50 Funny Examples Of People With No Taste Who Executed Their Ideas Perfectly (New Pics)

In 1992’s ‘Jurassic Park’, Jeff Goldblum’s character makes a scathing statement against the park’s owner for not considering the consequences of what they’ve created. He says, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

It’s a great line that also foreshadows the disaster about to unfold. However, nothing can prepare you for what you’re about to see here, and clearly, the designers of these items didn’t ask themselves this question either. However, we can’t fault them for their craftsmanship and skill, just their lack of judgment for aesthetics.

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It can be summed up best as the phrase ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ (ATBGE) based on the subreddit of the same name. And Bored Panda has collected the most garish but technically flawless things from it for all to see. When you’re ready, check out parts one, two and three as well!

#1 Hearse

Image credits: jmdeherrera

The subreddit currently has 1.5M members and counting, so it’s clear that people are enjoying the designs in their own special way. It’s hard to look away from some of the stuff, not because it’s great looking or anything. It’s more like watching a car crash—horrific but enthralling at the same time. 

The wreck of ideas and lack of taste makes us wonder what was going through the minds of the creators as they realized their ideas from start to finish. But we’ll never know for sure where they draw their inspiration from. The only thing that’s certain is that they have the skills to pull off their works.

#2 This Day Of The Dead Costume

Image credits: boxxkicker

#3 This “Up Cycled” Bathtub

Image credits: hippolottaass

It can take some time to learn a craft and become the master of it, but it’s rewarding in the end. In his book, The Story of Philosophy, writer and philosopher Will Durant wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” 

He probably never envisioned seeing every type of clothing imaginable rendered in denim and awkwardly renamed with the prefix from ‘jeans’. Now we have all kinds of fashion atrocities and things that should not be, with names such as jandals, joots or a jong (the last one is best left to the imagination).

But the creators here have practiced enough and, although questionable in taste, we can look at their work in a different light than what’s immediately in front of us. Either from their need to create within or even being commissioned to build something, they started from almost nothing and made something of it. And like it or not, you are seeing their works online.

#4 Orange County Museum Of Art

Image credits: F-O

#5 This Beard, Oh My God That Beard

Image credits: dr_Kfromchanged

#6 That Stool

Image credits: cernovir

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#7 This Family Photo. Sure It’s The Kid’s Gonna Be Posting It R/Blunderyears In A Couple Years

Image credits: newmoneyblownmoney

#8 Great Paint Job, Less Than Tasteful Color Palette

Image credits: WideEyes369

#9 This Rat Taxidermied As Gary Oldman’s Dracula

Image credits: rspewth

#10 Anatomical Tartlets

Image credits: TexasB***h19

#11 Salarmy Of The Dead

Image credits: Egevesel

#12 Spine Candles

Image credits: amifking

#13 Found In A House That’s For Sale Nearby

Image credits: ConfidentlyA**hole

#14 Atleast You Will Never Have To Tell Anyone You Are Certifiable…

Image credits: Testostacles

#15 What Would You Call This Hairstyle? Because I’m At A Loss For Words Rn

Image credits: joeyfromhackers

#16 Honey, Don’t Forget Your Jandals

Image credits: mokoe101

#17 Jellyfish Hair

Image credits: jrt5251

#18 Now That’s How You Show Off A Tattoo

Image credits: UnoDosMe

#19 Slav Chess

Image credits: Tribat_1

#20 A Well Executed Monster Truck Dad Joke

Image credits: LydiaAgain

#21 Pregnant, Christian Mermaids. Too Many Questions

Image credits: unusuals86

#22 This Elvira Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Image credits: Justa_littlebee

#23 This… House?

Image credits: saltysnatch

#24 Moss Chairs For Some Reason

Image credits: FadedPariah

#25 This “Pink Lemonade Lips” I Found On Instagram Makes Me Uncomfortable In A Herpes Kind Of Way

Image credits: unitedkingdombaby

#26 Reverse Mermaid Tattoo

Image credits: ffrozenffirefflame

#27 Doge

Image credits: st11es

#28 I Saw The ATM Posts And I Thought Why Not Share This Gem From Mersin, Turkey

Image credits: Ilich_R_Sanchez

#29 Moldy Fruit Made Out Of Gemstones

Image credits: thedirtysouth1

#30 Crystal Basketball Chandelier

Image credits: Xander395

#31 A Subtle Conversation Piece

Image credits: WinkTheFilthy

#32 I Feel This Belongs Here…

Image credits: amberButtSquirt

#33 These Food Earrings

Image credits: vProdigyyy

#34 You Think She Likes Doritos?

Image credits: lildyllyo

#35 Fine China Envies This Decorative Toilet Bowl

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#36 This Rock With A Mouth In It

Image credits: knotworx

#37 This “Litter” Decoration That’s Made For An Aquarium

Image credits: InevitableCriticism

#38 Is It Tuesday Yet?

Image credits: ProjectOcean

#39 Yup. One Even Has A Filling

Image credits: C_Centaur_

#40 Probly Wasnt Easy But…

Image credits: O9HP

#41 Bulbasaur Haircut

Image credits: elmex_frotado2

#42 This Amazing Bed Frame

Image credits: Masonjaruniversity

#43 Wicker Basket Toilet

Image credits: DrewChrist87

#44 The Michael Trinity

Image credits: whoisjuan

#45 My Friend Went To A Wedding Where They Had A Guy Handing Out Martini Olives In A Bathtub Full Of Olives

Image credits: devmikale

#46 This Kitchen In An $8.6m Home In The Atlanta Area

Image credits: rrrrrivers

#47 Forever Unclean

Image credits: DannyMThompson

#48 I Would Just Wear A Hair Net At This Point

Image credits: mudki3p

#49 Buff Sugestive Olaf Cake…

Image credits: ARealShark

#50 Double-Sided Western Boots By Shayne Oliver

Image credits: AdministrationSolid4

Source: boredpanda.com

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