49 Of The Silliest New Pics Of Doggos ‘Malfunctioning’, As Shared On This Online Group

Woof woof! Dear Pandas, we hope you’re as happy as a dog who found out it’s going for walkies. And in case you’re feeling a bit blue, then we’ve got the perfect cure—adorable and hilarious pictures of dogs. And lots of ‘em!

The ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog?’ subreddit is a celebration of all things canine and fluffy. The online community has turned the cuteness and silliness dials all the way to the max, and they share pics of pets ‘malfunctioning.’ There’s so much humor and good vibes here that you probably won’t want to leave. And if we don’t put a smile on your face with this list, then you really have no other choice than to go down to your local animal shelter and adopt a pup, don’t you?

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Oh, and remember to give each and every doggo and pupperino all the love and attention that they deserve. Tell them what good boys and girls they are in the comments, and remember that upvoting the pic is like scratching their belly. And in case you want to say ‘hi!’ to some more endearing dogs, you can find Bored Panda’s most recent articles about r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog right here, here, and here.

Bored Panda got in touch with our friends at the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity. Vet Nurse Shauna Spooner was kind enough to tell us how we can bring more playfulness, fun, and movement into our dogs’ lives, how much pets take after their owners, and when we should ideally teach our canines proper etiquette. We also tackled the age-old question of whether or not we can teach an old dog new tricks. Read on for our full interview with the PDSA.

#1 This Weirdo’s Figured Out That Sitting Here Gets Her The Most Pets From Passers-By

Image credits: HimeTheHusky

“Exercise is essential for all dogs—it helps keep them fit, and is really important for their mental health too, so walks, training, and playtime should be part of every dog’s daily routine. You can also shake things up a bit for them by trying activities like swimming—it’s great exercise for them and can be especially good for dogs with stiff or painful joints. Just be mindful that some places are much safer for a doggy dip than others so pick your spot carefully,” PDSA Vet Nurse Shauna shared some great ideas about having more active fun with our dogs.

“Joining a local agility or flyball class, or even trying yoga with your dog can be a great way to mix things up! Whichever activity you bring into your dog’s life, just make sure that they enjoy it, are not being over-exercised, and that it is positive and fun!” she said.

According to the PDSA, every dog will have different energy levels. These depend on their breed, age, health, fitness, and even personality.

“While there is no such a thing as a lazy dog, some definitely need more activity than others! Your dog should determine the ideal amount of exercise needed. If they seem really tired, stop the activity, let them rest, and consider shortening the duration next time. The amount of exercise is less important than the quality and variety of the exercise,” the pet health pro explained to Bored Panda.

#2 Day Off. Someone Is Making Barbecue In The Country⁠⁠ I:

Image credits: sickreins_03

#3 Mother’s Day

Image credits: just-a-traveler

Interestingly enough, dogs and humans have similar social structures. That’s why we live so well together, PDSA representative Shauna pointed out. “Studies have shown that dogs are amazing at reading human body language, including facial expressions, and can usually tell how we are feeling. They will also take cues from us about how to respond to situations—if we are worried about something, our dog will know we are worried but won’t understand why, so might feel unsettled too,” she noted what the bond between us and our canine pals looks like.

“Therefore, an anxious owner may unintentionally make their dog anxious, because dogs are closely bonded to us and feel what we feel. However, pet owners may subconsciously choose a pet that mirrors their personality—an outgoing, active person may choose a bouncy, high-energy dog to suit their lifestyle, which would, in turn, seem as though the dog ‘takes after their owner.’”

Bored Panda was interested to learn more about how we ought to approach training our dogs. For instance, we were curious about when it’s best to teach our pets how to behave properly.

#4 Tick Tock Clarice…

Image credits: experiencedDominion

#5 Doggo: So You Are Getting Married… Lmao

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Image credits: MeliaDanae

#6 Dog vs. Wave

Image credits: MeliaDanae

“Most owners envisage their puppy growing into a well-behaved adult dog, but it can be difficult to know where to start!” Vet Nurse Shauna said. “Dogs of any age will enjoy training, as long as it is positive and reward-based, there is never a wrong time to start. The first three things a puppy or young dog should learn are to sit, where to go to the toilet, and to come back when called. This will start building a foundation so you can teach other aspects of doggy-etiquette—but remember; consistency and reward are the keys to success!”

The PDSA gave us some great news that, yes, it actually is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, despite the adage. There are some caveats, though.

