45 Times People Had To Deal With Insane Parents Who Felt More Entitled To Things Than Anyone Else (New Pics)

Beggars can’t be choosers, or so the conventional wisdom goes. But what if one wanted to forgo not just conventional wisdom, but common sense in general? Parents can go a little crazy over their kids, but some take entitlement, demands, and absurdity to a new level. 

This internet group gathers the most egregious examples of absurd entitlement and we’ve picked the best examples of parents in particular. Unfortunately, many adults think that just the fact that they have kids entitles them to special treatment and free stuff. When this delusion collides with reality, sparks can fly, so scroll down and get ready to roll your eyes at the most bizarre things parents have demanded without any real justification. 

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#1 The Guy In The Comment Section Gets It

Image credits: ScarletDarling3

#2 What A Deal! Yoy Can Earn 52¢/Hour!

Image credits: NorthsideB

#3 Asking Her Partner’s Ex Wife For Her Child’s Designer Clothes, Proceeds To Call Her A Silly Goose And Throw A Strop When She Doesn’t Get What She Wants

Image credits: ivyellenugh

All these stories fall into the broader category of ‘choosing beggars,’ people who don’t seem to have the means to get what they want but will also turn down a good deal just because it isn’t perfect for them. On the surface, there is a sort of logic at play. Imagine going to a food court and asking every single table for a free meal. The vast majority will, at best tell you ‘no,’ some will probably flip you off and call you crazy. But you don’t need everyone to give you a free meal, just one person.

So by attempting this sort of ridiculous strategy at scale, you might find at least one person who will give you what you want. This is perhaps annoying to most of us since the average person wants to be helpful and polite and will feel bad for saying no. But it’s generally a waste of time that could be used to find or acquire the cash to just buy a meal yourself. In this article, we have a special breed of choosing beggars, not one that is playing the odds, but one that, for some undiscernible reason, thinks they are entitled to some sort of special treatment.

#4 Asking For Christmas Help

Image credits: leonardgg

#5 But Muh Kids Birthday

Image credits: QuesoDino

#6 Women’s Feels Entitled To Free Ice Cream When She Sees A Young Girl Get Free Ice Cream

Image credits: EstablishmentWeary38

The common thread is that all of these are parents. And not just normal parents, but deeply entitled parents. This combination can be amusing from a distance, but deeply annoying if one has to deal with them up close. Studies show that entitlement is associated with poorer social engagement, more inappropriate behavior, and, most importantly, decreased emotional regulation strategies. If we can be permitted to flip the logic here, people who are socially inept might not even understand just how entitled they are acting.

#7 Love It When They Get Called Out

Image credits: MrLeeKenneths

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#8 Knew Her For Like 3 Days

Image credits: kylethesmartguy

#9 This Grown Man Whining About A Baby Sitter That Asks For 3 Dollars An Hour

Image credits: png_sandwich

The origins of entitlement are pretty varied. Some use it as a bizarre coping mechanism to counter the fact that they haven’t gotten what they wanted in life. If we romanticize a belief in karma or cosmic justice, people who are down on their luck might believe that the universe, or more specifically a Facebook marketplace seller, owes them something. This is never actually the case, but it leads to a cycle where they think they are mistreated, leading to more entitlement. The engine for this whole psychology is simply delusions.

#10 When You Have Already Heavily Discounted A 90% New Mattress And They Still Hit You With A Story For A Lower Price

Image credits: lorrenzo

#11 “Please Give Me Free Stuff, And Deliver It To My Home Because I’m Busy.”

Image credits: jloh217

#12 When Your Friend Blocks You Because You Didn’t Give Her Money After Your Mom Died

Image credits: Withthealiens

On the other hand, people who grew up spoiled internalize the idea that they just deserve special treatment and struggle to comprehend that random people who don’t know them aren’t going to just hand over items or large discounts. We can all relate to the disappointment of not getting what you want, but most well-adjusted adults also understand that it’s generally the default setting. I wake up with the desire for a four-month paid vacation pretty much every day, but I don’t lose my mind when it doesn’t just materialize out of thin air for me.

