50 Delusional Notes That Bosses Actually Had The Nerve To Display At Work (New Pics)

The difference between a wholesomely supportive and genuinely toxic job environment is the people you work with. Your coworkers, managers, and bosses from all the way up the corporate ladder have the power to either inspire you to aim for new heights or to regret every moment you spend with them.

A major thing that gets employees’ blood boiling is seeing passive-aggressive signs put up all over the office, full of worker-unfriendly regulations, practically dripping with managerial arrogance and disdain for ‘regular’ workers. (A close second, if you’re curious, is people who microwave fish at work. Don’t do that.)

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Our team here at Bored Panda dove deep into the r/antiwork archives to collect the very worst office and work signs that people have ever spotted. Including some really weird looking-for-work ads. Seriously, these are all an affront to dignity and perfectly illustrate what some higher-ups think of the people they pay.

Like, who reminds you that your dog is missing you because you can’t work remotely and have to go into the office?! That’s just inhumane (incanine?).

Scroll down for some horrendous pics that you’ll probably want to share with your coworkers at the water cooler. Have you seen any similar signs at work? Have you personally read anything worse? Do you want to vent about your manager for no reason? Drop by the comment section and share your thoughts with us and all the other Pandas.

#1 The Trashy Manager

Image credits: johnmory

Bored Panda had a chat about managerial ‘tyrants,’ nonsensical rules, and passive-aggressive communication with employees with workplace expert Lynn Taylor, who was kind enough to share her perspective and answer our questions. Lynn is the author of the bestseller ‘Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job,’ the head of the fashion brand ‘Behind the Buckle,’ and also runs a popular blog on Psychology Today.

“The proverbial power play at work can be maddening, especially when Draconian managers are in their element. These tyrant bosses be downright insulting in their regular communications. Expert bullies can create rules and regulations that make you feel like you’re in 3rd grade; the recipient of a final parental warning; or reside in a bizarre prison. Heavy-handed signage, notes, and email reminders can run amok, making an otherwise decent job quite demoralizing,” she told Bored Panda.

#2 My Job Threatened To Withhold My Paycheck To Ensure No One Left Early; I Responded Accordingly

Image credits: ClayShooter262

#3 Bright And Bold In Midtown Manhattan

Image credits: e_vil_ginger

#4 Pay Our Teachers More!

Image credits: Urkylurker

#5 Remember We Are In It Together

Image credits: ShaggyDewbie

#6 Why Do Not We Have Freedom?

Image credits: johnmory

Workplace expert Lynn shared the steps that you can take as an employee in these situations with Bored Panda:

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  • “First, make sure you’re seeing a pattern before taking action. Typically, the real offenders have bad office habits that are hard to break. The techniques worked in the past, so they continue, and you’ll see more than one instance. If the signage becomes repeated and overbearing, it’s not your imagination.
  • Depending on the relationship you have with your boss, and if the behavior is more episodic, you may be able to approach them, using reason. For example, you might suggest an internal memo that addresses the issue and explains the importance of doing X, with a team-oriented approach. It might read something like, ‘I know we’re all working hard to meet our 4th Quarter project deadlines; thank you for the extra effort,’ versus signage that, in effect, says, ‘Get here on time, or else!’
  • If the one-on-one approach won’t work or fails, there’s always power in numbers. Discreetly speak to your fellow beleaguered office mates, and see if the demoralizing signage is making everyone want to crawl under their desks in exasperation. If so, your group can propose a civil productive discussion, starting with the manager. If that doesn’t work, there’s the boss’s boss, and after that, Human Resources.
  • Remember the end goal; to change the dialogue and make it more positive. Remind your boss of the end goal, too. Subtly let it be known that the oppressive approach may backfire, the stakes, and what will have the best outcome. If the notes are redundant, petty, or nonsensical, use your best emotional intelligence and be the voice of reason.
  • Don’t fight fire with fire. If you’re the lucky recipient of an insulting email or note, don’t play the game. If you witness a passive-aggressive piece of communication, don’t try and think of a super clever retort. Just ask for clarification, e.g., ‘Just so I understand, are you saying you want a more detailed report?’ You want this to be a win-win (and keep your job, if it’s worth keeping!).
  • If the language in company signs and communications is intimidating as opposed to merely disheartening, and the situation is untenable, it is likely time to visit your favorite job board.”

#7 Rude Office Signs

Image credits: monbon7

#8 I’m Probably Going To Be Fired For This… But I Don’t Care

Image credits: Cherry_P0pper

#9 Sign On The Way Into A Local Restaurant

Image credits: addisonshinedown

According to workplace expert Lynn, rather than always relying on signage or written communications to deal with sensitive topics, managers ought to have a regular forum where they can raise important issues.

“The item can be on the agenda, whether it pertains to new employee manual practices, office rules, personal time, etc. It might be a monthly staff meeting in person or Zoom call. The topics can be discussed at a regular meeting, but there’s nothing wrong with having a meeting to discuss administrative issues; get employee feedback; answer questions; and provide leave-behind materials,” she told Bored Panda.

