50 Amazing Pics That Prove China Is A Place Like No Other

China is a big country that’s almost as large as the whole of Europe. That is why it is no surprise that China is quite diverse in terms of its terrain, climate, architecture, and culture. When visiting, one can marvel at its spectacular urbanism as well as natural gems and rich history that shines next to fascinating innovations.

We’ve collected a bunch of different photos that capture different parts of the Chinese landscape. Together, they illustrate how varied the country really is. Scroll down to see the broad range of beautiful vistas and a variety of other interesting tidbits you can find in China.

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#1 Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park

Image credits: furstset

Chinese history spans over millennia and is marked by many cultural achievements and philosophical and geopolitical shifts. Over the years, it’s been ruled by many different dynasties that have seen the country through prosperous times as well as hardships. It’s gone through multiple unifications and fractions but always continued to be under an imperial rule that spanned from 221 BC to the revolution in 1911.

Known for their harsh rule, the Quin dynasty unified different warring states into what we now know as China and established the imperial rule. The hard-working commoners at that time built the country’s infrastructure as well as The Great Wall of China. The Han dynasty that came after, ushered the golden age of culture into the country by opening up the Silk Road and spreading Confucianism. The country’s art, literature, and technology also flourished during the Tang rule, while the population reached 100 million when the Song dynasty was in power. The Yuan dynasty introduced the Mongol rule, the Mings increased urbanization, and the Quing dynasty concluded the run of emperors. 

You can see traces of the impressive history of the country when visiting popular sites such as the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, or the Temple of Heaven.

#2 These Balconies In Guiyang, China

Image credits: jordhammond

#3 Avatar Mountains – Zhangjiajie, China – Also Known As An Inspiration For Pandora. P.S. The Echo Here Is Incredible

Image credits: ahhlew

If you’re more impressed by natural attractions, China has a lot to offer there too. In this mosaic of landscapes, you can witness the greatness of the Himalayan mountains as well as the vastness of the eastern plains and everything in between. For example, the dreamy Zhangjiajie’s “floating” peaks are a true natural wonder. These sandstone pinnacles that stand together like a forest have inspired the landscape of the movie “Avatar.” And, surprisingly or not, that’s not only stone forest in the country. If you happen to be in China and are up for seeing another one, just drop by Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park where you can marvel at another set of spectacular formations.

Another star of the Chinese natural world is the Zhangye Danxia mountain range. They have been nicknamed Rainbow Mountains for its impressive color palette. If you’re looking for more impressive colorful views, visit the Jiuzhaigou nature reserve and national park in Sichuan that is home to over 100 multicolored lakes. Feast your eyes on the emerald green, sapphire blue, rosy red, and apricot yellow lakes embedded between the majestic mountains.

#4 KFC China Has 2-In-1 Fried Chicken Plus Coke, Known As Lazy Cup

Image credits: tvz32

#5 Shared Pool At A Housing Complex In China

Image credits: Alex

#6 New Bookstore In Chengdu, China

Image credits: xlivingart

China is also home to multiple species of beautiful and, coincidentally, really cute animals, giant pandas being the most revered ones. Chinese high-altitude forests inhabit two very adorable and, unfortunately, endangered species: red pandas (that are not actually related to giant pandas) and golden snub-nosed monkeys. If you’re more of a cat person, know that China has the biggest Siberian tiger park. The clouded leopard is another big cat that has made the Himalayas its home.

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#7 The Mountains Surrounding Xingping, A Small Village On The Banks Of The Li River (Guilin, China)

Image credits: jordhammond

#8 This Vertical Forest In Foshan, China. This Building Is Fortified With Lush Vegetation That Fights Air Pollution By Absorbing CO2 And Producing Oxygen

Image credits: 5.12

#9 Buildings In Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Image credits: nickkuratnik

When it comes to architectural gems, China also has a lot to offer. There are, of course, the old classics, like the stunning Potala Palace, the impressive Summer Palace, and many beautiful Pagodas. But the modern creations also fascinate many. Like the CCTV headquarters that appears to defy gravity and the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai that lets you see the city from a bird’s eye view. 

#10 When Nature Takes Over. Abandoned Village On The Island (Shengsi Islands)

Image credits: w.n__t

#11 The 88-Metre-High Statue Depicts Yang’asha, A Deity Worshipped By The Miao, A Local Ethnic Group In Guizhou, China

Image credits: w.n__t

#12 Warrior God Guan Hu Statue, 58 Meters Tall, 1,197 Tonnes, Jingzhou, China

Image credits: SifaV6

Book lovers will be impressed by the interior of the Tianjin Binhai Library. Spread over five floors and 363,000 square feet, it is able to hold 1.2 million books. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have that many books there because the main space cannot be used for book storage. This was caused by the rushed construction timeline. That’s why the backs of the books were printed on film and used to give an impression of a fully stacked collection.

