50 Bosses To Put In The Hall Of Fame Of The Most Aggravating Superiors

While some people are blessed with thoughtful and down-to-earth bosses, others have to bear superiors boasting way less positive qualities. And unless you switch jobs until you find one of the former kind, the type of boss you get at a workplace is more or less a lottery.

Today, we’re focusing on the people who, unfortunately, haven’t won in said lottery. Having to deal with higher-ups with all sorts of aggravating traits, these people have screenshots to show just how difficult working with them can be. If you’re curious to see what it entails, scroll down to find them on the list below and see how your boss looks compared to this “hall of fame”.

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#1 I’m Still In Shock

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#2 I’m Probably Going To Be Fired For This, But I Don’t Care

“ATTENTION! We do not get our tips! Our boss takes all of our tips! For more information, please talk to the cashier.”

Image credits: Cherry_P0pper

#3 I Hope They Feel Really Awkward

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The type of boss a person has can significantly influence their well-being, especially if the two have to communicate on a daily basis. Bearing in mind that many people work roughly 260 days out of the 365 comprising a year, daily communication with someone aggravating could be compared to a form of torture.

Unfortunately, quite a significant number of people reportedly suffer such a form of torture at work. According to Pew Research Center, 55% of employed individuals say their boss is excellent, or very good, at least; however, one-in-five would strongly disagree, as being only fair or poor, their bosses line up on the other end of the spectrum.

#4 The Audacity Of This Restaurant Owner. He’s Asking Customers To Increase Tipping So That His Staff Could Be Paid More

Image credits: BigQfan

#5 Why Would You Assume People Who Use Public Transportation Won’t Be On Time?

And he said it wasn’t his problem. He didn’t pay attention, so I hired anyone who was qualified and then quit.

Image credits: kirbaqueen

While one-in-five employees being unhappy with their bosses might not seem like a lot to some people, they might change their opinion after contemplating just how detrimental working for an awful superior is. A study of 3,100 men presented back in 2009 found that managers lacking certain skills can lead to the risk of suffering a heart attack increasing by 40%.

“This was the first time leadership was so clearly connected to physical health. I think, in general, bosses have a great impact on us. They are people who have power over our lives by defining the boundaries of our work, where we spend a lot of our time,” said the researcher behind the study, psychologist Anna Nyberg.

#6 The Cry Tells Us Everything We Need To Know

Image credits: JoePGould

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#7 The Office Manager Tries To Bully Me Into Giving Money For A Present For Our Millionaire Boss

The office manager is your typical social butterfly who loves to gossip and suck up to the boss at any opportunity she gets. I’m paid so poorly, but I have a job to make ends meet for my family. I don’t have anything extra in my budget for myself or my kids, let alone to put towards a gift for my already rich boss. I hate this toxic workplace.

Image credits: brooklyn3264

#8 Owner Prohibits Drive-Through Employees From Wearing Jackets During Cold Winter Months

Image credits: Existingnoise55

Roughly 75% of workers in the US say that their boss is the worst and most stress-inducing part of their jobs, the World Economic Forum reports. For some employees, the situation is so dire, as much as 60% of them would rather choose a new boss than a pay rise.

#9 I Was Just Trying To Get Enough To Eat, And My Manager Sent Me This

Image credits: heartsofdownfall

#10 I Got Fired For Not Going To Work The Day Of My Grandpa’s Funeral

I was a great waitress. I had worked there for over a year, made a slightly higher tip percentage than the other girls, was always on time, and showed up. To give “proof” that I was a great waitress, I had just been given a raise and been promoted to a shift lead position.

The restaurant had planned a Halloween party. We were all supposed to dress up, and we had a special menu planned. My grandpa was in hospice during this time and unfortunately passed away. As soon as I knew when his funeral was, I asked if I could have the day off. They said no because “all waitresses needed to work on the Halloween party”. However, they let a girl take the night off because she’d been there a month and she “wasn’t comfortable working at a party yet”. Well, fast-forward to the day of the funeral, and I just could not bring myself to rush home, put makeup and costume on, and be energetic with strangers, a mere three hours after burying my grandpa. I texted this at 1 PM, and the shift starts at 5 PM. It was really unfortunate because I considered my manager a true friend, but this really showed their true colors.

