45 Wholesome Pics Of Adopted Pets That Show What Joy Giving Them A Second Chance Brings To Everybody (August Edition)

The inevitable has arrived and summer has come close to its end. Before we start feeling autumn blues, there’s still a ray of joy left to squeeze from August and it’s Bored Panda’s monthly batch of adopted pets.

Thanks to the purrfect corner of Reddit known as BeforeNAfterAdoption, which provides an endless source of images of rescued woofers and adopted pooches, we compiled a heartmelting list to enjoy with your cuppa.

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So without further ado, pull your seat closer, scroll down below and upvote your favorite adoption stories. If you, too, recently became a mom or a dad to a four-legged friend, share your story in the comments below!

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#1 My Daughter’s Happy Tears Tonight When Our Skittish Rescue Made A Rare Public Appearance To Snuggle With Her

Image credits: singingsprocket

#2 I Went To A Place That Fosters Cats To Adopt One Today, When I Put The Carrier Down Otto Just Jumped Straight In And Decided That I Wasn’t Getting A Choice

Image credits: darthphallic

#3 My Rescue Kitty Holds Me While I Do Laundry. She’s So Grateful

Image credits: winterbaby26

Pet adoption is still on the rise. As the worldwide pandemic hit, many hoomans realized that they needed some extra fluffiness to warm their hearts in this chaotic world. Meanwhile, experts continually urge every potential adoptive pet parent to think very carefully through their decision, be realistic about how much time and effort they can devote, and not adopt impulsively.

However, there’s one thing that seems to be clear for most pet owners and that’s what kind of pet they want. No wonder people like to refer to themselves as either cat or dog people, and these two groups are often pretty strictly defined. In fact, cat people say they find a better connection with fellow feline aficionados, while dog people may give a Tinder date a hard pass if they find they’re into cats more than dogs.

#4 Ollie Wandered Out Of The Woods Two Weeks Ago And Has Officially Adopted Us

Image credits: hipmetosomelifegame

#5 We Went To Adopt 1 Dog And Left With Both, Can’t Separate Brothers!

Image credits: SnapMastaPro

#6 Found This Stray Kitten With A Broken Leg At Work A Couple Months Ago. Got To Visit Her In The Shelter Today And Will Be Adopting Her After She Gets Spayed Next Week!

Image credits: Tyrantflycatcher

#7 6/22 – Their Person Passed Away The Same Week As My Dad. Now We’re Surviving Together

So to find out more about whether cat people and dog people are really as different as they’d like to think, Bored Panda spoke with Professor Samuel D. Gosling, a professor at the Department Of Psychology at The University Of Texas. Gosling has three main areas of interest: Connections between people and the physical spaces in which they live, personality in nonhuman animals, and new methods for obtaining data useful for research in the social sciences.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Gosling told us that on average dog and cat people are indeed different but there’s a lot of overlap between the two groups. “Just as men are on average taller than women, there is still a lot of overlap between the two groups in height (i.e., men are generally taller than women but there are still lots of women taller than lots of men).”

#8 I Adopted This Cat From The Shelter 9 Days Ago. This Is The Look She Gave Me This Morning

Image credits: FreedomAndChaos

#9 Made My Dog A Bow Tie And Cake For Her Adoption Day/Birthday

Image credits: rlassoo19

#10 Meet Gusgus, I Rescued Him Yesterday From A Girl Who Was Gonna Throw Him Out

Image credits: haley136

#11 Adopted This Cutie, He Been With Us For 2 Weeks. His Name Is Boots

Image credits: fatal-_-error

“So, with that background, yes, people who self-identify as dog people are reliably different from people who self-identify as cat people,” the professor said.

According to Gosling, “people who self-identify as dog people are higher on the Big Five traits of Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness and lower on the Big Five traits of Neuroticism and Openness than are people who self-identify as cat people.” In order to get a better sense of what’s meant by those personality labels, Gosling’s advice is to read about the Big Five.

#12 This Is Tucker. He’s A 4-Year-Old Lab/Retriever Mix And He Was Just Adopted By The Seattle Mariners Clubhouse

He’s gonna get to hang out at the ballpark all the time, travel with the squad and enjoy his very own unlimited supply of baseballs. Doesn’t get better than this!