#13 These Beautiful Rice Terraces Have Been In Use For Over A Thousand Years, Providing Water For Crops In 82 Villages To This Day

Image credits: Jialiang Gao

#14 Terracotta Army In Xian, China

I took these photos of the terracotta warriors in Xi’an about a year ago and it still remains one of the most interesting places I’ve visited in China. The Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It was buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE with the purpose of protecting him in his afterlife. The terracotta warriors were only discovered in 1974 by accident when farmers were digging a well and found fragments of the warriors which prompted archeologists to investigate.

Image credits: nardus_smith

#15 Ice Castle In China

Image credits: nk7

Another place that used this same technique to trick book lovers into believing they have an immense stock of books is Dujiangyan Zhongshuge bookstore, located in Chengdu. Of course, the decision is understandable as customers will not be able to reach books that are placed so high up. It would also quicky become a huge headache for those maintaining the cleanliness of the space. And, to be fair, they do house over 80,000 books, so the collection is still impressive enough.

#16 There’s A Solar Farm In China Shaped Like A Panda

Image credits: Chris_Isur_Dude

#17 A Bar Hidden Behind An Old Coca-Cola Machine In Shanghai, China

Image credits: albertocaiola.com

#18 In Shanghai, A Unique Underground Hotel. It Utilizes An Abandoned Quarry And The Bottom Two Levels Are Completely Underwater

Image credits: modengshanghai

If you’re fascinated by the way modern architecture incorporates greenery into the buildings, you’ll be impressed by the apartment complexes in Chengdu, Sichuan. The so-called vertical forests have terraces that are overflowing with as many as 20 types of greenery. Build to combat smog and noise pollution, the impressive complexes had a lot of promise. However, the warm and humid climate led to a horrible mosquito infestation. Soon, all of the 826 apartments were abandoned.

#19 Chengdu Tea Master

While I was in Chengdu I was trying to find a certain tea house that I’ve seen online a long time ago. It took me a while but I finally managed to find an address online that lead me to the outskirts of the city.


As I arrived at the tea village, I saw many of the shops and tea houses were closed. I thought to myself that this tea shop might have closed down and I won’t be able to visit it.


With a bit of exploring around the area, I found this lovely gentleman who owns one of the tea houses. We had a bit of a chat and he kindly agreed to let me take photos of him. I bought some tea from him and then the theatrics started.

Image credits: nardus_smith

#20 Yipianwachan Temple In Mount Taimu

This temple is made of copper. Mount Taimu is located in the northeastern part of Fujian Province, about 45 kilometers (27.96 miles) south of Fuding City. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the mountain is a popular site due to its gorgeous natural scenery and many cultural sites.


The mountain features steep peaks, caves, brooks, waterfalls and ancient temples. It consists of five sections: Taimu Shanyue, Jiuli Stream and Waterfall, Qingchuan Seaside Area, Sangyuan Green Lake and the Fuyao Islands. Aside from those, there are two other scenic spots on the mountain: Lengcheng Ancient Castle and Ruiyun Temple. The marvelous view of the mountain from afar has earned itself the beautiful name “immortal mountain on the sea”.

Image credits: hwang199

#21 This Carousel In Hong Kong Has A Sea Turtle Mounted To The Floor For Disabled Children

Image credits: cuttyranking

But it’s not all that bad. For those who like buildings that look like other things, the Sanya Beauty Crown Hotel is for you. A complex made out of nine buildings made to look like trees is impressive during the day and at night when it’s lit up with multicolored lights. With lavish interiors and an elaborate decor, this 7-star hotel is perfect for those looking for a luxurious experience.

#22 Massive “Buddha’s Palm”, A Piece Of Earth Art. The Palm Occupies An Area Of 40,000 Square Meters, Equaling Six Soccer Fields

Image credits: Google Maps

#23 This Is The End Of The Great Wall Of China. Obviously, It Has To End Somewhere But It Is Still So Weird To See

Image credits: S.flaischlen

#24 Fairytale Castle, Guizhou, China

Image credits: kwok4

All in all, China has a lot to offer. Like, a lot, a lot. So, if you ever plan on visiting this big country, make sure to get yourself a detailed itinerary. And grab a camera to snap some memorable pictures that can later get on one of our lists.

