5-Year-Old Boy’s Entire Kindergarten Class Shows Up To His Adoption Hearing To Support Him

Some days you read stories that warm your heart and make you believe the best possible things about humanity. In this case, a classroom of children showed their unconditional love and support for their classmate when he was in the courthouse.

A 5-year-old boy named Michael from Grand Rapids, Michigan, showed up for an adoption hearing on Thursday. The heartwarming thing was that his entire kindergarten class turned up to cheer him on and congratulate him on starting a new chapter in his life. A lot of us probably wish that we could get the sort of support Michael did, every once in a while.

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Besides his classmates and his teacher, Mrs. McKee, Michael was at the courthouse with his foster parents. The 5-year-old has been living with his foster parents since last Thanksgiving and is now legally their adoptive child.

5-year-old Michael went to his adoption hearing with a lot of support

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His foster parents were there…

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The idea to show Michael a whole bunch of moral support came to his kindergarten teacher Mrs. McKee who works at Wealthy Elementary School. She talked to his mom and both of them agreed that the plan was genius and would mean a lot to him.

…and his classmates, as well as his teacher, all turned up

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Michael’s parents were amazed by the number of friends their son has and were thankful for how for the last year they invited him to their homes and on to “play dates.” According to his parents, he loves playing basketball and soccer, swimming, and dancing.

Michael’s classmates told the judge how much they like him

Michael’s father told CNN journalists that the part of the hearing he enjoyed the most was when the judge turned to everyone in the room and asked them to explain what the 5-year-old kindergartner means to them. Michael’s classmates then stood up and said things like “I love Michael” and “Michael’s my best friend.”

Michael was loving the fact that his friends showed up

About 135,000 people get adopted each year in the United States, according to the Adoption Network. This just goes to show that there are a lot of people out there willing to adopt and help out children without a family.

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The day was full of happiness and laughter

Michael’s story just makes you want to smile, doesn’t it, dear Readers? What do you think of the kindergartners’ show of support for Michael? Have you ever supported a friend in a similar way? Let us and everyone else know in the comments below.

You can watch the heart-warming hearing video right here

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People loved how much love and support Michael got

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