49 Real-Life Grinches Who Almost Ruined The Holiday Season With Their Bad Attitude (New Pics)

While the winter holidays are said to be one of the happiest times of the year, gathering all family members and lifting the spirits up, not everyone is eager to share the joy with others.

In fact, some people make it hard for everyone around them by killing all the Christmas spirit. Blame it on their attitude problems or call them real-life Grinches, but the level of entitlement you see in this post is almost illegal.

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Scroll down through the list of cases when people tried ruining the holidays like they did not exist and keep in mind that it’s not that easy. More petty ways entitled people tried stealing Christmas can be found in our previous post right here.

#1 Free Christmas Isn’t Tall Or Full Enough

Image credits: Lacroix_boiii

#2 She Wants Me To Give Her An Apple Desktop For Free For Christmas

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Selling An $800 Drone With Accessories For $400 To Get A Little Christmas Money

Image credits: ParticularAd4039

#4 Geez, Having A Relative Abandon You Like This On Christmas Is Hugely Damaging Emotionally, Not To Mention Dangerous

Image credits: TheFartingKing_56

#5 How Else Are People Going To Buy Christmas Presents?

Image credits: TheBestJamian

#6 Strangers Wont Give My Kid AirPods Or Money?! Thanks For Ruining His Christmas!

Image credits: KetoMyLastHope

#7 Put Up Different Christmas Decorations!

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Selling A Used Imac For 1200$, Woman Asks “How Low” I Would Sell It For, Or If I’d Take 800 And Some Jewelry She Makes. Oh And I Also Ruined Christmas

Image credits: Vindictive_Barista

#9 Ah Yes Let Me Just Deliver You A Free Fridge And Giant White Xmas Tree

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Image credits: Cayslayy

#10 My Kids Won’t Have A Christmas Because I Don’t Have $20

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 It’s An Okay Deal For Christmas Time But The Last Sentance Just Kills It

Image credits: nostril_extension

#12 Karen Ruining Christmas

Image credits: Im_not_batman_you_R

#13 Don’t Want To Buy Christmas Lights? You’re Ruining My Holidays!

Image credits: afewspicybois

#14 Pay Me $100 And I’ll Let You Take Down My Christmas Tree, Lights, And Ornaments While I Sit There Watching You, Sipping My Drink

Image credits: realitydesign

#15 Selling Gift Cards

Image credits: OddDifficulty3774

#16 Finally Got One! Been Hustling Drum Parts For Over A Decade And I’m Surprised It Took This Long

Image credits: thekilgore

#17 Where’s Your Christmas Spirit?!

Image credits: lefeisia

#18 I’m Trying To Get My Husband The 2 Gifts He Wants For Christmas But Please I Need Friends & Family To Actually Pay For It

Image credits: perfectlypointless

#19 A Local Family Has Been Doing A Christmas Village For Years! They Never Accepted Payment, Only Donations. They’ve Been Open For One Day This Year And Then This Happens

Image credits: anon577321

#20 Thank You For Your Service, Military Wife. Sorry We Ruined Christmas. -Walmart

Image credits: RealMangonut

#21 I Do A Yearly Christmas Light Show On My House. This Lady *only* Wanted My 18ft 8000 Pixel Tree

Image credits: CrabCakesGiveMeGas

#22 Adults Get Upset When They’re Given “Inexpensive” Gifts For Christmas Because They’re A Doctor Or Something Like That

Image credits: ZYPBAG

#23 Doterra Choosy Beggar Rant

Image credits: fatallymummify32

#24 Merry Christmas From Hagerstown, MD

Image credits: Dichoctomy

#25 Christmas Day Discounts For Second Hand Cars??

Image credits: Terrifiedspork

#26 Colorado Man Pooped On Picnic Table And Stole Scooter On Christmas Day

Image credits: greenskunk

#27 It’s Always Like This Around Xmas Time

Image credits: dnjprod

#28 Trying To Sell A Pony Isn’t Trashy, Buying A Pony For Pictures On The Other Hand Is

Image credits: muncheix

#29 This Was On A Post About Giving Free Stuff For People In Need For Christmas

Image credits: Togic996

#30 A Bronx Christmas

Image credits: Martholomeow

#31 This 22 Year Old Man Is Upset That His Family Didn’t Buy Him A Bigger LEGO Set For Christmas, Or Any Video Games

Image credits: Bella14LV

#32 Someone Cut Down This Town’s Public Christmas Tree Over Night. Didn’t Even Steal It, Just Cut It And Left. Mayor Says It Must’ve Been “Completely Frustrated Vandals”

Image credits: Random_Introvert_42

#33 I Honestly Don’t Even Know What To Say For This One

Image credits: spinsk8tr

#34 USPS Operation Santa Is A Goldmine

Image credits: spyrenx

#35 Free Offer Is Not Good Enough For Choosing Beggar

Image credits: Clean-Relationship59

#36 I’m Honored To Have My First CB This Christmas

Image credits: Kateryna_Mazhuha

#37 Some People Were Complaining About Grass And Christmas Lights

Image credits: slytherin_is_god

#38 Mother Demands You Only Buy Specific Gifts For Birthday And Holiday. For Context, The Child Is Like 4 Years Old

Image credits: midnightsun08

#39 Grinch Steals Amazon Van As The Driver Is Delivering Package

Image credits: BigRobWall

#40 A Christmas-Themed Tale Of One Entitled Woman’s Quest For A Free Coffee Shop Journal

Image credits: whynuttzy

#41 It Was Just A Prank Bro!!!

Image credits: GroguGroguGroguGrogu

#42 Merry Christmas

Image credits: Wichitto

#43 Peloton Beggar Unhappy With Their Gift

Image credits: ryan_peay

#44 “Ship Asap For Xmas”

Image credits: jaqueh

#45 Free Christmas Gifts For Your Children And Free Money? Why Bother

Image credits: Nelsie020

#46 Gross. On An Autism And Adhd Support Page

Image credits: papacarts

#47 Excuse Me Mam, *I* Don’t Even Have An Oculus

Image credits: TheRealMrsElle

#48 No Coffee On Christmas!?

Image credits: LyraCupcakes

#49 Gift Idea…

Image credits: PurpleThirteen

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