#25 Longmen Grottoes Of Luoyang City, Henan, China. These Huge Caves And Statues Date From 400AD And Have UNESCO Status

Image credits: paulianthomas

#26 Snack Serving Robot In China Upset With Me Because I Didn’t Take Any Snacks

Image credits: sealion7

#27 Library In China That Holds 1.2 Million Books

Image credits: ossipvanduivenbode

#28 This Intricate Jade Carving At A Hotel In China

Image credits: Amateurlapse

#29 This UV Handrail Sterilizer On An Escalator In Hong Kong

Image credits: ceowin

#30 Mountain Emei Above Clouds

Image credits: w.n__t

#31 In An Effort To Boost Tourism The Xinhua Village In China Built A Giant QR Code From 130,000 Trees So It Can Be Scanned By Passing Planes

Image credits: China Xinhua News

#32 China Has Vending Machines For Books

Image credits: byotiful

#33 Entrance Exam For An Art School In China

#34 Phoenix Ancient Town

These traditional homes were built next to a river and these stilts are used to support the houses to stop them from falling into the river. Would you stay the night in one of these?

Image credits: nardus_smith

#35 The Chess Pavilion, Huashan, China

Where the gods meet to play chess. I took this photo near Xi’An on Mount Hua. According to a legend, Emperor Zhao Kuangyin played chess with the sage Chen Tuan in this pavilion. I’m not really into chess so I made a cup of coffee on the mountain and enjoyed the view instead. Who’d like a cup of coffee here?

Image credits: nardus_smith

#36 These Buildings In Sanya, China Look Like Trees

Image credits: HoboMoo

#37 Tianmen Mountain In Zhangjiajie, China

Image credits: IAMJACK1234

#38 Very Cyberpunk Scene In China, Photo By My Friend In Suzhou

Image credits: nonemaw

#39 Chinese Traditional Dragon Costumes In Shanghai

Image credits: themaxia

#40 This Is The Bridge Separating China And Macau, Because You Drive In The Left Lane In Macau And The Right Lane In China This Is How They Switch From Left To Right And Vice Versa

Image credits: SnixPlaysAlot

#41 My Hotel In China Has A Card To Give To A Taxi Driver So You Can Find Your Way Back

Image credits: why_im_single

#42 The Abandoned God Of Wealth, Anji County, Zhejiang, China

Image credits: w.n__t

#43 Buddha’s Hand Bridge, Fujian

Image credits: nk7

#44 World’s Tallest Outdoor Elevator Climbs An Amazing 1,070 Feet Up A Mountain Cliff In Zhangjiajie, China

Image credits: nk7

#45 Made In China. Representing Prosperity, Good Fortune And Longevity, This Hotel May Well Be The Most Interesting Work Of Art I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: jordhammond

#46 World’s Deepest Sinkhole In China

Xiaozhai Tiankeng is 511 m deep from the lowest point of the vertical wall’s rim. Its upper section is 600 m in diameter. The lower section is 300 m across, with vertical cliffs over 300 m high round its entire perimeter, except where a steep fan of collapse debris is banked against its northern wall. 

Image credits: Brookqi

#47 The Gum I Bought In Hong Kong Comes With Paper To Wrap Your Gum In After You’re Done Chewing It

Image credits: nt261999

#48 The Duge Bridge, Also Called The Beipanjiang Bridge. As Of 2021, The Bridge Is The Highest In The World

With the road deck sitting over 565 meters (1,854 ft) above the Beipan river.

Image credits: ShakyIsles

#49 Terrifying Glass Walkway In China

A terrifying glass walkway slithers around the vertical cliffs of the mountain, bringing adrenaline junkies to new heights. The skywalk sits 4,700 feet up the mountain, offering breathtaking views and spine-tingling thrills. ⁣

The crystal clear bridge is 3 feet wide, 2 1/2 inches thick and winds around the mountain for 200 feet. While the landscape imparts a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, this is one scenic route you’ll want to walk gazing downward. ⁣

The skyway offers a unique vista of the mountainous summits that launch out of the dense foliage of the park underneath. Clouds sometimes obscure the spectacle underfoot, but hey, it’s not everyday you get to walk on a cloud.⁣

Image credits: antara_travel_brunei

#50 Guangzhou Circle Is A Landmark Building Located In Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. It Takes A Reference From An Idea Of The Italian Renaissance

Image credits: h3nryfu

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