48 Funny And Relatable Experiences That Might Hit Close To Home To Many Moms, As Shared On This Online Community

Parenting is a full-time job that most people have to share with a real job, so it’s always good to remember that moms are basically superheroes. So it’s not surprising that moms around the globe would come together online to share ideas, advice, and support. And when you have a community online, inevitably, memes are born. 

This online group is dedicated to sharing hilarious memes and images that moms will find painfully relatable. So scroll through and be sure to give your mom a call after upvoting your favorites, she’ll probably appreciate that. If you have your own mom stories, comment below. 

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#1 True

Image credits: falcon_boa

#2 Anyone Else Feel This Post At Times?

Image credits: ramblinma

#3 Is It Acceptable To Just Throw My Hands Up And Say “Pizza Every Night” Because This Whole Cooking And Them Not Eating Thing Is Stressful Lol

Image credits: QueasyHippo3824

As the internet ecosystem has developed and become ubiquitous in most aspects of our lives, naturally, groups have formed around practically everything. Shared demographics, locations, interests, and, of course, experiences. These were no doubt some of the reasons why the “Mommit” subreddit was formed. 

Falling into the top 1% of most popular groups, “Mommit ” boasts over 850k members, who gather to share anything of use to moms. Much of the content revolves around memes and relatable stories, but there is also advice, moral support, and just an exchange of experiences. It’s a great place for first-time parents to get some advice and see that many problems are not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. 

#4 Made Me Laugh!

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#5 Aren’t They?

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#6 I Thought You Guys Might Enjoy This

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Of course, most of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a mother, so it’s surprising that the institution of Mother’s Day only dates back to 1907. The idea came about to a woman named Anna Jarvis, a peace advocate and suffragette, in Grafton, West Virginia. She campaigned to have it recognized as a holiday in the United States, which slowly gained recognition across the country. Now it’s celebrated in over forty countries worldwide.

#7 My Friend Bought Me This For Mother’s Day. Probably The Best Book Tbh

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#8 Almost Every Single Time..

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#9 “Show Me You Have A Toddler Without Showing Me Your Toddler.”

Image credits: jabberingginger

Despite their literal importance as human beings and to humankind in general, maternal healthcare is one of those things we should all be doing better at. Medicine has made strides in some countries, but development is never equally distributed. Over half (56%) of global maternal deaths are in Sub-Saharan Africa and 29% happen in South Asia. Even in places with world-class healthcare, childbirth can have complications and is a difficult process. 

#10 Behind The Scenes

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#11 Can’t Go To The Bathroom Without Every Being In The House Joining Me

Image credits: violetcoconut

#12 Am I Right?

Image credits: AtomicMurder

The good news is, the trend is downward. Over the last thirty years, maternal mortality has fallen by approximately 44%, which is a lot. But it’s too early to hang up the towel, as over 800 women still die from pregnancy or childbirth-related issues every single day. That comes down to roughly a death every two minutes, meaning that by the time you look through this paragraph and the previous one, there has been a death. 

#13 God, This Speaks To My Soul Right Now

Image credits: theillustratedgirl

#14 Sometimes You Gotta Let It Happen Lol

Image credits: mazekeen19

#15 Funerals Are Where I ✨shine ✨

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 My “Advice” From When I Had A 1 Year Old And A 3 Year Old. I Think It Holds Up

Image credits: ShoelessJodi

#17 At Least She Smiles At Me Now

Image credits: dontsaymango

#18 Thx For The Deets

Image credits: missmulrooney

#19 If I Were A Baby…

Image credits: hannahmsays

#20 None Of Us Knew. Catching Puke In Our Hands? Kids That Lick Feet? Nobody Knew That

Image credits: bekindofwitty

#21 Moms Are Super Heroes

Image credits: sleepyliltrashpanda

#22 Accurate

Image credits: nottheworstmom

#23 This Mom’s Truthful Invitation Is Hilarious And Refreshing

Image credits: thelittlemisses

#24 The Truth!!

Image credits: PrincessOshi

#25 Avoid Eye Contact At All Costs!

Image credits: LivingLeela

#26 Nap Life

Image credits: mommeh_dearest

#27 They’re So So Picky

Image credits: CakeDaySenderella

#28 Understandable

Image credits: AdamJamesMawson

#29 Husband Sleeps More Than Me

Image credits: Hermadis

#30 Toddlers

Image credits: sodamom23

#31 This Spoke To Me

Image credits: FartLane

#32 …’Big Sigh’…

Image credits: wish_yooper_here

#33 This Is True

Image credits: cheesesmysavior

#34 Idk Who Needs To Hear This But The Laundry Needs To Be Moved Forward

Image credits: Sophia_Forever

#35 Oof

Image credits: diatriose

#36 Finally An Honest Recruiting Message

Image credits: FartLane

#37 Yeah, It’s Definitely Coffee…

Image credits: Overall-Rain-5331

#38 Or The Light Switches

Image credits: nicoledannyel

#39 What I Do For A Living

Image credits: NinjaPikachuOnMoon

#40 Wfh Mom’s Gotta Do What A Wfh Mom’s Gotta Do

Image credits: IndyMLVC

#41 I Mean…

Image credits: Overall-Rain-5331

#42 Hello Darkness, My Old Friend…

Image credits: wish_yooper_here

#43 I Hear It In My Sleep

Image credits: theiaro

#44 I Dont Think This Is A Balanced Relationship

Image credits: FrankiCookney

#45 Thanks Mother

Image credits: 00fcukup00

#46 Words I Have Lived By Since My First

Image credits: KCMOM89

#47 Whoever Made This… I Feel This In My Soul!!

Image credits: HouseHippoWrangler

#48 I Made A Meme Of How I Feel Today

Image credits: Jennabear82

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