45 Men That Showed Their True Colors With Their Weird And Delusional Expectations For Women

A “wonderful” part of being a woman is accidentally smiling while making eye contact with the wrong man and now he is in love and, even worse, insistent that you must be in love as well. No words, deeds or restraining orders will dissuade him from this thought. Fortunately, folks online have taken to screenshotting messages from these sorts of fellows to name and shame them. 

We’ve gathered some of the most delusional expectations “nice guys” have had of women. So get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote the ones that made you roll your eyes the most and be sure to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. 

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#1 Why Aren’t Women More Superficial?

Image credits: g1rlchild

#2 This Nice Guy Who Expected Immediate Replies To His Texts And Then Told The Woman He Was Texting He Was Just Trying To Teach Her A Lesson

Image credits: sknskskdmdmkdd

#3 This Guy Who Felt Entitled To A Date After Putting Down Other Women

Image credits: deelish22

For those who are not in the loop, a “nice guy” isn’t just a fantastically underrated Ryan Gosling movie or a man who is nice, it refers to a very specific subset of romantically unsuccessful men. These men, similar to the ones in these screenshots, have a misguided and frankly entitled belief that if they are just nice to women, they will receive love and attention in return.

Given the fact that humans are not vending machines, this has no bearing on reality, but when this fact rears its head, these men tend to get very angry. It’s also worth noting that “nice guys” are not particularly nice in general, equating some conversation and favors to being a “perfect partner.” 

#4 This Guy Who Expected A Relationship With A Woman After He Comforted Her — Also Known As… Just Being A Bare-Minimum Friend

Image credits: Sandman1025

#5 That Happened

Image credits: stanky_one

#6 This Guy Who Thought He Deserved Constant Communication With His Dating App Match Simply Because They Matched… A Few Hours Prior

Image credits: lemontarts526

#7 This “Nice And Stable” Guy Who Thought He Deserved A Date After Catfishing 200 Women To Try To Prove His Misogynistic Point

Image credits: That1weirdperson

#8 Ngvc “Decent Guy, Only Wants One Thing From His Date”

Image credits: Rollo49

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#9 Ngvc: “I Make 100k+ A Year, What Do You Bring To The Table?”

Image credits: chooseasign

#10 Ngvc: “I Sexually Harassed A Woman Who Didn’t Have The Ability To Just Walkaway From Me, And She Isn’t Happy About It. And You Women Say You Want Nice Guys”

Image credits: 3KidsInTheTrenchCoat

#11 Ngvc: “High Value Man”

Image credits: The_Amazing_Ammmy

#12 Ngvc: “I Hope He Dead, He Maybe Doesn’t Even Love You, I Do.”

Image credits: Anuyushi

#13 Ngvc: “You Got A Nice Set Of Mommy Milkers”

Image credits: Adorable-Novel8295

#14 Ngvc: “Just Trying To Be Nice”

Image credits: blaquewidow01

#15 Ngvc: “I Was So Loving That’s How I Lost Her”

Image credits: chels4ever

#16 Ngvc: “It’s A Real Shame Too. I Would’ve Treated You Like A Princess”

Image credits: JustMonikaJustDdlc

#17 Ngvc: “I’m Also A Little Older And More Mature Than You (No Offense)”

Image credits: MisterState

#18 Ngvc: “I’m Not A Sexist But Females Owe Me Sex”

Image credits: Middle_Bug_3699

#19 This Guy Who Thought Buying Someone Drinks Meant They Owe You Sex

Image credits: Upplay

#20 This Classical Music Enthusiast Who Expected A Dm From This Woman After Insulting Her Taste In Music

Image credits: FernedGemara

#21 This Guy Who Thought He Deserved A Woman Because Of His Persistence… And Expert Gaslighting Skills

Image credits: unhelpfulCritic

#22 This Guy Who Expected To Find A Match Because He Said He Doesn’t Care About Looks Or Sex In His Profile… But Then Had This As His Opening Line

Image credits: Revvan83

#23 This Guy Who Expected A Stranger On The Internet To Want To Date Him Just Because He (Sort Of?) Complimented Her

Image credits: ImAFeminist23

#24 Ngvc: “I Can Do Chivalry”

Image credits: kiitekudasai

#25 This Guy Who Mistook A Woman Just Being A Normal Human Being As Romantic Interest And Felt Entitled To A Relationship With Her

Image credits: jrl_iblogalot

#26 This Guy Who Expected A Date After Showing A Random Woman At A Bar How Much Was In His Bank Account

Image credits: MeMesman98

#27 Ngvc: “Do Girls Even Like Nice Guys?”

Image credits: Ok_Post675

#28 Ngvc: “I’m A Really Good Guy…if You Have A Girlfriend I Don’t Associate With You Because I Know You’re A Bad Person”

Image credits: gaelicpasta3

#29 At The Local Renaissance Festival Today

Image credits: I_am_dean

#30 Poor Brandon

Image credits: Upwindreflate70

#31 “Toddlers Are Well Built And Curvy”

Image credits: throwaway01061124

#32 Hot Tub Offer

Image credits: Twelve-Majestic-Lies

#33 Ngvc: “Typical Recycled Niceguy’s Saying”

Image credits: Phospholyne

#34 Ngvc: “But I Asked Nicely”

Image credits: Nubacaos

#35 Ngvc “I Am Handsome, Educated And Have Money But Single. What Is The Problem”

Image credits: WhydoIexistlmoa

#36 Ngvc: “I Try To Be A Gentleman But Most You Ladies Not Into That”

Image credits: HipHopSpaceBop

#37 Ngvc: “I Stopped Caring About Women When I Realised They Have Freaky Seggs With Other Guys That Aren’t Me”

Image credits: Everythingn0w

#38 Ngvc: “I’m A Nice Guy Once You Know Me, But No You Judge A Book By It’s Cover”

Image credits: cringequeenjen

#39 Ngvc “I’m Such An Awesome Guy! Why Won’t Girls Date Me”

Image credits: f0r3aL84

#40 Ngvc: “I Want To Show You A Good Time”

Image credits: greazywaifu

#41 Ngvc: “I Tried To Be Polite… F**k That B***h.”

Image credits: Frankensteins_Kid

#42 This Guy Who Thought He Deserved A Date Because He Gave This Woman Her “Bong Piece Back”

Image credits: m00nieGx3

#43 I’m Looking For A Large Breasted Sex Nymph… But She Should Want Me Because I’m So Nice And Sweet

Image credits: 3KidsInTheTrenchCoat

#44 What A Fckn Loser

Image credits: SweethJob

#45 This Guy Who Thought He Deserved This Woman’s Attention After Telling Her He’s Going To Court

Image credits: bzlaiyiar

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