Image credits: JonGilbonie

#13 Meet Jinx, My Newly Adopted 3 Legged Siamese Friend

Image credits: Travel_by_Jonathan

#14 My Newly Adopted Bestie

Image credits: Glittering_Waltz_189

#15 My Rescue’s First Night Home

Image credits: lilmissellis

In a previous interview, we also spoke with Yulia Popyk, an animal behavior expert from Petcube Emergency Fund who explained that there are a number of reasons for the surge in pet adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“First, many people were (and perhaps many still are) spending more time at home and were looking for a companion. Second, some people have been looking for a sense of normalcy during these uncertain times. Third, pets can provide emotional support and help reduce stress and anxiety. Last but not least, adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue organization can help save a life.”

Popyk added that this fact itself already provides enough motivation and inspiration during hard times like these.

#16 Meet Our Rescue Cat Mr. Chubbyhugs!

Image credits: SmartCranberry8406

#17 Adopted 2 Kittens From Different Litters. I Am Jealous Of Their Relationship

Image credits: Kalani_Vegan

#18 Adopted A 10 Year Old Blind/Declawed Kitty This Week And She Is Settling In Perfectly

Image credits: No-Illustrator-9129

#19 My Goofy Goober, Zeus. I Never Know I Could Love An Animal So Much

Image credits: ThatEstyGirl

Meanwhile, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were at home more often and had more time to care for a pet. Pets also provide companionship and help reduce stress and anxiety which became something we all craved during those uncertain times.

At the same time, pet adoption should be viewed as a tremendous responsibility. Popyk argues that every person who considers pet adoption should start by asking themselves if they are prepared to commit to taking care of another living creature for the duration of its life. “This includes feeding, walking, exercising, and providing veterinary care as needed,” she added.

#20 A Week Into Adoption vs. First Birthday

Image credits: moariceplz

#21 Just Adopted This Handsome Devil

Image credits: _kevinschilli_

#22 Newly Adopted! I Named Him Steven

Image credits: BestSpatula

#23 Appropriately Named Kitten, Fern. She Has An Approved Adopter, No Surprise

Image credits: gkpetrescue

#24 We Adopted This Little Nugget. Meet Woof

Image credits: Kitchen-Witching

#25 I Just Adopted These Kittens And I Really Need You To See Them

Image credits: thegoldinthemountain

#26 Bonnie’s Big Smile On Her Adoption Day

Image credits: ProfObladee

#27 I Just Adopted A Cat That Likes To Hoard Mice

Image credits: VDP6235

#28 Just Adopted… She’s Precious!

Image credits: foxfox70

#29 Just Adopted This Sweet Pupper

Image credits: xxDisturbed

#30 Big Day Today For Avatar From Our Cat Shelter. His First Time In The Adoption Room Where He’s Free To Run Around And Play As He Likes. Meeting The Others Was A Little Stressful But He Did Really Well

Image credits: sonia72quebec

#31 Just Adopted This Sassy Girl

Image credits: ottosoven

#32 Adopted Him Last Week. He’s Extremely Energetic And Loves Everyone In My Family And So Do We. I Named Him Dior

Image credits: CookieMonsterYayyy

#33 Here Is Cleo. I Adopted Her Sunday After Living Alone For 4 Years And She Is Now My Official Computer Buddy

Image credits: thecheckoutwine

#34 Hi Everyone, Meet My Smol Baby Tortie Kaia. My First Kitty Ever! Just Adopted Her Yesterday

Image credits: marcymarc32

#35 I Adopted A Cat Who Has Spent The Last Year And A Half In The Shelter. Her Name Is Minerva And She Is The Prettiest

Image credits: FreedomAndChaos

#36 Meet Lilo, Rescued From The Envigo 4000 Hence The Ear Tattoo. We’re Going To Give Her The Wonderful Life She Deserves

Image credits: AliciaThePupLover

#37 My Uncle Just Retired And Decided To Adopt This Fella

Image credits: canibalbarca

#38 Our Foster Fail Rescue Kitty That We’re Now Committing To Moving To The UK From Nz With Us! No One Wanted To Adopt Her, Can You Believe That?!

Image credits: evieesweet

#39 Today I Adopted My Son, Brick!

Image credits: Effervecsent

#40 New Rescue Foster Has Taken A Shine To Me

Image credits: Reibusu

#41 My Inmate’s Adoption Mugshot

Image credits: Primary-Blood3190

#42 Fulfilled My Lifetime Dream And Adopted My First Cat Today From A Rescue! He Doesn’t Have A Name Yet But He Sure Has My Heart

Image credits: biased_towards_blue

#43 Murph Found Her Forever Home

Image credits: Brother_Farside

#44 [oc] Our Newly Adopted Beanie Boy!

Image credits: Kapu2018

#45 I Just Adopted A Kitten. Would Love To Know Her Breed If Anyone Can Help Me Out, I’d Truly Appreciate It

Image credits: Natttt26

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