45 Of The Best Posts From The “What I Wanted Vs. What I Got” TikTok Trend

Expectations are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s fun to imagine all the wonderful scenarios that might play out in real life. On the other hand, if your expectations are a tad on the unrealistic side, they can completely wreck your emotional state when you step down from your daydreams and come face to face with reality.

But what about fairly realistic expectations? Surely, if somebody advertises a product or a service, the customer can expect to get exactly what they pay for… right? Spoiler alert: oh, dear Lord, no! TikTok users have been uploading videos showing the huge differences between what they (un)realistically wanted and what they got. From clothes to dog haircuts and more.

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People have been adding TikTok user Keelyknight aka Madeline’s audio (where she’s crying because of the nails she got) to their own videos, and we’ve collected some of the best ones for you to watch, dear Pandas. Have a look, upvote your fave vids, and be sure to let us know which ones were your favorite, why, and if you’ve ever been in a similar situation yourselves.

@kneelyknightThis was the worst experience I’ve ever had. #nails #help #foryou #foryoupage♬ original sound – Madeline


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When it comes to getting something we totally didn’t want, there are two aspects that you have to consider. The actual quality of the service and managing your own expectations so that you don’t end up being constantly disappointed.

The first aspect is fairly straightforward, even though it might not be easy to get around. If the product or service you’ve received doesn’t meet your standards of quality or what’s been advertised, then you’ve got to ask for a refund. Complain! Often and loudly.


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Obviously, try to be as diplomatic as you can with your complaints—you’re dealing with other human beings after all. And it’s not always the person who’s registering your complaint who was responsible for what you got. So try not to make their life hell and they’ll be more likely to help you out.


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If a company has a genuine customer-first policy in play, they’ll take serious complaints, well, seriously. They’ll hear you out, offer you support, follow up on your complaint, and do whatever they can to make up for their mistake. But we all know that far from every company is willing to be so friendly and instead has a “profit comes first, collateral damage is all right” kind of mentality.


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Consider seeking legal aid if the product was especially expensive or if you, your loved ones, or your pets suffered because of what happened. If somebody’s blatantly advertising something that’s clearly false as a way to make a quick buck, then you’ve got to do your part in putting an end to it.


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However, there’s that pesky second aspect when it comes to not getting what we wanted. And that all comes down to our expectations. Sometimes, what we want is so perfect, requires so much skill and craftsmanship, that not everyone can fulfill our orders. In those cases, what we envision and what the local craftspeople can provide simply don’t sync up. Or, to put it more bluntly, you get what you pay for.


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Don’t expect your nails to look like a model’s when you’re getting them done at a discount store at your local mall. Similarly, you can’t expect a newbie dog groomer to get the same results as a grandmaster with decades of experience: they’ll do their best but you simply can’t expect them to perform according to your imaginary expectations.


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In life, it’s best to do your very best to get the result that you want and then relinquish any and all expectations. You did your best. Well done! Now sit back and don’t fret, find something else to do. If you get what you want, fantastic. If not, no big deal—you’ll try again later. Maybe with a different tactic in mind.

Having low expectations is a healthy mindset, similar to the one where you’re encouraged to do good things for people without expecting anything in return. Life has a pleasant way of surprising us when we’re not desperate, needy, and whiny.


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PsychCentral explains that the first step in relinquishing unrealistic expectations is being able to spot them. Of course, that’s easier said than done because we may have had certain expectations for years and years. And a lot of it’s connected to our desire to maintain control over everything.

Some examples of completely unrealistic expectations include the beliefs that everyone should like you and that the world should be fair. We simply can’t have that kind of control over the world (well, unless we’re a superhero, the Emperor of the Universe, or a member of the Greek Pantheon).


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Similarly, if we’re constantly disappointed by results and not having our expectations met every step of the way, well, maybe it’s time to analyze them in detail. Spend the weekend looking at your belief structures.


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Give yourself permission to not have everything go perfectly. Embrace flexibility. That doesn’t mean giving up your high standards (quality is good stuff, people), but you have to be relatively down to earth. Otherwise, you’ll spend the rest of your life making wanted vs. got TikTok videos.


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