“One of the best things you can do is take excerpts from the company manual and ask the team to comply. That way, no one feels personally attacked. Consider the operative word, ‘ask’ for compliance; never threaten,” the author of ‘Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant’ explained how managers might want to maintain discipline among their staff.

#10 Shout Out The Worst Place I Ever Worked (Minimum Wage, Of Course)

Image credits: MinionsAndWineMum

#11 This Is Up Front And Center And My Local Ice Cream Place. Thoughts?

Image credits: Kirbycatcher

#12 Subway Near Me

Image credits: Party_Size_

“The emphasis is on ‘team’ because you’re only as good as your staff. Condescending notifications often backfire, but finding the positive angle that will appeal to the team is far more productive. Give your staff the benefit of the doubt; be encouraging; use emotional intelligence; and treat your staff like the adults they are. Remember the value of positive reinforcement; when employees get what you’re asking for and deliver, let them know you’re appreciative. Just be careful you don’t patronize when employees perform the task at hand privately or publicly,” she said.

Meanwhile, if there are only a few employees who are consistently breaking the rules or not complying with business practices, it’s best for managers not to make the entire team feel responsible. “It’s better to have private conversations with the individual employee(s) than to bring the whole team down,” Lynn said.

“Finally, your employees are the best source of information that will support productivity. Consider soliciting ideas from your team on how to boost morale. If you must post signage, consider a contest on the most creative way to communicate the employee’s request. When your team is invested in an outcome, the results are almost always more favorable. The labor market is still strong, so it behooves managers to humanize their work environment, committing to motivational and retention practices.”

#13 Starting To See The Signs Of People Being Fed Up

Image credits: hyperinflationUSA

#14 They Are Literally Admitting Jobs Don’t Allow Us To Take Care Of Ourselves

Image credits: JJCMulderry

#15 I Bet It’s Posted Right Next To A Sign Complaining That No One Wants To Work Anymore

Image credits: EggsAndMilquetoast

There’s a delicate balance that needs to be maintained at work. On one side of the scale, you’ve got things like company morale, how inspired, creative, and motivated your employees feel, how much they trust their bosses, and how satisfied they are with their jobs and the opportunities that they’re offered. You want to know that your hard work pays off… though sometimes it totally doesn’t.

On the other side of the scale are things like company profits, maintaining protocols and regulations, having a general sense of order and discipline, and keeping potentially reckless or unmotivated workers’ actions in line with the overall interests of each department.

In short, there’s no excuse for being toxic or rude as a boss; however, it doesn’t mean that every single employee is somehow above criticism. It’s human to err. And last we checked, our AI Overlords haven’t replaced any of the staff with androids (…yet).

#16 Recent “Sweat Pledge” My Wife Was Asked To Sign Before Employment

Image credits: Casbaxter

#17 Found This Sign At A Local Dinner. Decided To Eat Somewhere Else. Sounds Like A Horrible Place To Work

Image credits: ima_lesbean

#18 Update: They Changed The Sign, But It’s Not Any Better

Image credits: -CherryByte-

There’s usually a deeper story behind each passive-aggressive office sign. Perhaps a manager feels underappreciated or believes that their workers are slacking off. Maybe they have a very different work ethic that’s completely at odds with the values held by younger generations. Or they had a really bad day and lashed out in an emotionally immature way.

Remember, just because someone has a fancy job title doesn’t mean that they’re actually a better person and more capable leader than you. You can be a leader no matter where in the corporate chain you fall.

That’s what happens when you have extremely poor communication within an organization. Managers and ‘regular’ employees need to know each others’ expectations and to enforce healthy boundaries. It all comes down to showing respect for everyone’s time, energy, and dignity, as well as looking for compromises. If either side is brow-beating the other, odds are that it’s a toxic place to work and not many people will stick around for long.

#19 Hot Topic Appears To Be In Hot Water

Image credits: TheKittyCow

#20 My BF’s Snapchat Memory From 2017 – Posted At His Old Job At A Grocery Store

Image credits: joashajo

#21 A Competing Company Is Offering Us 20 Percent More To Work For Them. Management’s Response:

Image credits: daniel-moseley

Look, at the end of the day, we’re all responsible for our own happiness, work/life balance, priorities, and what kind of behavior we’re willing to tolerate. Now, that’s no excuse for others acting like jerks and bullying you day-in, day-out. However, it does mean that we have to be proactive in sorting out the problems that drag us down at work.

That might mean different things for different people. Does your coworker keep microwaving fish and stinking up your office 24/7? Sit them down for a quick friendly chat and ask them to stop instead of putting up passive-aggressive sticky notes all over the kitchen.

