49 Interesting Tools That Were Created For A Very Specific Purpose

If there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Of course, if the issue is very specific, a simple screwdriver probably won’t do the trick. Luckily, human ingenuity has more to offer. A lot more. And you can see it all on the subreddit r/SpecializedTools.

It’s an interesting corner of the internet, encouraging people to post photos of niche tools, created to make our lives better in situations where nothing else fits quite as well. A real delight to satisfy our curiosity.

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#1 This Titanium Coated Butter Knife With Internal Copper Alloy Heat Tubes. It’s Made To Heat Up When Held In Your Hand, So That It Is Easier To Spread Butter

Image credits: RampChurch

#2 In Case You Have Never Seen, These Baffle Balls Are Used Inside Water Trucks To Stop The Water From Sloshing Side To Side While Driving

Image credits: NRGpop

#3 Cow Brush

Image credits: aloofloofah

#4 A Seatbelts Attachment For Pregnant Women

Image credits: dartmaster666

#5 A Street Sign Cleaning Vehicle, Complete With Soap, Water, A Brush And Some Kind Of Reflective Wax (Or Something?). First Time Seeing One In Germany

Image credits: ToFFi57

#6 Tree Mover

Image credits: Pushkatron

#7 To Test Large Crane Capacity We Use Giant Water Bags… Aka The Balls Of Judgment

Image credits: flgsrockon

#8 This Chair For People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged

Image credits: mtimetraveller

#9 My Smallest And Largest Hex Keys For Working On Large Injection Molding Presses

Image credits: switchup

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#10 Baby Head Protector

Image credits: imgur.com

#11 A Tool Used For Straw Roofing. Dutch Word For It Is ‘Drijfbord’

Image credits: Moeiekoe

#12 New Type Of Parking Enforcement On My Campus Replacing The Boot, Appropriately Named “The Barnacle”

Image credits: LiQuiD0v3rkiLL

#13 These Specialized Chain Tires That Are Used In The Extreme Heat Of Steel Mills

Image credits: AristonD

#14 Nasa Pistol Grip Tool – A Cordless Power Screwdriver/Drill Used By Spacewalking Astronauts To Fix The Hubble Space Telescope And The International Space Station

Image credits: mikerowave

#15 For Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant Folks

Image credits: robblokkit

#16 Surgical Suture Training Pad

Image credits: mud_tug

#17 Tool That Allows One Man To Move The Whole Train By Hand

Image credits: aloofloofah

#18 A Norwegian Shoe Drying Machine

Image credits: Sacktimus_Prime

#19 I Work In A Stem Cell Lab. This Is A Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper, Used To Transport Cryopreserved Products Like Stem Cells And Vaccines In -150c

Image credits: hiimkristina

#20 Spent Shotgun Shell Lawn Sweeper Picker-Upper

Image credits: GI-Girl56

#21 Refueling Helicopter In Mid-Air

Image credits: mtimetraveller

#22 Stenographer, The Machine The Court Reporters Use To Type Everything That Is Said There

Image credits: mtimetraveller

#23 A Lift To Help This Truck Driver Get In Cab

Image credits: memezzer

#24 Barrel-Filling Bridge

Image credits: aloofloofah

#25 You Saw My Largest And Smallest Hex Keys. These Are My Largest And Smallest Adjustable Wrenches!

Image credits: switchup

#26 Insulated Cryo Glove For Handling Very Cold Items (E.g. Liquid Helium). Like An Oven Mitt’s Cold Cousin

Image credits: phronimouse

#27 Snow Clearing Machine For Trucks!

Image credits: screwywabbit

#28 When A Guy Walks Into Your Office With This Thing Asking To Take A Reading. It’s Called A Velometer, And Measures The Speed Of Air In A Given Area. He Kindly Allowed Me To Take A Photo

Image credits: AzayakaCosplay

#29 During The Australian Bushfires Any Water Source Can Be Used To Fight The Fires

Image credits: outdatedopinion

#30 I’m A Dog Groomer. These Guys Are Chunkers Meant To Specifically “Chunk” Out The Thick Hair

Image credits: daisytrips

#31 Curb Shaper

Image credits: Boojibs

#32 A Dental Saw Used To Shape Porcelain Crowns

Image credits: cojonoa

#33 This Keyed Switch That I’m Installing In A New School So Kids Can’t Turn Lights On And Off

Image credits: Cheeeeeeeesse

#34 Bend Rules

Image credits: mtimetraveller

#35 The Sasumata Is A Pole Weapon Used By The Samurai In Feudal Japan. It’s Also Used Today To Safely Wrangle Anyone Posing A Threat To Civilians

Image credits: SAmtoogz

#36 A Champagne Sabre, For Cutting The Tops Off Champagne Bottles

Image credits: CitySquirrel202

#37 Pedestrian Catcher In 1920s

Image credits: mtimetraveller

#38 Ladies And Gentlemen, Allow Me To Present A Fabled “The Right Tool”. This Is The Only Tool That Can Be Used To Remove The Oil Filter Housing On A Lamborghini Gallardo

Image credits: 8jac0b88

#39 Conveyor Table For More Humanely Vaccinating Lambs

Image credits: stalwart_rabbit

#40 Radius Measuring Guage

Image credits: dartmaster666

#41 My Buddy Made Me A Label Applicator. Just Passed 8000 Bottles/Labels

Image credits: JeF4y

#42 This Scale Matches Up Combinations Of Mushrooms That Weigh A Certain Amount For Packaging

Image credits: dartmaster666

#43 Safe Autodialler Cracking A Floor Safe

Image credits: danielnitschke

#44 Using A Comb To Straighten Air Conditioner Fins

Image credits: jefftatro1

#45 A “Tree” For Drying Bottles Are The Homebrewing Shop

Image credits: CaptWineTeeth

#46 Diamond Core Drilling Machine

Image credits: regian24

#47 They’re Childrens’ Training Scissors. Like For Pre-Schoolers. The Extra Holes Are So A Grown-Up Can Co-Scissor And Help The Kid

Image credits: Mak_101

#48 A Spray Specifically Designed To Test Smoke Detectors

Image credits: regnerus

#49 If You’ve Ever Pulled Carpet By Hand, You’ll Appreciate This

Image credits: s_team7

Source: boredpanda.com

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