5 digital artists are reinventing what it means to paint, draw, and create art

Take a look at these five digital artists, who are constantly challenging the norms by coming up with new ways to draw, paint, and create – from using algorithms to drawing on the latest devices in the market. See the photos below, following the chronological order of the list of artists.

1. Petra Cortright
From LA, she is a wizard of post-internet art. She loves creating chaotic and sensual jpegs, vibrant GIFs, viral YouTube videos, and mesmerizing webpages.
2. Harm van den Dorpel
This artist seems to be working with A.I., looking at how he is able to produce intricate and multiple layers of digital paintings. And this easily could be the case, since he designed the software he’s using himself.
3. Michael Manning
Micheal’s art exists in two different worlds: the physical and the digital realms. He is able to create both forms of art simultaneously, making him as impressive as can be.
4. Louisa Gagliardi
Her work relies heavily on Photoshop. Hailing from Zurich, this artist spends hours – even days – on her projects. And it’s all worth it in the end, as evidenced by her plethora of shades, hues, and diffused elements.
5. Ella Goerner
This artist is a huge supporter of eco-activism, and she uses her art as a platform to shout out her messages. By creating visual art that supports social initiatives and the use of eco-friendly products, she is helping the world become a better, and prettier, planet.

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Source: designfaves.com

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