Does your boss give you more and more work because you finish your tasks quicker than others? Have a discussion about a possible promotion because of your excellent results. Explain to them that there should be incentives in place to work faster instead of hard work being punished. Remind them how much you bring to the company at least a couple of times a year.

Is your boss ‘quiet firing’ you by subtly letting you know that you have absolutely no future career path at the company? You need to diplomatically confront them about being sidelined, hopefully, with HR acting as a witness. Odds are that your boss is extremely frightened of any and all confrontation and is taking the easiest way out by forcing you to leave on your own.

#22 Found In A Mall In My City This Weekend. Guess The Staff Finally Had Enough

Image credits: Zestyclose_Treat4098

#23 Just Saw This In A Mcdonald’s…

Image credits: CorpseToes

#24 Came Into Work This Morning To Find This Taped To The Wall. Boss Went On Tirade Against Me And Co-Worker Yesterday For Taking To Each Other With No Customers In The Store

Image credits: MrHatesThisWebsite

Is your manager all grumpy that you’re not a brainwashed cultist showing absolute loyalty to the company and living every day in anticipation of going to work? Are they making you sing and dance in mandatory corporate TikToks? You might want to get HR or some other more-or-less-neutral party involved and set clear boundaries. If they keep harassing you to work unpaid overtime or guilt-tripping you to work on your days off, it’s time to have a very diplomatic-yet-honest chat about what the company is willing to offer you moving forward.

#25 There’s This Local Café And The Last Few Times I’ve Walked Past I’ve Noticed It Has A Chalkboard Outside With Different Messages Mocking S**tty Employers On It – This Was Today’s

Image credits: whatsername1341

#26 85 Degree Bakery Enabled Tips On Their Point Of Sale Devices. Tips Don’t Go To Workers; You’re Just Giving The Company More Money

Image credits: MightyTribble

#27 Workers Are Important, Value Us

Image credits: immediatelynovel55

Obviously, if you’re harassed and feel unsafe at work, you need to get in touch with union representatives or seek legal help.

Meanwhile, if you feel burned out, chronically anxious, and depressed, it might do you well to speak about your issues openly with a close relative or a trusted friend. Seeking psychological help from a counselor can help solve some of these issues. Seeking help isn’t weakness. Taking active steps to solve deep-rooted issues, even if it’s going slowly, shows strength.

#28 At Work – Where Water Isn’t Free Yo

Image credits: RemyBrady

#29 I Mean… The Math Checks Out

Image credits: rachtastic94

#30 Sign At A Local BBQ Joint. (Chattanooga, Tn)

Image credits: Advanced-Variation22

#31 This Sign Has Been Up For Months

Image credits: JudasPenguin

#32 Sign Posted At Walmart

Image credits: Beige_Lunatics

#33 This Sign At My Work. They Will Charge Staff For Anything As Minimal As A Broken Ice Cream Cone

Image credits: whatthef__ck

#34 I Just Can’t With This One ?‍♀️

Image credits: lizzy_withall

#35 A Department Manager Did This To My Bike When I Had It In The Back For A Single Day

Image credits: AutismAsylum

#36 Asked To Sign This As Part Of A Job Application. Immediate Termination!

Image credits: CandysaurusRex

#37 In Case You Would Like To Know What It’s Like Working At Starbucks

Image credits: Financial_Bar8757

#38 The Most Toxic S**t I’ve Ever Seen Hanging On An Office Wall

Image credits: MiaaaPazzz

#39 Child Labour, Fantastic

Image credits: OhBun

#40 Sign Posted Above The Thermostat At Work

Image credits: Voluspa2

#41 This F**king Motivational Quote When I Walked In This Morning

Image credits: MisterCallegari

#42 Desperate Sign At Papa John’s

Image credits: stillbones

#43 Eat And Get Laid Off. Snitches Get $20

Image credits: BrittaOso

#44 I Work In A Min Wage Grocery Store. The Fire Exit Has Been Blocked Like This For Months And My Boss Threatened To Fire Me After He Saw Me Taking This Photo. What Should I Do?

Image credits: loltyIer1

#45 My Availability Has Always Been Strictly Mon-Fri. I Spoke To A Manager When I Saw This Sign And Was Told I Will Be Working That Day, Regardless Of My Availability. The Schedule Is Now Up And I Have Been Assigned A Full Shift That Saturday

Image credits: Clumsy_Cheeseburger

#46 Guarantee They Don’t Pay Enough. Pay More!

Image credits: TyrionsShadow

#47 This Annoying Sign In Ireland

Image credits: Certain-Ad-3840

#48 Found 2 Of These Signs In The Tim Hortons I Work At Today, Figure Even Though They Pay Me S**t Wages, I’ll At Least Offer My 2 Cents

Image credits: TheOfficialSlimber

#49 If The Rent Is Free Sign Me Tf Up

Image credits: Colorado_Car-Guy

#50 Ask Every Customer To Sign Up For A Credit Card Or You Are Fired!

Image credits: WoodenNet0

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