“It might take a little bit longer than a puppy who hasn’t already developed any undesirable habits. Training should remain the same for a pooch of any age—this should be rewards-based and positive, but they might need shorter, less intensive sessions. Learning new things helps keep the brain healthy and active so older dogs can and should learn new tricks! It’s also important to have regular training sessions for pups of any age to help them remember what they’ve learned.” Meanwhile, here’s a link to the PDSA’s advice on dealing with unwanted behavior in dogs.

#7 She Jumped The Gun On The New Doggie Door Installation

Image credits: hollysand1

#8 This Is What Happens When You Try To Take A Picture Of Our Dog From The Front

Image credits: HekYou

#9 My Dogs Beauty Is Sometimes Hard To Capture On Camera

Image credits: siraelwindrunner

The r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit has been going strong since 2015. In fact, they’re celebrating their 7th birthday on August 10. (If you’re reading this after that date, we’re sending our best regards to you from the past! Spooky, isn’t it? Thankfully, we know that whatever happens in life, one thing’s for certain: we’ll always love dogs.)

The subreddit also recently passed the 2-million-member mark, and it’s a huge milestone when you think about it. It’s been a lot of fun following the online group’s progress over the years, and we’re glad more and more people are giving their canine content the attention it deserves.

Before you jump right in and start sharing adorable pics that’d make anyone wag their tail with you, you’ve got to be aware of some of the rules that the ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog?’ community is asked to follow.

For instance, there are to be absolutely no emojis in the titles of the post or in the comments. We know, we know, emojis are darn great. But this particular rule is in place to prevent people from causing massive waves of spam.

#10 Same Bro

Image credits: 1LittleSunflower

#11 Does Anyone Have The Assembly Instructions? I Don’t Think He’s Supposed To Look Like That…

Image credits: Mjyys99

#12 I Specifically Chose This Park Because There Is No Water Feature…

Image credits: Xfocus

What’s more, you should avoid reposting something from the past month. You also shouldn’t repost the top pics of all time. Try to be original and fresh with your content.

Despite this being a canine-focused subreddit, the moderator team kindly asks people to focus on the theme of the subreddit. The posts are supposed to be about dogs ‘malfunctioning.’ If your dog is ill, injured, or has passed away, this isn’t the place to talk about it: there are other subreddits and online groups where you can feel heard.

This way, the sub maintains a pure and undiluted flow of feel-good content without veering off course. Also, pics of dogs acting normal aren’t allowed. Derpiness and silliness are allowed; mundane doggos (no matter how cute) belong elsewhere.

Even though your dog might be chunky yet funky, it’s incredibly important to help them slim down a bit. Being overweight brings about with it a ton of health issues and severely impacts your pet’s quality of life. There are other ways to show your doggerino that you love it, besides feeding it your table scraps and letting it nap on your lap all day long.

#13 She Likes To Watch The Fishes

Image credits: tantalizingGarbage

#14 My Dog Has Started Laying Down Like A Person

Image credits: Xynopit

#15 I Would Never Tell Him That It Isn’t

Image credits: DARKplayz_

Getting plenty of movement and eating a healthy diet are essential for dogs (and for their owners, too). If you love your pet—and we know that you do—you’re responsible for going the extra mile by sometimes literally going the extra mile.

Dr. Earnie Ward, who created the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, previously explained to Bored Panda that obesity is the biggest health threat to dogs, as well as cats.

“Dogs suffering from obesity have a much greater risk of developing arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Studies also show that dogs with obesity live about 2.5 years less than those at a healthy weight,” he warned.

#16 Shoutout To The Time I Wanted To Take A Beautiful Photo Of The Landscape And My Dog Just Went…

Image credits: NahiriDidNothinWrong

#17 What Is This?

Image credits: JacksonBillyMcBob

#18 Yum

Image credits: Ryanfunroe

“More recent research proves that overweight or dogs with obesity have a lower quality of life, as reported by their pet parents. To put it bluntly, the fact is that dogs with obesity aren’t able to live and enjoy their best lives, and we must do better.”

The animal health expert put it very bluntly that obesity is a disease. “A veterinarian, I swore an oath to prevent animal disease and suffering. My goal is to prevent pet obesity and I’ve spent the last twenty years researching and teaching nutrition and weight loss methods to committed veterinary professionals and concerned pet parents,” he said that his mission in life is to help pets live healthier, happier lives.

#19 Yoga Or Exorcism?

Image credits: ljburrows12

#20 My Old Bulldog Compared To My New. I Thought The Old Had Attitude. Lord Help Me

Image credits: Tegasauras

#21 A Photo Of My Sister’s Dog Having The Time Of His Life

Image credits: Dodzer89

The vet compared dogs and people, and said that we’re all very similar: both are omnivores and greatly benefit from aerobic activities.

