46 Times People Posted Something So Cringy, It Was Just Sad

Life can’t be constantly full of sunshine, daisies, rainbows, and cute cat pics. Life’s a very broad and varied thing and you can’t avoid a certain amount of sadness, pain, and awkward moments that later make you want to go live as a hermit in the woods.

The ‘Sad Cringe’ subreddit documents these exact moments. Moments that stay with you longer than your average meme because they’re all happy-go-lucky. They show the vulnerable (yet still at times funny) moments that we’ve all found ourselves in, one way or another.

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Have a look through some of the saddest and most cringe moments below, upvote the ones that really made you pause for a bit, and once you’re done, check out our first article about r/sadcringe and the things that make you cringe until you get sad right here, dear Pandas.

#1 This Boyfriend, Who Tried

Image credits: E_StewartLittle

#2 42 Dollars…

Image credits: BackToSquare1comics

#3 Sheeeeesh, Just Say No

Image credits: Onfour

Since our last article about the ‘Sad Cringe’ subreddit, their community had continued to grow by leaps and bounds. So while they had 882k members in late August 2020, now, in early July 2021, they’re boasting a whopping million redditors who have joined their community. Odds are, this trend will continue.

The online group, founded in 2013, also celebrated its 8th year of operating on Reddit in mid-spring.

#4 That Feeling Is Contagious

Image credits: DemonGodAsura

#5 Sheesh

Image credits: medinywaw

#6 Troy, Whose Life Isn’t Quite Going As He Hoped

Image credits: thunt59

According to the subreddit’s mods, r/sadcringe is “a place for awkward or embarrassing situations that also make you feel sad.” They also note that the ‘sad’ part is all about how we feel when we see a particular post, not about “calling someone out” for being sad. In other words, the focus is on how you feel, dear Pandas.

Previously, moderator Niceboihappy shared with Bored Panda that the number of followers the subreddit had rose since the start of the Covid pandemic. However, the moderator also noted that the community was growing in size and how close-knit it was either way.

#7 Savage

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Image credits: greenbastardette

#8 One Way Friendship

Image credits: WavyWavy007

#9 Unlucky Mate

Image credits: wh1ter0se-m4v

According to mod Niceboyhappy, if we ever got an unexpected response, similar to the ones featured on the subreddit, we ought to be “confident, but not too confident.” According to them, “for an unexpected response, it is probably best to just own it and make light of it.”

#10 11yo Me After Winning A Trophy, Actively Being Bullied In The Background

Image credits: redlippedbatfish

#11 Found For Sale At A Second Hand Store

Image credits: AnomalousINFJ

#12 Poor Dude…

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 ‘But Thanks’

Image credits: Capitals

#14 The Fourth Boy

Image credits: D4METIME

#15 Oof

Image credits: ADmax27

#16 Ouchie

Image credits: pyreonfire

#17 I Have Never Felt More Sorry For Someone Ever

Image credits: Aquagenie

#18 Smooth Operator

Image credits: Manamans

#19 Ouch

Image credits: caddy77040

#20 Bruh Moment

Image credits: Frothy_Manbeast

#21 No

Image credits: WinDough0

#22 The Truth Is Sad

Image credits: ekatstonk

#23 No One Came To His Party

Image credits: poppenkill

#24 Ahh

Image credits: RyanWhittaerFE16

#25 Friend Of Mine Didn’t Get The Reaction He Hoped For

Image credits: I-just_dont-know

#26 Must’ve Wanted A Different Game

Image credits: WeezyMac_

#27 Well That One Hurt

Image credits: Wheeler_Chair

#28 Oh Boy

Image credits: BSKD13

#29 This Was Painful To Read

Image credits: stookydinos

#30 Christ

Image credits: SoonerFan619

#31 Don’t You Know About The Bird? Everybody’s Talking About The Bird

Image credits: Cantori

#32 Yikes

Image credits: shawnstwocents

#33 This (Not Actually) Best Friend

Image credits: ohhasha

#34 F

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 I Mean Atleast He Is There

Image credits: BubbyTheRocket

#36 Friend Of Mine Sent Me This….

Image credits: DanithFarman

#37 A Short Story

Image credits: Onfour

#38 No One Showed Up To The Speeding Dating Event

Image credits: VoidTorcher

#39 Facebook Never Disappoints

Image credits: BeatificBocce818

#40 This Channel That Always Asked Stuff Like This And Never Gets Positive Responses

Image credits: weebygrass

#41 Yikes

Image credits: MenOfRage

#42 My Tinder Sad Cringe; Part 2

Image credits: nerdy112233

#43 This Guy Who Was Literally Just Trying To Do His Schoolwork

Image credits: LittleUppieYT

#44 Everything Musk Go

Image credits: The_Quiche_Niche

#45 The Time My Grandpa Tried To Mail Willie Nelson A Cd He Recorded And It Got Returned. I Feel Bad For Him…

Image credits: ShakeYouLikeHaiti

#46 The Asmr Community Is Wild

Image credits: bubbawith2bs

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