47 Times People Outed Themselves As Awful Parents After They Humiliated Their Kids

Some people are so desperate for love, attention, and likes that they’re willing to do practically anything to draw in the crowd on social media. The sad fact is that some folks out themselves as bad parents when they take to humiliating their own kids for clicks. It’s worse than it sounds, dear Pandas.

We’ve collected some of the most egregious cases of horrible parents making fun of their children, as shared on the 2.1-million-member strong ‘Insane People Facebook’ subreddit. Of course, everyone’s sensitive information is kept private to protect them. But the posts show the very low lows that some folks stoop to just to impress… well, we’re not really sure who they’re trying to impress with such despicable behavior, really.

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If you have any faith in humanity left, keep a tight grip on it, Pandas, because you might lose it. When you’re done with this article and if you want to see just how awful people can be, you might want to take a look through Bored Panda’s earlier list about r/insanepeoplefacebook right over here.

Bored Panda got in touch with the friendly moderators who take care of the entire r/insanepeoplefacebook subreddit for a chat about people wanting to get attention on social media. You’ll find our interview with them as you scroll down.

#1 Mom Sits In The Bathroom While Her 13 Year Old Showers

Image credits: Baxterthehusky

The moderators running the ‘Insane People Facebook’ subreddit spoke to Bored Panda about how some people fixate on getting attention on social media far too much.

“If social media causes you to neglect important aspects of your life, like work, family, friendships, health, then you have a problem. If it’s causing you emotional grief or becomes the central focus of your life then it’s a problem,” they warned what folks should look at to see if they need to dial back and reprioritize.

#2 What Sort Of Parent Says They’re Ashamed And Disgusted With Their Children? This Sort

Image credits: phlatcappr

#3 Taken From A Parenting Group I’m In

Image credits: jules083

It’s no secret that some individuals bend the truth quite a bit for the sake of getting likes on social media. According to the moderators, common sense is very useful when it comes to identifying online lies. “We can often tell by reviewing a user’s post history or other users may point out that the poster is not being truthful,” they shared some of the things that people can consider when judging whether an internet user is trustworthy.

The r/insanepeoplefacebook mods explained that they’re all volunteers, so there isn’t necessarily someone “on duty” 24/7. “Moderation is basically a hobby for us. We do have a large mod team distributed across multiple continents so we have pretty good coverage,” they said that they have a great team and they all do their best to create a welcoming, friendly environment.

#4 “My Daughter’s Devastated… Let Me Publicly Post Her Crying On Facebook And Brag About How ‘I Made Every Team Easily!’ Suck It Up, Buttercup!”

Image credits: morecozyblankets

#5 Mothers Fail To Properly Homeschool Their Children

Image credits: Baxterthehusky

#6 Mom Swears Adding Poop To Kids’ Diet Boosts Immunity

Image credits: itsnothingdear

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“Furthermore, users have the ability to report rule-breaking or offensive content. When enough reports are detected a bot will automatically remove the post and the mods will review the removal,” they explained how things work.

The mods stressed to Bored Panda that they don’t allow members of the subreddit to post someone’s personal information, such as names, usernames, locations, etc. They’re also very strict about content that features children and do their best to remove them when they come across them.

#7 Ah, Yes… Public Abuse And Humiliation. Maybe Now He’ll Be A Great Baseball Player!

Image credits: BeastaBubbles

#8 Daughter Was “Rude” For Telling Her Parents She Could Hear Them [Making Love]

Image credits: Princesspoisonivey

#9 Oh Sure, Just Publicly Shame Your Kid Online

Image credits: Ockittykat23

During an earlier interview, Bored Panda spoke about the r/insanepeoplefacebook subreddit, its history, and community with a couple of moderators. They noted that it’s great to see the sub having become so successful over the years.

According to them, a new generation of moderators took over from the old guard. The subreddit really took off during the 2016 US presidential election when Republican Donald Trump went up against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I’ve been here for four years or thereabout when we had 300k subscribers. The community has grown rapidly since the 2016 election and now has 2 million subscribers. It’s become much more political over time as well,” one of the moderators told Bored Panda.

 “The subreddit can get very busy just because of the number of people who use it. Our biggest challenge is generally interference from other communities but we do have tools that deal with that. That’s probably our biggest challenge,” they told us.

#10 Insane Mom Brags About Bullying Her Son With Gender Role BS

Image credits: AdviceAccount7

#11 What Great Parenting

Image credits: anoobsearcher

#12 Anti-Vaxxer Mom “Grieving” After Adult Daughter Chooses To Get Her Missed Shots

Image credits: RandomDataUnknown

“It’s a fun subreddit to moderate because our users are very engaged. Never a dull moment,” they said that the job of a moderator is pretty fun.

Another moderator, u/Merari01, stressed that the sub has gotten incredibly busy since the 2016 elections. 

“The subreddit has gotten a lot more busy since then and like most everything else since 2016 can get pretty partisan at times. The team moderates fairly and equitably within the existing ruleset. One thing we do not allow is when people try to use the subreddit to post something racist or bigoted and that’s something we look out for,” they explained.

#13 Classy Mom And Dad Take Their Kids To Visit Nasa’s Headquarters

Image credits: enenamas

#14 Could Have At Least Done It Right By Naming Her Luna Indica

Image credits: shylilanon

#15 On A Post About Gentle Parenting Being Effective

Image credits: kec36

One thing that r/insanepeoplefacebook is known for is inspiring the creation of other similar subreddits. And that’s a cause for celebration among the mods. “It’s great! It’s a measure of success when a subreddit branches off into other communities.”

u/Merari01 said that the moderators of the sub tend to be as busy as they want to be because there’s always work to be found.

