phone. No.11

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#4 Flex On Them All

Image credits: billymadison51588

#5 School Decides To Cover Girls’ Chests By Altering Yearbook Photos

Image credits: George_Jefferson

#6 Made This On My Phone. No.18

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#7 Pakistani Chief Minister Did Not Attend A Meeting For Coronavirus Emergency So His Team Decided To Photoshop Him In For Media

Image credits: dubaifrontendguy

#8 Made This On My Phone. No.14

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#9 I Made This With My Son’s Direction

Image credits: Sporfsfan

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#10 He Is Definitely Carrying That Tablet! Found On Amazon

Image credits: BizKet89

#11 Made This On My Phone. No.43

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#12 2 Dads

Image credits: stevey83

#13 Saw This While Looking Up Hairstyle References

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 They Genuinely Expect People To Believe It’s Real

Image credits: DecentestMama

#15 If The Moon Landing Is Real Explain This

Image credits: thechristinechapel

#16 Made This On My Phone. No.24

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#17 On An Asos Ad

Image credits: olenderm

#18 The Art Of Nollywood

Image credits: ricekrispies327

#19 You Can Barely Tell

Image credits: barleypopsmn

#20 I Think That Elastic Is About To Snap. And So Is The Lady

Image credits: bokster

#21 Attila The Bun

Image credits: KissMyGoat

#22 So I Screw The Stand Onto The Front Of My Monitor?

Image credits: supercoolapples48

#23 Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 Part Two In This Series Of Whatever The Hell This Is

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 I Did This On My Phone, Go Easy

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#26 Going Through My Photoshops Yesterday Found This

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Cargo Liner To Safely Transport Your Pet Tiger

Image credits: Ashgardian

#28 Jabba The Hut

Image credits: KissMyGoat

#29 It Hurts To Look At It

Image credits: InfamousEdge

#30 Hmmmm

Image credits: sadieperson

#31 Take A Deep Breath, It’s Nutella

Image credits: shtaffi

#32 I Made This On My Phone

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#33 This Is A From A 3 Billion Dollar Company’s Website

Image credits: LadyBumbles

#34 Ebay Shower Cap

Image credits: KissMyGoat

#35 Giraffe Lady Gets Amazon Modelling Job

Image credits: The-Go-Kid

#36 Ngl I’m Quite Proud Of This. I Did This On My Phone

Image credits: Got-a-PhD-in-THC

#37 There Definitely Playing In That Pool Definitely

Image credits: 11001100110101100

#38 This Absurd Clickbait Article’s Attempt At A Shocking Image

Image credits: BrintsleyPetersons

#39 Can You Spot It?

Image credits: Kooken_

#40 Who Would Do Such A Thing??

Image credits: poebo

#41 I Made This On My Sister’s Request

Image credits: dannixxphantom

#42 Goose + Horse= Hoose (Or Gorse?)

Image credits: AvaCado39

#43 She’s Really Wearing That Mask

Image credits: CptnLtChampion

#44 Wonderfully Not-To-Scale And Reality-Warping Plant Pots On Amazon

Image credits: Gimme_Some_Sunshine

#45 Just Found This Gem On Amazon

Image credits: Venturin

Source: boredpanda.com

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