“For dogs and humans, the weight-loss equation is about 60% to 70% diet and 30% to 40% physical activity. For cats, a species with different physiology and metabolism, it’s about 90% diet and only 10% exercise,” he explained to Bored Panda.

#22 Dog Sitter Sent Me This Piece Of Art With No Context

Image credits: Svnyrs-btwn

#23 Magic Pie Bush

Image credits: LarrySoObvious

#24 Personal Space? What Is Personal Space?

Image credits: golfer888

“The first step toward a healthier weight for your dog is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. They will first determine your dog’s Body Condition Score (BCS), establish target weight loss goals and ideal weight, and calculate the number of calories you should feed each day.”

He continued: “Your veterinarian will also make sure there isn’t an underlying medical condition or disease causing the weight gain and that it’s safe to begin an exercise program. In general terms, a dog (and their pet parent) needs about 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day.”

#25 Caught This Doofus Mid Sneeze

Image credits: mattkward

#26 Mind Your Own Goddamn Business, Keith

Image credits: Kezzva

#27 The Doggo King

Image credits: cenabollywood

According to Dr. Ward, going for a walk is awesome: it’s efficient, quick, and easily accessible. “I prefer it to most other exercises because that’s what dogs were designed to do best and most naturally. Plus, it’s free! When walking, be sure to use a walking harness and not a neck or choke collar to prevent injury to the trachea or windpipe region of the throat and neck,” he told us.

The vet noted that dogs can lose roughly (or is that ruffly?) 3 to 5% of their total body mass per month safely. So long as the owner adheres to an exercise program and diet that’s supervised by a vet. Meanwhile, younger and more active dogs can safely lose a bit more weight each month. “The most important thing to do is to monitor the weight each month. If your dog isn’t losing the appropriate amount of weight in three months, you need to change the strategy,” he said.

#28 Seriously. This Is How He Sits. All. The. Time

Image credits: Imperfectyourenot

#29 Chicken Legs

Image credits: JacksonBillyMcBob

#30 His Face When I Started Staring Back At Him

Image credits: lcmonreddit

“Weight loss is a dynamic and adaptive process, and dog parents must constantly evaluate what’s working or not. The great news is that, unlike cats, most dogs can reach their target weight within six to nine months. Cats can only lose about a half-pound per month, meaning losing four pounds will take about eight months if all goes well.”

#31 She Wasn’t Ready To Get Out Of The Car

Image credits: madogg0403

#32 His Name Is Dug

Image credits: Devi8tor

#33 My Favorite Picture Of Daisy. I Have It Framed, Hanging On My Wall.

Image credits: Square-Force69

#34 We Wouldn’t Let Her In The Pool, So She Stared At Us From The Windowsill.

Image credits: thisiateforbreakfast

#35 Finn Makes Photographer’s Lives Interesting

Image credits: NoelaniSpell

#36 I’m Sure He’s Trying To Hipnotize Me To Let Him Out.

Image credits: Verpalas

#37 He Fell Asleep In The Rain Today

Image credits: scrantic

#38 I Guess This Belongs Here, Just Look How Happy He Is, Cone Of Gatherings

Image credits: putput420

#39 This Is Our One Tooth Dog Taco Who Likes To Be Snuggled Like A Little Baby To Go To Bed.

Image credits: Cyntakz

#40 This Is How She Protests When She Can’t Have Our Food.

Image credits: FrankiePupperz

#41 My Dog Got Into Some Unicorn Eggs And Now She Won’t Stop Puking Up Rainbows. Any Advice?

Image credits: bellchilton

#42 He Stole A Cheeseburger And Just Had It Sitting In His Mouth

Image credits: YoonminLife

#43 My Dog’s Reaction To Fourth Of July Fireworks

Image credits: quxile

#44 This Is My Dog Badger, She Has A Llama Neck

Image credits: Chromatic_mediant

#45 We Got Him A Stand So He Wouldn’t Have To Bend Down So Much While Eating. Yeah, About That…

Image credits: Mjyys99

#46 When You Spend The Night At A Friend’s House And They Don’t Give You A Blanket…

Image credits: cenabollywood

#47 These Dorks Never Fail To Amuse…

Image credits: felinebarbecue

#48 So My German X Belgian Shepherd, Realised After 11 Years He Can “Shut The Blinds”

Image credits: stokpaut3

#49 He Always Sleeps Like This.

Image credits: merzul

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