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45+ Times People Absolutely Lost The Food Lottery

Winning the food lottery? That’s probably the best feeling in the world. Losing it, however, is more painful than your empty stomach could ever imagine.

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We’re not just talking about a bag of chips that turns out to be mostly air inside, or an iced coffee that’s just a cup of ice with a splash of coffee. These are people who suffered the most devastating of dupes; warped fruit, distorted chocolate bars, and possibly the most heinous of them all, lemon-flavored candy. Whoever let these sad excuses for food leave the factory should be in prison.

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If you think we’re being dramatic, see how unkind the food lottery has been to a selection of poor souls below, and proceed with caution the next time you play.

My bread is…

My bread is…

Image credits: searmid

My loaf of bread was sliced the wrong way

Image credits: hi7en

I think I just lost at the lemon lottery

Image credits: ZeroOverkill

I Chose the biggest avocado to make guacamole, I think is not going to happen

Image credits: gortrix

Don’t mean to brag but i’ve got Strawberries growing the size of LEMONS over here! 😐

Image credits: Munstre

This vending machine is selling an empty bag of peanuts

Image credits: IrishIHadAWhiskey

Someone mistook a rock for a potato and put it into this sack of potatoes we bought

Image credits: MyUsernameJustWontFi

My lemon harvest is coming in quite nicely

Image credits: blake1546

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

lost the avocado lottery

Image credits: oatmealdelight

These watermelons are disappointing

I bought a case of 7-up last night, and one of the cans was completely sealed, but only filled with air

Image credits: horsezrule

My packet of popcorn didn’t have any kernels in it, only butter

Image credits: Rylon2008

My burger bun only had one sesame seed

Image credits: ShadowZale

My friends Milky Way only had nougat

Image credits: searchmyname

There was only one piece of broccoli in this bag of cauliflower and broccoli

Image credits: reddit.com

I got a fun size pack of Skittles with only yellow ones

Image credits: zombiewendy

This still-sealed wine at the store was only 1/5 full

Image credits: fieldhockey44

I opened a packet of ketchup, it was empty, air only

Image credits: sparky127911

My mom opened a can of black beans but there was only water inside

Image credits: Ifonlyxx82

There was only one marshmallow in my cocoa, but it wasn’t false advertising

Image credits: jessi337

Well, it’s not technically false advertising

Image credits: Squish92

So I open the package and what do I see?

Image credits: jcreightons

Chocolate filled Hostess Twinkies

Image credits: nimblebutter

This chocolate chip cookie that is ashamed of itself

Image credits: imgur.com

I feel so betrayed… there’s so little chips

Image credits: Hei_si_an

This taco that feels empty inside

Image credits: imn0taaron

This is what a u00a33.20 bacon and egg roll from Edinburgh airport looks like

Image credits: spambox

This cup that comes with a challenge

Image credits: Gridelin

Worst lemon ever

Image credits: nomau

This chicken sandwich that shouldu2019ve come with a magnifying glass

Image credits: yungrajee

Urge to kill… rising

Image credits: belbivfreeordie

This school lunch is a disappointment

Image credits: YodaToga

This school lunch is a disappointment

Image credits: YodaToga

This Starbucks chicken salad sandwich

Image credits: stufoonoob

Crust on my Uncrustable. Great

Image credits: allisonforthewin

Disappointing subway, this is not a footlong

Image credits: imgur.com

Disappointing frozen “hawaiian pizza”

Image credits: imgur.com

If Monday was a beer

Image credits: reddit.com

This blueberry waffle

Image credits: bmac51

There are no blueberries in my blueberry muffin

Image credits: VanessaMsMarvel

This burger I got. The cashier told me it was acceptable

Image credits: chinchingering

The sub I bought for dinner tonight

Image credits: reddit.com

This loaf of bread

Image credits: Palifaith

When you slice a bread and can’t make the sandwich

Image credits: bluebell959

This purple, grape shaped little fucker is black licorice flavored

Image credits: Skyleton

Thought I grabbed a strawberry/cherry

Image credits: Police_

Seasonal fruit “salad” aka the cup of grapes

Image credits: mining_bat

This so-called “uncrustable”

Image credits: Serpent_of_Rehoboam

The entire loaf is like this

Image credits: therobbo91

Vending machine fail

I was sold an empty hot pocket

Image credits: Immortal_Fruit

This pistachio

Image credits: trytoholdon

The amount of chips in this $1.00 bag

Image credits: trumankitos13

My chocolate chip ice cream

Image credits: RedBullB

My airline peanuts dust were less than enjoyable

Image credits: putin_bought_a_puppy

Found a Reese’s cup with no peanut butter

Image credits: ilooksogoodtonight

This is why I have trust issues

Image credits: big_ginger_92

Does this even count as a “chocolate chip” cookie?

Image credits: lo_pope

My egg had no yolk…I wasn’t eggspecting this

Image credits: admin006

The lemon thing happened to me, was huge until I cut into it

Image credits: Liz Metcalfe

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