#13 Wow This Dude Trying To Use The Single Parent Card

Image credits: weston20

#14 Choosing Beggar In My Local Fb Group Asking For Specific $100+ Toys For Free Lol

Image credits: ImAFishTacoSalad

#15 Lady Wanting Preteen To Watch Kids For $50/Week

Image credits: snakeman135g

It’s not just internet users that suffer from aggressive and entitled parents, research suggests that their children, the ‘card’ these adults often play, also end up doing worse. Parental engagement around the house tends to bring positive effects, but parental engagement at the child’s school was connected to lower academic performance. Potentially worse, the wrong kind of parental engagement also teaches this entitlement to the kids, who will no doubt then embody it in the future. 

#16 Fb Mom Wants To Feel Bougie To Show Up The Other Moms At Son’s New School. Gets Generous Offers But “It’s Not Gucci!”

Image credits: UntiedCobble748

#17 My Local Nextdoor Page This Morning

Image credits: Dillagal97

#18 One Free Car From God Coming At Your Way Ma’am

Image credits: ogduckyy

Add in the general ignorance of everyday life and you get people who think fifty dollars is enough for a week’s worth of work with kids, that gaming systems should just be free, and next-day home delivery of items that they demand a 90% discount on. The cocktail of deranged and entitled does create some potent viewing experiences, but one can’t help but feel bad for the individuals who have to deal with these people. Even worse, the kids that will be raised by them in the fantasy world where one can get expensive items free of charge based on the concept of cosmic justice. 

#19 This Choosing Entitled Parent Wantz Zoo Staff To W*nk Of An Elephant.. An Actual Elephant!… So Her Child Doesn’t Ask Questions

Image credits: targetsbots

#20 She Would Probably Not Pay Either

Image credits: reayes

#21 Beggar Wants 5 Days Of Child Care For Ridiculously Low Pay

Image credits: phr0ze

#22 Gross. On An Autism And Adhd Support Page

Image credits: papacarts

#23 Teaching These Days. Feel For The Kid, But I’m Not A Charity. Had Plenty Of My Time Taken Advantage Of By This Parent To Make Sure The Kid Would Make It To School Etc

Image credits: peramoure

#24 Not Asking For Much

Image credits: Toz–

#25 The Dude Wants To Pay $4.6 An Hour For An English Tutor With Teaching Experience

Image credits: Cucumba17

#26 My Neighbour Asked Me To Watch Her One Year Old This Week, Because I’m Currently At Home With My Daughter. She Knows Full Well I’m Not A Daycare And Don’t Receive Subsidies. I’m Furious

Image credits: Mandamort

#27 Fell Down The Rabbit Hole For Secret Santa.. This One Bothered Me The Most

Image credits: BurgundyXBliss

#28 Mother From Ukraine Needs It? Guess I Might Just Give It For Free

Image credits: smirrea

#29 Local Babysitting Group, ~$2/Hour Opportunity!!

Image credits: msalabarria

#30 Wants Art But Has Parents In The Hospital And Kids To Feed???

Image credits: KitaWarheit

#31 Sponsor My Spring Break

Image credits: justanothername224

#32 The Holidays Really Do Bring Out The Best In People Don’t They

Image credits: MintStripedPantsu

#33 “$400 For A Whole Week” Of Hard Work? Ridiculous!

Image credits: weliketohave_funhere

#34 Childcare For Less Than $3/Hr!

Image credits: ADuncan222

#35 She Needs A Sperm Donor And Child Support

Image credits: tensorblow

#36 Stalking And Bullying A Child For A Free Drawing

Image credits: XanaxWarriorPrincess

#37 Crazy Person Wants A Free Place To Live

Image credits: kuroolv

#38 Single Mom, Unique Baby Name, Won’t Screw You Over, Cash On Hand!

Image credits: Ill_Spirit_233

#39 From A Facebook Group For Nonprofit Directors. Mints, The Audacity!

Image credits: macs73

#40 You Cannot Make This Stuff Up…definitely Need That Nintendo Switch But Maybe Clothes For The Kids

Image credits: roach_xo

#41 Complaining About A Free To Attend Charity Event With Free Activities In Our Small Town

Image credits: AlichinaDAWL

#42 They Could Have The House Paid Off In Just 125 Years

Image credits: FearlessWorkman

#43 “…just Make Sure They Puke In The Bucket Or Toilet Only”

Image credits: TheFartingKing_56

#44 “I Only Pay $100 A Week For A Full Time Parent” ?

Image credits: Minimum-Ad9791

#45 Cb Can’t Use Library

Image credits: UnlikelyDirection633

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