47 Photos Of “Illegally Big Cats” Showing Off What Giant Floofs They Are

We absolutely adore cats. From the tiniest smol meows to the biggest floofs around. And the latter ones call the ‘Illegally Big Cats’ subreddit, a community of nearly 13k feline-loving redditors, their home. We’ve collected some of the biggest cats and their adorable photos for you to feast your eyes on, dear Pandas, so go on and boost your mood by diving headfirst into this pile of cats.

However much we might like big cats, being overweight is a huge detriment to their health. So while we might compliment these cattos and want to hug them tight, we also want them to live their best lives to the fullest. And that means helping them take care of their health (more on that below!). Though keep in mind that some cat breeds, like Maine Coons, are naturally bigger without being overweight.

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When you’re done scrolling through and upvoting these awesome cat pics, Bored Panda invites you to check out our polar opposite article about the ‘Illegally Smol Cats’ subreddit right over here.

#1 Big Boy

Image credits: alexandrialwilson

#2 “Big Boy Aragon And My Dad”

Image credits: Swooshtastic

#3 Magnas The Great

Image credits: _username_goes_here

The ‘Illegally Big Cats’ subreddit is clear that the community is meant for “somewhat big (or fat)” cats, but there’s no place for “morbidly obese” ones. In other words, the community isn’t celebrating feline obesity so much as showing how majestic these floofs can look despite their chonkiness. The only exception for sharing pics of obese cats is if they’re on a diet.

Funnily enough, the moderators of the r/illegallybigcats point out that the online group isn’t meant for photos of puppies. And it’s got our imaginations working overtime why somebody would post dog pics in a cat-only community.

#4 5 Big Cats Of The World…leopard, Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Fuzzy The Maine Coon

Image credits: xammax3

#5 This Cat Is Huge!!!

Image credits: Cumberlang

#6 Help! He Is Growing Up Way Too Fast

Image credits: clorista

As for cat health, in an earlier interview, I spoke about keeping our pets happy and slim with Dr. Ernie Ward, the founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. “Obesity is our cats’ number one health threat. Feline obesity is more than ‘chonky,’ it’s a biological time bomb,” he said.

“Obesity in cats is a serious disease with many severe consequences such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and many forms of cancer. The worst part of feline obesity is that it reduces their life expectancy and dramatically reduces their quality of life. Cats with obesity desperately need our help,” Dr. Ward told Bored Panda.

#7 Thats A Very Big Cat

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Image credits: Bruno_Bratwurst

#8 Does My Winter Coat Make Me Look Chonk?

Image credits: I-ate-your-pony

#9 Meet Zach And Marty

Image credits: sharkweeek

Dr. Ward revealed to us that roughly 90 percent of a cat’s weight loss is related to its diet; only around 10 percent is tied directly to physical activity. That’s why, when it comes to managing catto weight, the key takeaway point is not to overfeed your cat.

#10 Play Mates

Image credits: melpomene_smiled

#11 The Largest Cat In NYC, And Possibly The World, 28 Lb

Image credits: toneporter

#12 Handsome Boy Is Getting Big!!

Image credits: shifly223

“That’s why it’s so important that cat owners precisely feed the correct number of calories each day. I recommend having your veterinarian assess your cat’s current Body Condition Score (BCS), setting a target of an ideal weight, and calculating the number of calories you should feed each meal,” Dr. Ward said.

#13 30% Fat 70% Cuteness

Image credits: CatMojo13

#14 He Needed A Plus Size Cat Tree Even

Image credits: Soulkept

#15 As Requested, A Hand To Hand Comparison With Einstein The Polydactyl Chonk!

Image credits: foodfoodfood23

“I strongly encourage cat owners to weigh the food using a kitchen scale. We’ve done experiments with cat owners and veterinary professionals and have consistently observed that using a measuring cup isn’t as accurate as needed to achieve weight loss in many cases,” the pet healthcare professional told Bored Panda earlier.

#16 My Illegally Big Boy Ajax

Image credits: katzewerfer

#17 Buba

Image credits: leftyfro

#18 Big Boye

Image credits: thefluffymuffin308

“Even feeding as few as ten extra kibbles each day can add up to a pound of weight gain in a year for a cat. Once you get the hang of it, weighing the food takes no more time than using a measuring cup. Finally, work with your vet to adjust the diet or calories every three months if your cat isn’t losing weight.”

