48 Times Men Parted With Their Long Locks And Opted For Short Hair Instead

Long hair, don’t care, they say. A slogan made famous by the hippy movement, dismissing perceived prudish and conservative attitudes of previous generations, made it to the radar of today’s men.

From football players, Hollywood actors, members of various subcultures to anyone really, most guys seem to have pulled off long locks at some point in their lives. And while many came to the conclusion that long hair is not for them, others stuck with it for many years to come.

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But this post is about the former ones who decided it was time to bid farewell to their luscious locks and have their hair trimmed. So let’s see how they did in these cute transformation pictures below!

#1 I Donated My Hair To Wigs For Kids This Week!

Image credits: synthguy21

#2 Before And After, Thanks For The Advice Guys!

Image credits: Wraptorr

#3 I Listened To None Of You, Cut 13 Years Of Long Hair Off Yesterday

Image credits: Dzuari

#4 I Donated My Hair A Few Weeks Ago. First Time Doing It

Image credits: Velideon

#5 One Year Of Lockdown Growth. Having Longer Hair Is Fun But I’m Unsure How To Style It Or If I Should Go Shorter Again? All Advice Welcome!

Image credits: DrThrillhammer

#6 Cut 6 Years Of Long Hair Off Today Against All Your Advice. Glad I Did!

Image credits: xXKeegXx

#7 I’ve Been Growing Out My Hair For 3 Years After I First Heard You Can Give Them To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Children With Cancer. Today Was The Day To Cut Them All Of, Send Them In And Start Over Again. Hopefully I Can Make As Much Kids As Possible Happy With A New Set Of Hair

Image credits: kostilicious42

#8 Chopped Off The Mane And Beard. I Really Loved My Long Hair, But I Think The Fresh Cut Fits Me. Keep It Short, Or Grow It Back Out?

Image credits: IRWEAZY

#9 Before And After. My Hair Was In Growth Since 2017, And With That Haircut, It’s Way More Practical Now

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Image credits: snowymach2

#10 Just Chopped My 2-Year Flow. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: LongHairedgeoDude

#11 Update: Posted Here A Couple Days Ago, Here’s The Result. Thanks For Your Advice Mha!

Image credits: some_dude1234

#12 2 Years Of Growth And A Chop

Image credits: bondla

#13 Had Long Hair For 4 Years, How’d I Do?

Image credits: Theseus-2

#14 I Did A Thing: First Cut In Nearly Four Years. Thanks To All The Lovely People To Chimed In On My Last Post Here!

Image credits: jordyloks

#15 Went For The Big Chop! What Do You Think?

Image credits: xjsl

#16 Chopped Off 1.5 Years Of Hair Growth! How’d I Do?

Image credits: jasentb

#17 A Year Ago I Cut Off My Hair And Donated It. Here’s A Before And After, One Year Difference

Image credits: Drewciferr

#18 Jesus To Gq – First Haircut In 2 Years

Image credits: ILikegardening4000

#19 Mad Lad Donates Hair

Image credits: TheTitanofApathy

#20 From This To This. Been Growing It Since 2015. Thoughts?

Image credits: WinnieThePawn

#21 Long vs. Short

Image credits: reddit

#22 I’ve Been Growing My Hair Out For 4 Years For Donation. Finally Cut It And Feel Like A New Man

Image credits: Daveflave

#23 Feeling Confident, I Cut My Hair Short For The First Time In About 15 Years

Image credits: Zmw92

#24 Finally Chopped My Hair After 10 Years. Opinions?

Image credits: dxyjohn-john

#25 I Think I Made The Right Choice

Image credits: FreudsParents

#26 It’s Been Officially A Month Since I Made This Change. I Was So Scared But The Feedback Has Been Amazing And I Love It!

Image credits: zcordeiroz

#27 Chopped My Hair Off After 7 Years!

Image credits: SolarDeath666

#28 Decided To Chop Of The Mop After 2 ½ Years. Really Happy About It!

Image credits: Facefudge

#29 (16m) I Cut My Hair After 8 Years. How Do I Look? Anything To Improve?

Image credits: Zolinoid

#30 Grew My Hair For About A Year And A Half On A Whim And Decided To Get It Cut Today. Really Happy With The Result

Image credits: chase_sutherland

#31 Got Tired Of Looking Like A Hobo – Got A Haricut And Trimmed The Beard. Better?

Image credits: Brainforester

#32 Tidied Up The Mop

Image credits: MerryIguana95

#33 I Cut My Hair Today. Feels Fresh

Image credits: VisjesMie

#34 Chopped 2.5 Years Of Hair Today. Feels Amazing

Image credits: ptcg

#35 Got It All Chopped Off Not Too Long Ago, Pretty Happy With The Results

Image credits: jacobcreedwatkins

#36 Thanks To The Advice Here, I Chopped The Mop After A Good 2+ Years. Beyond Excited With The Results!

Image credits: jensenb2

#37 Would You Stick With The Long Hair If You Were Me ?

Image credits: Marvelfan709

#38 Do Y’all Think I Look Better With Short Or Long Hair?

Image credits: ThatHoe-bo

#39 Quarantine Chop Before & After

Image credits: hamandcheese1313

#40 Cut My Hair With Some Advice From A Helpful Redditor. I Really Like It!

Image credits: Apoxa

#41 After Nearly 3 Years Of Growth, I Donated My Hair To Wigs 4 Kids

Image credits: sesame-yeezy

#42 Decided To Get My Wings Chopped Off, Whadya Think?

Image credits: F**kYourSaltines

#43 Yesterday I Asked For Help Deciding A Haircut! So Here I Am Today To Update You All With A Before And After!

Image credits: WyWitcher

#44 I Got The Confidence To Go For A Chop Because Of This Reddit Page. Thanks

Image credits: redwater101

#45 Before And After! Thanks For The Inspiration Guys!

Image credits: Sheppppy

#46 After 2 Years Of Growing, Chance Decided To Chop It Off. It Was A Late Night Decision So Our Puppo Got To Be In The Picture Too!

Image credits: kyleecuts

#47 Starting At A Military School Next Week, So I Had To Chop It

Image credits: roy_33

#48 Before And After! My Head Feels So Much Lighter Now

Image credits: BlazingLiutenant0711

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