Image credits: Miserable_Sand3826

#11 Dollar General Management With An Inspiring Message To The Staff

Image credits: Whadyagot

According to the World Economic Forum, more than a quarter of individuals working for an awful boss quit as soon as they find a new job; roughly one-in-ten do even without having a new job lined up. (For those willing to keep changing workplaces until they find one with a tolerable boss, the possibility of remaining perpetually jobless is better than working for someone unbearable.)

Unfortunately, nearly one-in-six employed adults continue working for the person they likely find aggravating at best, which ought to have an effect on their performance, as well as their personal well-being.

#12 This Is How My Coworker Handled This Text From My Boss

Update and context: This line cook had already previously put in his two-week notice due to moving out of state to take care of sick family and was days away from leaving anyway. Yes, he hit send and actually quit. Yes, he is leaving the industry. This isn’t our chef he is texting. It’s the owner.

Image credits: Ecstatic-Ad-9322

#13 This Was My Boss’s Response To Me Calling In Sick. What Should I Do? I Can’t Find A Cover

Image credits: SSRworldwide

#14 They Told Me The Staff Reduction Was Necessary

I just got laid off without even being given 2 weeks’ notice and then I got this sent to me accidentally from one of my bosses.

Image credits: not_a_AIchatbot

As if having to deal with an annoying superior is not bad enough at a given moment, the negative effects of such encounters might last for as much as a decade to come.

A meta-analysis of 57 different studies found that the negative impact of dealing with a bad boss can linger for up to ten years. To make matters worse, such an impact outweighs the positive influence of a good boss, Inc reports.

#15 My Mum Has Stage 4 Cancer In 5 Areas And Her Boss Has Been Pressuring Her To Come Back To Work

Image credits: disneydoll96

#16 I Asked For A Raise On Tuesday And Received This Text Message Yesterday Morning

Image credits: ItsMyCandyStore

#17 Cassidy, Read That Again, But Slowly

Image credits: Moonlight_Melody123

The detrimental effects of having a terrible boss are why it’s important to take action to get yourself out of the situation, be it by reporting certain unacceptable behavior to the higher-ups or changing jobs, if need be. And while that might not be easy to do, for some people, thinking about having to suffer through 260 torturous days a year might be a great motivating force.

#18 So Serving Expired Food Isn’t A Big Deal Anymore

Image credits: momsdodo747

#19 I Was Admitted To The Hospital With Sepsis And My Boss Expected Me To Roll Out Of The Hospital Straight To Work. “Audrey” Is HR. This Was After 3 Days Of Her Harassing Me Non-Stop About Work

Image credits: officeolympian

#20 My Dad Had A Stroke. He’s Not Doing Too Well, So My Significant Other And I Are Moving. I Had To Give A 1-Week Notice And Got This Text From The Boss

Image credits: Queen_of_Meh1987

If you’re looking for more examples of bosses being awful, feel free to browse our older editions on horrible bosses here and here next.

#21 I Woke Up On My Day Off To A Voicemail Asking Why I Wasn’t At Work. Apparently Someone Changed My Schedule Without My Knowledge, And That’s My Fault?

Image credits: jeffyjeffs

#22 My Mental Health Job Doesn’t Have A Bereavement Leave Policy In Place

For context, my company is pretty small, and my boss and her boss are both aware that this was the death of my mother. I work in mental health, specifically crisis aversion, and my company talks a lot about self-care and taking care of your mental health. It’s just so absurd that it’s funny.

Image credits: GhoulishOvrkill

#23 My Contract Is For 25 Hours A Week, Part-Time And Today I Received This Week’s Schedule. I’m Scheduled For 48 Hours With No Prior Warning

Image credits: ketaminejunkie_

#24 I Legitimately Thought I Was Dying Last Night, And After I Called My Shift Lead About It This Morning, My Boss Texted Me This

This is hypocritical because her daughter works with me and calls out all the time over being hungover. But no, me bleeding myself damn near unconscious last night doesn’t warrant me taking a day off.