#19 Illegally Fluffy

Image credits: I-ate-your-pony

#20 Oh Lawd

Image credits: thatsgregbuddy

#21 “Charlie Fats” Backed Into A Corner

Image credits: rbilan

Dr. Ward said that he’s seen too many cats who were fed the same food for months without losing weight. “When I ask them why, the pet parent shrugs, ‘I’m feeding the special food my vet prescribed.’ Weight loss is a journey with many unexpected turns and hills; you must stay alert and be willing to take a different path if you’re not reaching your objective.”

#22 This Cat Do Be Thicc Tho

Image credits: VansVibe69

#23 My Extremely Loving 25 Lb Ball Of Fluff, Daemon Is Ready For His Audition For The New Icon =) He’s Part Maine Coon And Part Turkish Van So He’s A Huge Boy. As Big As My Torso. He’s So Sweet And Loving And Sleeps With Me Every Night. I Love My Sweet Boy

Image credits: DaemonsAngel

#24 Finally Got A Photo Showing How Huge My Parents Cat Is

Image credits: xJerkensteinx

As for exercise, Dr. Ward said that three 5-minute play sessions with a laser pointer, feather duster, or cardboard box each day are enough for most cats.

“I also like using ‘hunter feeders’ and food puzzles to engage a cat’s ‘inner predator.’ Use vertical surfaces, climbing towers, and other perches to allow your cat to climb and ‘stalk’ as much as possible. Environmental enrichment and exercise are essential for emotional and behavioral health as well as maintaining a lean body mass.”

#25 Remember Hopper, He’s Back And Fatter Than Before!

Image credits: 69allthetimechief

#26 The Polydactyl Chonk I Catsit Every So Often. He Weighs About 25 Lbs And Has Paws Almost As Big As My Hands!

Image credits: foodfoodfood23

#27 My Big Floofy Rescue Boy!

Image credits: Ecstatic-Ad-4861

Dr. Ward said that cats can safely lose from 1 to 3 percent of their body mass each month if they’re on a vet-supervised weight loss program. “That translates to my target weight loss of about a half-pound per month for most cats. If a cat loses too much weight too quickly or is fed too little, it can develop a life-threatening form of liver failure, so be sure to work closely with your veterinarian before beginning any diet program with your cat.”

#28 Was Caught During Grooming Sesh

Image credits: EmperorHenry

#29 Early Afternoon Snooze But Taking Up The Entire Foot Of The Bed

Image credits: ominous_dagger

#30 He’s Not A Three-Legged Cat, He’s Just Hiding His Other One Under His Big Belly

Image credits: flower-child

So, dear Pandas, did you learn anything new about keeping cats happy and healthy? If any of you are cat owners, what do you do to help keep them slim? Which photo in this list was your favorite and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

#31 Chip Exploring Outside!

Image credits: bray_ham

#32 Thought This Belonged Here

Image credits: shutupimcool1

#33 Chonk Brigade Sunbathing

Image credits: Tachyon_6

#34 He May Be Huge, But Fat Jack Is One Suave Lookin

Image credits: Fonzikilla

#35 He’s Huge And Lazy But When Treats Are Involved, This Big Guy’ll Do Anything

Image credits: ltadman

#36 Took A Quick Break From Work To Rest My Back And This Happened. It Was Really Hard To Get Back Up To Finish Work

Image credits: TheSewseress

#37 Tail For Daysssss

Image credits: jgadz84

#38 My Little Sleeping Tiger (8 Kg)

Image credits: msfromwonderland

#39 Fat

Image credits: stupidcatgirlxd

#40 Mar Is A Big Boy

Image credits: sauce888

#41 Ok

Image credits: kaztobk

#42 I Volunteer At The Cat Cafe In My Uni City. Our Maine Coon (Marijke, Or Meep For Short) Has Been Walked Around In This Pouch Since She Was A Tiny Kitten – Though She Is A Wee Bit Bigger Than She Was A Few Years Ago!

Image credits: Nouvenus

#43 And Here’s A Hefty Dose Of My Gal Nosferatu (We Call Her Nosy)

Image credits: littledarkage

#44 A Friend Took A Picture Of My Cat Ben And Made It Big. So Here’s Some More Of Ben, The Big Fluff

Image credits: Fwolf_

#45 Max The C H O N K

Image credits: Flamingo_is_my_god

#46 The Rump Roast Has Been Fattened And Is Ready For The Feast. Meet Daniel

Image credits: officialspokesbitch

#47 Dense Loafer

Image credits: Svarupa20

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