48 ‘Karens’ That Went Too Far And Got Shamed For It Online, As Shared By This Online Group

An inflated sense of self or a staggering lack of self-awareness are generally pretty hard traits to make friends with, but entitlement has a way of coming up in people who have absolutely not earned it. But a great way to keep ballooning egos in check is to shame them online.

So it’s not surprising that there are multiple internet groups all dedicated to showcasing just how ridiculous some people’s behavior is and documenting it for the rest of the internet. So prepare to roll your eyes as you scroll through, be sure to upvote your favorite examples of “Karens” in their natural habitat, and comment your own experiences below. 

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#1 I’m Dead

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#2 And That Is Why You Shouldn’t Be A Karen

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#3 Oh Karen. You So Funny

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“Karen” is just a modern iteration of a long tradition of certain people using their (real or imagined) status to mistreat others and generally act in an entitled manner. Older, alternative names include “Barbecue Becky”, “Cornerstore Caroline”, and “Permit Patty,” or even the classic “soccer mom.” In 2023, “Karen” doesn’t even have to refer to an entitled female, there are plenty of male Karen’s as well. 

“Karen” specifically likely originated from a 2016 internet meme and was later popularized by Reddit. The term spread and now there are multiple internet groups dedicated to sharing, discussing, and shaming Karens.

#4 Karen’s Revenge

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#5 Karen You Can Wear A Mask For 3 Minutes

Image credits: KoolAidMan20

#6 My Mom Asked Me What Makes A Woman A Karen. I Showed Her This. She Immediately Understood

Image credits: CamoShado

What makes the “Karen” meme so appealing and long-lasting is its perfect blend of entitlement, pettiness, and a lack of understanding. A customer making a legitimate request to a business is not a Karen, if one is entitled to a refund, they should actually get it and shouldn’t be shamed for requesting it. For a time, the term was associated with a specific haircut and demeanor, but as public awareness has evolved, people now realize that “Karens” come in all shapes and sizes. 

#7 A Story Shared By A Friend In A Discord Server

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#8 This One Is Just A Gem ?

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#9 I Think She Belongs Here

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For example, Elon Musk was called a space Karen for some statements he made, although some have put forth alternatives like “Ken” or “Kevin,” however, none of these have really stuck. It seems that the recursive nature of internet memes will ensure that “Karen” remains the go-to way to refer to a person that is so entitled that they really deserve to be shamed online.

#10 Karen Still Doesn’t Get It

Image credits: realcoronavirus1

#11 I Hate The Sound Of Children’s Laughter

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#12 Karen In Training

Image credits: The-Blaha-Bear

In 2019, a tropical storm was named “Karen,” in the old tradition of giving these weather events female names. The internet exploded with memes about the hurricane demanding to see, presumably, the United States manager and others photoshopped the “Karen” haircut onto satellite imagery of the storm. 

#13 “Military Spouses Serve More Than Anyone, We Deserve Free Wine!”

Image credits: Le-Deek-Supreme

#14 Somethin’ Bout A Truck

Image credits: DamnSon81

#15 Well That’s One Way To Shill Your Mlm

Image credits: darkelfbear

Indeed, using the magic of the internet, we are actually able to discover just how prevalent “Karens” are, resulting in some places slowly adjusting policies to limit this sort of behavior. San Francisco, for example, has the Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies (CAREN) Act, to prevent, you guessed it, Karens from calling emergency services over, say, a child going about their business. 

#16 Found This On Quora

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#17 Sorry Karen. We Can’t Be Friends Anymore

Image credits: StaghornTheDruid

#18 Tupperware Karen Gets Sat Down

Image credits: Mental_Maintenance43

Some brands have tried to capitalize on this trend, for example, Domino’s Pizza in Australia and New Zealand ran a campaign offering free pizzas to “nice Karens,” in a somewhat misguided attempt to foster positive behavior. The campaign was criticized and it does seem foolish, as what better way to bring out the worst in people than conditional free food? Ultimately, Dominos had to apologize for the campaign

#19 No One Cares About Your Religion, Karen

Image credits: UnalteredCyst

#20 Karens Assemble!

Image credits: euclidofalexandria

#21 Not. A. Fucking. Word

Image credits: SusBurnerAcc

But not all is bad, poorly run customer service might complain about Karens to distract from how they screw over customers, so one group is starting to fight back. Karens for Hire is an organization formed last year as a team that can be asked to call up companies that are treating customers poorly. They will, in true Karen fashion, call them up and write about them online with ceaseless energy, in an attempt to better company policy towards things like refunds. If you want to explore more instances of Karen’dom, Bored Panda has got you covered, you can find our other articles here, here, and here

#22 This Just Sums It Up

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#23 Mckaren

Image credits: jussbethesdagirl

#24 Have A Heart Karen You Entitled Wretch!

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#25 Review For A School I Found Online

Image credits: NeilTheProgrammer

#26 Carpooling Karen Reports A Fart

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 When Karen Misses Breakfast

Image credits: tconn8

#28 Oh Karen!

Image credits: cwizzle72

#29 How Do These Brains Even Work?

Image credits: percy___potter

#30 Karen On Twitter

Image credits: Odd-Bee9539

#31 Disney Is For Everyone Karen

Image credits: Camry11987

#32 Entitled Grandma Shaming Disney Employees And Interns For Crying About Being Laid Off

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 Watch Out For Bridezilla Karen!

Image credits: DamnSon81

#34 That’s Not How It Works

Image credits: papayamucha

#35 Karen Wants To Speak To The Manager Of Netflix

Image credits: raumeat

#36 “Nothing Relaxing Or Fun” About Server’s Mom Dying

Image credits: NoddyBloop

#37 Karen Does Not Care About Your Kids Or Hers

Image credits: NoNiceGuy71

#38 How Dare Contractors Use The Bathroom

Image credits: inbetweensound

#39 I’ve Had A Long Day

Image credits: KoolAidMan20

#40 Karen: Reloaded

Image credits: realcoronavirus1

#41 Other People In Labor? But I Had An Appointment!!

Image credits: NovelTAcct

#42 Christmas Is Apparently Ruined For This Karen

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 How Dare You Not Make Me Food 1 Min. Before Close?

Image credits: PrincessHeffalump

#44 Actual Karen And The Pool

Image credits: ronniejoe13

#45 Karen Doesn’t Understand Handicapped Parking

Image credits: Optimal_Addendum_617

#46 The “I Dont Need A Mask In The Drive-Thru!” Karen

Image credits: McNuggeteer

#47 A Simple Apology Could Have Prevented All This

Image credits: Karreck

#48 The Essence Of Karen… She Should Get The Manager ?

Image credits: PH1LLY_BLUNT

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