50 ‘Cursed Comments’ That Are So Ridiculous, They’re Hilarious (New Pics)

Cursed Comments‘ is one of those niche subreddits that have become an integral part of internet culture. Even though the community is relatively young even by online standards, it has already attracted over 3 million members and has been featured in various media outlets. (Bored Panda has also covered it here, here, and here.)

It’s difficult to pinpoint what a cursed comment actually is. There are just too many forms it can appear in. According to the subreddit’s ‘About’ section, however, the best way of defining it is probably a statement that gets you to think along the lines of “What the f$k did I just read?” and leaves you speechless while also somehow makes sense.

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But the best part is that the incomprehension of the comment you just read (or the blatant gruesomeness of it) is also enough to draw a smile on your face.

Pewdiepie said ‘Cursed Comments‘ worse subreddit. But is it really? Can it simultaneously be the best one too? In a couple of days, on April 10, the community will celebrate its 4th birthday, so we decided it’s the perfect time to revisit it and show you some of its recent top posts.

#1 Cursed Bears

Image credits: 0DarkChar0

#2 Cursed_organs

Image credits: MushuTheGreat17

We managed to get in touch with the moderators of ‘Cursed Comments’ and one of them agreed to tell us more about the inner workings of their subreddit.

“I think people like it because all throughout the internet, you run across some odd images or videos, and this content may provoke thoughts that you wouldn’t dare say—but someone else did say it,” the mod told Bored Panda.

“It’s one giant vault of the internet’s best (worst?) cursed comments.”

#3 Cursed_percentage

Image credits: Ryan-821

#4 Cursed_sport

Image credits: Naughty_Dog814

#5 Cursed_lapdance

Image credits: DickNixon11

The person looking after the sub said the community is “a group of people who find amusement in seeing the wild and unspoken comments out in the vast depths of the internet that would probably go unnoticed and ignored” if it wouldn’t exist.

They’re the heroes we didn’t know we need. Many of the gems you see in this list have gotten only a handful of likes on the platforms they were originally posted on and most likely would have perished if it wasn’t for these folks.

“They aren’t always the most sensible comments, but they are interesting nonetheless.”

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#6 Cursed_sleep

Image credits: Sad-Economics-1488

#7 Cursed_confusion

Image credits: Tas-Sis

#8 Cursed_family

Image credits: ZyberZeus

#9 Cursed_steve

Image credits: Hornyanddepressed275

“Over the course of our history as a subreddit, we grew naturally for a long time and became a rather large community [on our own, but] then PewDiePie made his first video [about us], and we exploded in popularity,” the mod recalled.

“It’s been an amazing journey watching and helping grow a community like this, and having one of the largest YouTubers in the world make videos on it is pretty incredible.”

#10 Cursed_advice

Image credits: Mr_Punchable

#11 Cursed Mri

Image credits: ro_ock

#12 Cursed_reality

Image credits: s-classic1102

#13 Cursed_coughing

Image credits: ThijmenTheTurkey

But more members also mean more problems. “It’s become more difficult to moderate a sub of such scale, and we deal with a lot of mod harassment/abuse, people who want to disrupt the flow of things and make our lives harder.”

“Often the people who decide to verbally abuse us are just angry because we removed their post/comment or banned them,” the mod explained.

#14 Cursed_meal

Image credits: Suede-Pimpson

#15 Cursed Hit And Run

Image credits: Smruthiisameme

#16 Cursed Vagina

Image credits: IMgonnaDIEverySOON

#17 Cursed_bees

Image credits: albertibas

“We once even had a user who manually DMed every single moderator of our team individually with a message purely consisting of the n-word and no more.”

The moderator said that every Reddit community has at least a few bad apples, but “due to the nature of our subreddit, it tends to be worse than some others.”

#18 Cursed_family

Image credits: biominimal

#19 Cursed_halloween

Image credits: CamdalorianYT

#20 Cursed_cake

Image credits: Leading_Musician8744

#21 Cursed Slightly

Image credits: itsavism

For better or worst, the internet has become the last place where you can make such comments as few risk saying these things to people in public.

Even before the infamous incident between Will Smith and Christ Rock at the Oscars, the most dangerous thing that a comedian has to face today is offending political correctness.

#22 Cursed_improvement

Image credits: jainammm

#23 Cursed_girlfriend

Image credits: just1clown_3

#24 Cursed Afterlife

Image credits: Tortilla_Chip_

#25 Cursed_twitter

Image credits: fitisnaxty

Last year, Jennifer Saunders’s take on the matter made headlines in the likes of Mail Online (“Jennifer Saunders says Absolutely Fabulous wouldn’t be commissioned today in Britain’s ‘woke’ culture”).

The closest Saunders had come to saying that was the vague assertion that people “talk themselves out of stuff now because everything is sensitive.”

But in the past, she was more direct. “People are so politically correct now,” she said in 2017. “You can’t even get away [with doing] a politically incorrect character, because that is seen as being politically incorrect.”

“Everyone’s down on everyone for everything.”

#26 Cursed_sexually

Image credits: sampai2006

#27 Cursed_suicide

Image credits: wyattbutler

#28 Cursed_fish

Image credits: AMarvelFan717

#29 Cursed_breath

Image credits: owowdatsucks

Comedy gives us a break from everyday challenges. So if cursed comments help you to escape existential dread, who cares if you’re laughing at them or not?

They’re just someone’s random thoughts that escaped through their fingers into the ocean of the internet without any harmful intentions. (At least I hope so.)

#30 Cursed Di*k Flap

#31 Cursed_alliance

Image credits: y_billionz

#32 Cursed_tattoo

Image credits: Mysticalify

#33 Cursed_world_tour

Image credits: ExplodiTions

#34 Cursed_bambi

Image credits: A_Novelty-Account

#35 Cursed Dad

Image credits: Amristaken

#36 Cursed Countries

Image credits: HAK1US

#37 Cursed Rolex Advice

Image credits: LANDINGSLURPY

#38 Cursed_andy

Image credits: M4_M00

#39 Cursed Birthday Party

Image credits: AdventureMormon42

#40 Cursed Eau De Toilette

Image credits: ByAnyMeansNecessary0

#41 Cursed_neighbor

Image credits: Zelda_person

#42 Cursed_grapes

Image credits: SnooGuavas4232

#43 Cursed Fightclub

Image credits: No-Chef1228

#44 Cursed_s**t

Image credits: Forsaken_Grand_69420

#45 Cursed_vegetative State

Image credits: sipthestreets

#46 Cursed Porn

Image credits: holycrap-

#47 Cursed Oral

Image credits: joestar1103

#48 Cursed_win

Image credits: Skytheking_69

#49 Cursed Cup .

Image credits: karan_kholia

#50 Cursed Fox

Image credits: ugomattia07

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