5 Shocking Ways Teacher Have Bullied Their Students Just To Realize They Have Disabilities

Inclusion in the classroom, the numbers show that students with disabilities who spend the majority of their school day in a regular classroom has risen to stand at about 63 percent in the 2016-2017 school year – but what happens when they get there?

Allegra Willow posted a Tumblr thread on her page sharing various classroom horror stories from people with disabilities. From getting insulin pumps pulled out to being ignored during life-threating emergency health reactions, these tales of maltreatment will shock and appall you. At the end of the post, Willow included her own story but didn’t stop there. The 21-year-old informed any disabled readers of what is called the 504 plan. The plan is a legal protection program for United States students with disabilities or chronic illnesses in public schools. Some of the accommodations afforded with 504 can include verbal, visual and technological support along with excused absences or missed classwork. For Willow, it meant she as able to keep her medications on her person in the classroom in case of emergency.

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Tumblr user Allegra Willow shared a thread of classroom discrimination stories from disabled students and they are shocking


Willow didn’t just shed light on discrimination issues but shared some valuable information on a legal protection program for disabled students attending public schools in the U.S called the 504 plan

People in the comments couldn’t believe these were true stories

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