“You can micromanage and check every comment made, but who has the time for that? Mostly we check the queue and the front page of the subreddit. We’re all experienced enough to see when a post is made that will likely attract problem comments. In that case, we often choose to lock the post. We’re all volunteers here who moderate as a fun hobby and no-one wants to continuously press F5 to stay on top of rulebreaking material in that case,” the mod said.

#16 My Parents Took Advantage Of The Graduation Sign Trend To Shit On Me For Dropping Out

Image credits: hsh0002

#17 When Your Mom Wants To Dress Her 7 Year Old Daughter As A H**ker For Easter

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Somehow This Sounds Like It Goes Beyond “Open And Honest”

Image credits: Pixxiprincess

“We have an experienced team that communicates with each other about moderation and policy issues and our community can be funny and empathetic. Like with all social media it has its downsides in that sometimes negative things get posted but all in all the good far outweighs the bad,” the redditor shared with us.

#19 This Mom On Her Son’s Account In A Goth Group

Image credits: _Milkyyyy

#20 Insane Church Parents

Image credits: EitherARepostOrALie

#21 My Favorite Is The “Head Situation For Reference”

Image credits: KyleRichXV

Social media and popular culture expert Mike Sington, from Hollywood, knows that people can start bending the truth quite a bit just to get some attention online.

“Getting clicks and amassing followers on social media is how success is defined. For many, it becomes addictive, and the more attention your social media gets, it actually creates an adrenaline rush. The monster feeds itself,” he told Bored Panda previously.

#22 Parenting Done Right

Image credits: rybee74

#23 Nice One, Dad

Image credits: ballincampion

#24 Insane Parent Exploits Their Crying Kid For Their Anti Vaxx Agenda Over Facebook (Repost)

Image credits: TigerLillyMew

“A good sign of people going overboard in seeking attention and recognition on social media is when they start exaggerating or making things up. If you find yourself doing that, stop and check yourself, and maybe realign your priorities in life,” Mike gave some good advice about when to tell that there’s a problem with how you view social media.

#25 Single Dads: Don’t Make Your Daughter Pose With Her New Underwear In Walmart Then Post About It On Facebook. I Feel Like I Shouldn’t Have To Say This But Here We Are

Image credits: WalkOfShane24

#26 Depression Is A Phase

Image credits: Harvie_B134

#27 A Mom Posted This In A Facebook Group In In

Image credits: Cheysladek

“If a post seems particularly outrageous, or too good to be true, it may be made up. Even if someone else is posting the same thing, that doesn’t make it true, because it could simply be a re-post from the original poster,” the social media expert said.

“Your instincts can usually tell you when something is made up, and old-fashioned online sleuthing can usually confirm it,” Mike told Bored Panda.

#28 Hope This “Parent” Gets The Help He Needs

Image credits: HunterinRy

#29 This Could Have Been A Text Message Or A Phone Call

Image credits: Bigmada

#30 Kid Drank A Half Bottle Of Cologne But #noneedfortheer!!!

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Negligent Parents Taking 7 Year Old To A Rave

Image credits: mrpuppysparkles

#32 Mom Talking About Her Daughter Who Didn’t Want To Join The Army, Who Is Leaving It For Her Boyfriend

Image credits: CVSRatman

#33 Her Kids Are 18 And 15 Respectively

Image credits: CactuswithGooglyeyes

#34 “My 6 Y/O Nephew Is A Little Fatty And I Hate His Mom, So I’m Going To Buy Him A Thinly Veiled Insult Instead Of A Gift He Would Enjoy”

Image credits: rotisserieshithead-

#35 Don’t Know If This Belongs Here But, I’m Really Tired Of Parents Exploiting Their Kids For Likes. The Dad Probably Won’t Stop Smoking Despite The Likes, And The Kid Will Blame Himself

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Get The Most Out Of Your Kids With Essential Oils

Image credits: TheLionsMan

#37 Parent Gets Majorly Cheesed At Social Media Challenge

Image credits: Hed_M

#38 Just Some Casual Child Mistreat

Image credits: DonutPMmepls

#39 I Want My 7 Year Old Child To Be Called Andrew Not Andy

Image credits: kachingaroo

#40 Let’s Teach Our Kid That Throwing A Tantrum Doesn’t Work… By Throwing A Tantrum

Image credits: jemblez

#41 Quora User: “Is It Illegal For Parents To Put A Camera In Their 13-Year Old’s Bedroom?” | An Answer:

Image credits: MyPasswordIsMyCat

#42 This Doesn’t Seem Like An Appropriate Way To Break This To Your Child

Image credits: pmyourevilplans

#43 Who Decided That Humiliating Your Children Was Good Parenting?

Image credits: thedorchestra

#44 Every Parent Thinks Their Kid Is Special. Then There’s This Guy

Image credits: Tillystix

#45 Everyone Needs A Dad To Tell Them How Stupid They Are

Image credits: AnAbundance_ofCats

#46 Laughing At Your Child Because He’ll Go Hungry

Image credits: Jaydon1

#47 Parents Who Can’t Keep Their (Obvious) 102° Contagious Child At Home Is Completely Insane, Especially To Vulnerable Babies And Immunocompromised Individuals. Those Hashtags Though

Image credits: calirose14

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