49 Of The Most Beautiful Historic Castles Discovered Around The World, As Shared By This Online Group

According to this year’s surveys, 11 percent of Americans who are planning to travel internationally right now are considering a trip to the United Kingdom. Of those travelers, one-in-four intends to explore the country beyond London, showing an interest in its history and heritage.

A similar curiosity fuels trips to villages throughout Europe and other continents that otherwise might’ve ended up being forgotten. Settlements abandoned by developers that never became suburbs.

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However, there is a way to visit these wonderful places even without leaving your home. The subreddit r/Castles and its 149k members constantly share pictures of wonderful historic palaces and fortifications. So pack your thumbs, we’re scrolling!

#1 Edinburgh, Scotland Is Like A Real Life Harry Potter World

Image credits: wionza

#2 Mont St-Michel, France

Image credits: Xanaka35

#3 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Image credits: abrakheat

#4 Stalker, Scotland. Stalker Castle Was First Built In 1320 By Clan Macdougall

It took on the form we see today in the 1440’s after the Stewarts took over. The Stewarts lost the castle in a drunken bet around 1620 to Clan Campbell

Image credits: Hoohill

#5 Cochem Castle, Germany

Image credits: wowserbowser879

#6 Osaka Castle At Night

Image credits: golden_an

#7 Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#8 Scaligero Castle, Italy

Image credits: Zordack

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#9 Château De Pierrefonds, France. It Is Such An Overwhelming Feeling Just Standing In Front Of It

Image credits: TheHolyAnusGuardian

#10 Sanctuary Of Truth In Pattaya, Thailand

Image credits: 4chanAD

#11 The Bojnice Castle Was Built In The 12th Century, It’s Located In Slovakia And Has Romantic,gothic And Renaissance Elements

Image credits: tallicahet81

#12 Fort Bourtange, Groningen, Netherlands

Image credits: celestial_grave

#13 Tantallon Castle, Scotland

Image credits: sn0rk95

#14 Kylemore Abbey In The Fog, Connemara, Galway, Ireland

Image credits: I_am_person6969

#15 The Garibaldi Castle In Khryashchevka, Russia, Is Named By Its Owner In The Honor Of His Father – Garibaldi Arcadievich Kuzichkin

The castle was built in the Neo-Gothic style and it’s more of an architectural fantasy on the theme of European Gothic and Romanticism

Image credits: djcenturion

#16 Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

Image credits: Zordack

#17 Wernigerode Castle, Germany

Image credits: comeoneileen95

#18 The Ezra Pound Castle, Schloss Brunnenburg Or Castel Fontana. Built In 1241 It Is Situated Above The City Of Merano, On The Outskirts Of The Municipality Of Tirol, Italy

Image credits: Paul-Belgium

#19 Butrón Castle, Spain

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#20 The Castle Of Wijnendale, Belgium

Image credits: Sumer1279

#21 The Rock Of Cashel, An Ancient Royal Site For The Kings Of Munster In County Tipperary, Ireland

Image credits: I_am_person6969

#22 I Didn’t Notice Any Japanese Castles, So Here Is Himeji Castle

Image credits: YukixSuzume

#23 Quinta Da Regaleira In Sintra Portugal. This Place Is Surreal

Image credits: pboksz

#24 Wooden Church On Kizhi Island, Russia, Builts Without Nails

Image credits: Tovixoa

#25 Hohenzollern Castle At Sunrise On A Winter Morning In The Sea Of Clouds, Germany

Image credits: terchon

#26 Abandoned Castle In Lough Key, Ireland

Image credits: RedditAndFries

#27 Borrekens Castle – Antwerp – Construction Began 1270

Image credits: rockystl

#28 Peleș Castle – Carpathian Mountains – Sinaia, Romania

Image credits: rockystl

#29 Spiš Castle, Slovakia

Image credits: redliner96

#30 Château Miranda – Belgium

Image credits: Digitalanthill

#31 The Royal Castle Of Olite Is A Former Castle Of The Kings Of Navarre, Situated In Northern Spain. The Silhouette Of The Castle, Is Not Only Imposing, It Is Also Unique For Its Architectural Chaos

Image credits: djcenturion

#32 Pena Palace – Sintra, Portugal

Image credits: rockystl

#33 Neuschwanstein Castle On Winter, In Germany

Image credits: tallicahet81

#34 This Oberhofen Castle, With Its Tower On The Water, Lies On The Right Shore Of The Lake Of Thun, In Switzerland. It Dates Back To The 13th Century

Image credits: djcenturion

#35 Penrhyn Castle, Wales

Image credits: sausagespolish

#36 30 B.c Roman Fortress Masada (Near The Dead Sea Israel)

Image credits: Dvd280

#37 The Imperial Castle In Cochem, Germany

Image credits: conandivljak

#38 At The End Of A 2.64 Mile Long Avenue Lined With Chestnut Trees And Flanked By Grazing Deer Awaits Windsor Castle A Truly Magnificent Sight

Image credits: TheGuvnor247

#39 Le Mont Saint Michel, France— One Of The Inspirations For Minas Tirith

Image credits: corruptrevolutionary

#40 Fenis Castle, Italy

Image credits: sausagespolish

#41 Road To Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Image credits: vitoskito

#42 Scotny Castle Built Around 1370. Kent UK

Image credits: dvb70

#43 Kalavantin Durg, India. Fortress Atop A Steep Hill

Image credits: JustinianusI

#44 Island Fortress Of Murud-Janzira, Off The West Coast Of India

Image credits: sajaypal007

#45 Castillo De Loarre Is One Of Spain’s Best Preserved Romanesque Castles. The Castle Appeared In The Epic Movie “Kingdom Of Heaven”

Image credits: djcenturion

#46 Bojnice Castle In Slovakia

Image credits: reeniedream

#47 Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

Image credits: sammers23

#48 Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy France

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Image credits: AmericaRUserious

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