Image credits: Etansz

#25 My Boss Offered A “Smile” To Incentivize Me Picking Up Extra Hours

Image credits: ThatKaleidoscope8736

#26 I Have Been In The Hospital For A Week, Trying To Determine The Source Of My Pain. Potentially Having Surgery This Week To Get My Gall Bladder Removed. This Is My Lovely Boss’s Response

Image credits: moonlightbabytears

#27 Text I Received From My Boss While I Was Sick In Bed

I had told her the day before that I was attempting to look, but of course, nobody wanted to cover. She didn’t respond, so I sent a follow-up text, and that was the reply I got. What is this joke about making employees find their own coverage while sick? I was literally passed out on the floor, being told I needed to find coverage.

Image credits: cornpoppickles

#28 Boss Tried To Make Me Pay For My Mistake, Which Is Illegal In New York. When I Expressed I Wouldn’t Pay For A One-Time Mistake, He Doubled Down And Said This

To be fair, it was a to-go order that I just blanked on and forgot to make sure it was paid before I handed it out. Regardless, it’s illegal to try and make me pay for it in my state. I tried to give him the opportunity to correct his reaction, and he doubled down. He even said that breaking the law is a common practice.

Image credits: kissingkiller22

#29 Should I Just Not Go In?

Image credits: bigdaddyjtrain

#30 The Picture Was Taken Last Night In The Kitchen Of The Restaurant I Work At. The Temperature Inside Was 86 Degrees. This Has Been Going On For Weeks

The hood vents have not been working properly, and it’s been dreadfully hot. The cooks are constantly sweating and miserable, one even filed a complaint with OSHA because they were tired of working in that condition. They were confronted by the owner. Servers and bartenders were raising concerns in the work group chat last night about their asthma and how customers in the front of the house can smell the smoke. Rather than assuring and being helpful to employees, the manager shut down the conversation and stated that if anyone had an issue, they could speak to them and the owner privately. They stated that they were probably affected by the storm yesterday (this has been happening for weeks) and should be fixed today. I’m pretty sure they’re under the pressure of OSHA’s grace period.

Image credits: No_Yam_6002

#31 Boss Wrote “Thief” On My Check

I filed a wage theft report against my former employer and was told he only paid 80% of what was owed, but I sucked it up. When I picked up the check at the Department of Labor, it had “THIEF” boldly written on the subject line. It was super awkward, unfair, and embarrassing, especially with others witnessing it. Is there anything that can be done?

Image credits: OriginalNotice7957

#32 Just Because Of The Corset

I’m a waitress at a restaurant in a country club. We had a change of management, and I got into a heated argument with my supervisor when he went off at me for loosening my corset while I was on my break. I just got sent this and found that my hours have been cut in half. Is there anything I can do?

Image credits: nenonina

#33 My Boss Sent Me This Text After I Asked To Be Paid

I work in a very small bakery, getting paid under the table. My boss, the owner of the bakery, and I work together a lot of the time, and we’ve opened up to each other about lots of things. I trusted her when I confided in her about my family’s financial situation. I was not looking for pity, and I did not expect her to use it against me. It’s been 2 days since she was supposed to have paid me, and if she’s late, I usually ask if she’s done or is planning on doing payroll. I have no idea what to do or say. I get paid below the minimum wage, which certainly isn’t enough to deal with all of this.

Image credits: queermarxisttrekkie

#34 Manager Ignoring My Time Off Request That Was Approved

Over two months ago, I requested time off for Halloween, and it was approved the next day. Then earlier today, next week’s schedule came out, and I’m scheduled to work on Halloween. I wouldn’t be as mad if I didn’t make plans for Halloween, but I did. Should I be as frustrated as I am, and how should I approach this?

Image credits: Broad_Friendship_858

#35 Should I Take His Advice?

Image credits: kangarupoo

#36 Dawn, The Manager, Has Been Fired

Image credits: Fresh_615

#37 I’ve Texted My Boss After I Tested Positive For COVID. Is There Anything I Can Do About This?

