48 Tinder Screenshots That Reveal The Wild Nature Of Modern Dating

Whether it’s for finding a soulmate or a casual hookup, online dating has become one of the most popular avenues for singles. In the United States, for example, the number of people who use these services is expected to reach 53.3 million in 2024, up from 44.2 million in 2020.

When we’re looking at such a huge crowd, naturally, it’s going to be, let’s say, colorful. And the subreddit r/Tinder is a great example of that. The community with 5.7 million members is constantly sharing and discussing memorable conversations and profiles they’ve had and seen on the app.

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To show you just how chaotic all of it can be, we at Bored Panda compiled a list of their popular posts. I guess you just never know who is waiting for you one swipe away.

#1 Her Bio Said Demisexual

Image credits: tN_Saiyan

#2 I Thought It Was Pretty Funny

Image credits: andythisisyourfault

#3 Am I Too Old For Tinder?

Image credits: Siliass

#4 Why Are People Like This Lol. What Did They Expect?

Image credits: ShaidarHaran2

#5 Ironic

Image credits: EmperorBinks

#6 His Profile Says He’s “Very Sarcastic And Hope You Are Too” He Unmatched Immediately After This Exchange

Image credits: AnotherDoubtfulGuest

#7 Let’s Get To Know Each Other’s

Image credits: breadstick_bitch

#8 Where Do I Sign Up

Image credits: buildingseas

#9 My Name Is Van And This Left Me Speechless. Bravo

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Image credits: MoofMoofVan

#10 Bruh LMAO

Image credits: smol_egglet

#11 Either Way Would Work, I’m Not Picky

Image credits: AntiMacro

#12 Was This Too Harsh?

Image credits: jack_sparrowe

#13 I Let The Intrusive Thoughts In Again

Image credits: HystericalMan

#14 First Time Being Single In 7 Years… Wow I Didn’t Miss It

Image credits: PeteyPete2007

#15 Seems Kind Of Shallow?

Image credits: TechnicallySuperior

#16 I Saw That Somebody Had Succes With This Pick Up Line, Thought I’d Try It Myself

Image credits: delano0408

#17 What Do You Married People Think Abt This One

Image credits: Suspicious_Seaweed_8

#18 She Had Basketball As One Of Her Interests

Image credits: Intimidatratorador

#19 I’m Unsure What Just Happened

Image credits: Hippie92_

#20 I Hate Dating Apps So Much

Image credits: poonieLord

#21 This Has To Be A New Low

Image credits: daintybanana

#22 Bio Said Tell Me A Bad Joke. Sigh

Image credits: mbitbb

#23 This Is Kinda D**kish Right?

Image credits: sierraalpha149

#24 Smooth

Image credits: Organic-Flatworm

#25 Her Profile Said She Had A PhD

Image credits: Mr_Poopy_Butthole89

#26 Rizz.. He Stopped Responding

Image credits: wonderfull_waterfall

#27 Gentlemen Do Exist!

Image credits: ttaytay17

#28 Just When I Was Beginning To Think That I Follow Rules 1 And 2

Image credits: avuhcahdoe

#29 She Actually Blocked/Unmatched

Image credits: Alternate962

#30 Note: Fighting Fire With Fire Will Get You Unmatched

Image credits: hastler17

#31 Guess I’m A Murderer, Calling The Police Now

Image credits: TakeThisMedicine

#32 Her Bio Said She Was A Childcare Chef… I Got Unmatched Pretty Fast

Image credits: nothingsecure

#33 Help…. Please

Image credits: SilentRecognition211

#34 Well All Right Then

Image credits: Kvellish

#35 Like Getting Blood From A Stone

Image credits: Are_You_Ok_Mate

#36 Alright Boys, What Do I Do Here?

Image credits: Chowdergrrl

#37 Guess Being A 26 Year Old Sophomore Should Be Embarrassing Lol

Image credits: Brentoda

#38 Your Phone Says A Lot About You

Image credits: virt1028

#39 Well That Escalated Quickly

Image credits: Leeta23

#40 Flirt 100

Image credits: bennnile

#41 Tinder Providing Me With Quality Men Yet Again

Image credits: avreadriver

#42 Too Harsh?

Image credits: trumps-toilet

#43 Not Sure How I Was Supposed To Know This Requirement

Image credits: thundercloudtemple

#44 I’m Stumped And Confused

Image credits: JesterTheRequester

#45 I’m Having A Really Terrible Day So I Messaged This Guy Who I’ve Been Talking To For A Couple Of Weeks And- –

Image credits: RhiRhi12120

#46 Were*?‍♂️

Image credits: fatcracks

#47 Tinder In Berlin

Image credits: Paolohaiti1

#48 Are All Women On Tinder Flakey? So Far 100% Of My Matches Just Stop Replying In The Middle Of Convos

Image credits: Synthwave_Vibes

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