45 Random Scams People Pulled At Work

No matter how disciplined you are and how much you like to keep to the straight and narrow path, everyone has their limits. At some point, you’ll be exhausted and faced with such a huge workload, you won’t be able to pull through if you don’t get a bit… creative.

Twitter user Rohit from Mumbai asked his followers to share the random scams that they’ve pulled at work to lessen the load and help them relax. And, wow, did they deliver. Have a read through them below and let us know what you think of them. Have you ever had to hustle your way through a work or school day? Share your thoughts with all the other Pandas in the comments.

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These small tricks are a bit in the moral grey area, but they’re bound to help you pull through at work or in school if you’re ever backed into a corner. Don’t overuse them, though, Pandas—shortcuts are only temporary solutions to emergencies. I firmly believe that being able to work hard no matter the circumstances is what truly helps you grow, at the end of the day. (But having some sort of a safety net isn’t too bad, either.)

I reached out to standup comedian and writer Rohit who was kind enough to learn more about the inspiration behind his Twitter post. “I generally do ask people questions from time to time on my Twitter profile. This was one of the first projects I ever worked on in my professional career, way back in 2012, so it’s always memorable,” he told Bored Panda.


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Rohit told me that he didn’t think that his post would get this much attention on Twitter. However, he was glad that it did. “It was interesting to see so many people sharing similar stories,” he said.

I was curious to find out Rohit’s stance on hustling and relying on scams vs. working hard and fair all the time. In his opinion, there’s a time and a place for both of these philosophies. You have to have both of them in your arsenal and apply them as needed based on the situation you’re in.

“I think one should try to do their best, however, there are times where you deal with unreasonable expectations and constant ‘changes’ which can bring morale down so this was one way to overcome that for me,” he explained.


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Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Rohit’s thread quickly got the attention of people on Reddit and amassed over 7k likes and over 700 retweets. People were very open about the random scams that they pulled at work and at school which just goes to show that these shortcuts might be more common than we might think.

The problem with these tricks, shortcuts, and scams is that you might get used to them being a part of your daily life. Eventually, given enough time, they might become a habit or even a crutch that you keep relying on even though there’s no need. And any semblance of hard work and its benefits goes out the window. Though, as Rohit pointed out to us, sometimes it’s necessary to take shortcuts.


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Sure, using shortcuts means that you’ll have more free time for yourself, but on the flip side, that means that you’re no longer putting in the effort to excel at your job. Of course, that could mean that it might be time for a career change or to start being more proactive and showing initiative.

‘Hired’ explains that we might feel like we’re unchallenged at work because of both the company we work at and due to individual reasons. Figuring out where the problem lies is the first step to reenergizing your work life.


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If you start taking initiative to learn new things, grow within the company, and show some ambition, your actions are bound to get noticed by your coworkers. This might lead to overall greater job satisfaction as you take on more and new responsibilities.

Have an honest and open chat with your team and your manager about your role at the company. Without dialogue, you can’t expect things to change much. Set out your expectations and ask your coworkers for some advice on how to get a bit of energy back into your workday. After all, if you’re truly passionate about your work, you won’t be looking for shortcuts.

Instead, you’ll be enjoying the ride and using the opportunity to better yourself. (Though also having a hustle mentality can be helpful in a pinch when the going gets extremely tough!)


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