This is a new job, and I’ve only invoiced them for work so far and haven’t gotten officially on the payroll. I just moved to a new town for this job and would hate to have to find a new job, but I don’t know if I want to work for a place that has these policies.

Image credits: Molotuff

#38 I Had A Stroke At Work, And Me Almost Dying Inconvenienced My Boss

Enjoy the text between me and my (ex) coworker. I was in the hospital for 7 days while they figured out why it happened since I was “younger”. I’m wondering if I stroked out because I worked for such a heartless woman.

Image credits: MinimumKind3501

#39 Having A Fever And Feeling Unfit To Make It In. “Boss” Responded With This

I was feeling fine at work today, but as I drove home, I rapidly started sweating and having a throbbing headache, so I took a test. I sent this picture, letting him know I could not make it tomorrow. For context, the reason for the “bad timing” statement is the fact that he texted me off work hours just before I took this test and when I was already feeling unwell. Is it unreasonable of me to excuse myself so I can care for my health? I don’t feel he respects my personal needs or simply does not have the awareness, but I also honestly don’t want to let the team down if possible. I did inform both a general manager and a second-hand manager, who were both understanding. 

Image credits: jayy_tw

#40 The Most Satisfying Text I’ve Ever Sent. Long Story Short, The Guy Who Made The Schedule Was My Roommate, And We Fell Out, So He Cut My Hours Drastically

At the time, I had secured another job and had training scheduled. I got the few shifts I had covered and was ready to go. Just days before I’m supposed to leave for training, the schedule is changed, and all of a sudden I’m at 30 hours and can’t get anyone to cover my shifts at the last minute. This was the response I got. 

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Villain Behavior

Then they fired me for talking about it.

Image credits: Mossworm1

#42 My Girlfriend’s Boss “Fixed” Everyone’s Schedules After They Were Complaining About Not Getting A Lunch Break On Sunday By Making Them Work 10 Minutes Short Of Being Legally Entitled To One

Image credits: Mihr

#43 My Boss Admitted To Taking Money From My Tips To Cover The Bill That Was Short And That Everyone Has Access To, It Is Not Assigned To Anyone

Image credits: BumbleBeeTuna_85

#44 I Was Told to Serve Ice Cream At A Nursing Home While Throwing Up. Where And How Can I Report This?

Image credits: Angelicsunshine

#45 My Boss Is Upset That I’m Not Grateful For A 3-Cent Raise

It’s been a grueling year at work, and over the last few months, our boss has been heavily hinting that we’ll finally be getting some raises, so when I had my performance review and HR was smiling as they slid me a piece of paper that said my raise was just 3 cents, I literally couldn’t hold it in. I was so upset, I literally had to leave because I was starting to tear up, and I cried when I left. I thought my hard work was finally going to pay off. I’m tired of being broke all the time. I thought I was going to get a good raise or a bonus so I could finally treat myself for once and go out to dinner or the movies or something, but nope, I can’t have anything good in life.

Image credits: baeheartsyou77

#46 This Is An Insulting Statement Against Wife’s Work

My wife’s salary is made out of commissions and instead of getting cash payment for a product she sold, her company gave her 6k Hong Kong dollars ($766) in vouchers to spend in a “Japanese supermarket”.

This supermarket isn’t even located in our area and we will have to carry the groceries from far away by public transport or cab.

P.S. In Hong Kong, we don’t drive like most locals.

Image credits: Empty-Blacksmith-592

#47 This Is The Thermostat In The Office. I Told My Boss That If I’m Going To Work In A Sauna, I Will Do It Naked

Image credits: bandley3

#48 Boss Brought In Drumsticks For Employee Appreciation Day

Image credits: StrangeQuark1221

#49 Thought My Boss Was Playing An April Fool’s Day Joke

Image credits: GodMomItsNotAPhase

#50 My Boss Asked Me To Cover A Shift While I’m On Vacation

Image credits: ButchCassy

#51 Do You Guys And Gals Boss Make U Do This

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