50 Funny Science Jokes And Memes That Don’t Require An IQ Of 300 To Get Them

Memes dominate the internet, and they’re nearly impossible to avoid. Well, unless you unplug from the internet and social media entirely, but that’s not happening any time soon, now, is it? Some of the best memes meant for the smartest cookies out there end up being shared on the ‘Science Humor’ Facebook group.

An extremely popular online community with 1.67 million members and counting, ‘Science Humor’ is all about combining science and humor in meme format. We’ve collected some of the wittiest ones to share with you today, Pandas. Check them out below, upvote your faves, and don’t forget to send ‘em to all the other brainiacs in your lives!

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#1 A Current Event

Image credits: Artan Koka

#2 Xavier Hits The Spot Always

Image credits: Dhirendra Bist

#3 I Second This Proposal

Image credits: Josh Bolen

The ‘Science Humor’ Facebook group has been running strong for more than a decade. Created all the way back in October 2011, the online community has become a popular niche for everything found at the intersection of science and comedy. 

We’re pretty big fans of memes no matter their type, but the ones that make us use our noggins and pique our curiosity are some of our top faves. We love learning something new, and there’s nothing better than a meme that makes us want to do some research.

#4 Yeah, Right

Image credits: Valentin Dombrovsky

#5 The Fibonacci Poet

Image credits: Rebecca A Weitzel

#6 This Seems So Justified

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

The group’s tagline is all about how they’re “seeing humor in life, the universe, and everything since 2011.” The founders of the project joke that the group is part of a neuropsychological study that’s trying to figure out whether scientists actually have a sense of humor. They also point out that the group is meant for anyone who loves science. 

#7 Natur Could Be So Cute

Image credits: Gunter Simon

#8 This Will Never Be Not Funny

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Image credits: Superb Sandy

#9 How Adorable! Nature Is Really Amazing!

Image credits: Nestor Raul Anzola

The administrator team running the whole show has a bunch of rules that the members ought to follow, but they’re all very straightforward. At their core, they’re mostly about being a decent human being to everyone else on social media. That means no swearing, no sharing bigoted points of view, and absolutely no bullying or shaming other people or groups.

#10 Just A Snapshot

Image credits: Gunter Simon

#11 Timing Is Everything!

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

#12 Well, That’s Medium Rare Steak Temperature

Image credits: Shehryar Khan

The admins also ask the community members not to promote any specific political views, ideologies, philosophies, or religions. Obviously, the group is meant to focus on science memes, but the ‘Science Humor’ crowd is asked not to repost the stuff that they stumble across in other Facebook groups and pages. The only exceptions are pics found on high-quality science or humor websites. And, in a total blast from the past, members are also told to avoid rage-style comics and memes.

#13 And How Do You Make Holy Smokes?

Image credits: Owen Huynh

#14 Forensics Gone Wild

Image credits: Karla A Maree

#15 Just Typing Up 10+ Characters So It’s Not Auto Declined

Image credits: Anthony Gonzalez

Humor, when used correctly, can be an invaluable tool both in the classroom and when learning individually. One Yale University thesis from 2010 showed that people are far more likely to remember humorous statements than ones that aren’t funny. What’s more, if the joke is also relevant to the information, the individual’s ability to recall the fact is even greater. That means that science memes and jokes can help boost your memory, so long as they aren’t completely random. 

#16 It’s Not Humerus

Image credits: Mark McKanna

#17 For The Humanities Scientists. Idk If It’s Close Enough To Science, Or Funny To Y’all, I Certainly Liked It

Image credits: Flo Seger

#18 Imagine All The Possibilities! Lol

Image credits: Lisa DeWild

As a whole, humor is incredibly beneficial to us. It diverts our attention, helps us temporarily forget about our problems, and gets us through tough times. Not only that, it physically stimulates our organs, gives our immune systems a boost, improves sleep, reduces stress, and can even ease pain. If that isn’t enough to convince you to look at more hilarious memes throughout the day, we don’t know what is. Of course, comedy shouldn’t be used as a crutch to completely ignore real-life issues—you’ll still need to solve those sooner or later.

#19 Science Of Story Telling

Image credits: David Schein

#20 I Wish I Had Thought Of Doing This…it Had To Be Fun!

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

#21 Something About This Rings A Bell

Image credits: Glen Gray

Society as a whole tends to value intelligence very highly. However, IQ scores alone aren’t all that much to brag about. That’s because success in life depends on a wide host of other factors than someone’s smarts. Bloomberg challenged the idea of the role raw intelligence plays in success in an article wittily titled, “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” In a nutshell, economist James Heckman found that IQ determines only one to two percent of a child’s future success.

#22 They’re Off To Left Of Alpha Centauri

Image credits: Tom Gilbert

#23 Clumpy Yet Satisfied

Image credits: Rex Ford

#24 The Next Time Someone Mocks You For Criticizing Kidsthesedays, Remember That It’s A Cultural Prerogative

Image credits: Kevin Finan

What matters more for future success than intelligence is getting good grades. And you won’t get them by just being smart. You need a lot of so-called non-cognitive skills to get ahead. For one, you need perseverance to develop good study habits. You also need strong social skills in order to collaborate with other people. Your personality and soft skills really do count for a lot here. It’s not enough to be born intelligent, you need to develop conscientiousness and openness.

#25 Speed Is Not Magic

Image credits: Gunter Simon

#26 I Admit, I Could See This Being Scientifically Tested And Proven

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

#27 This Is Pretty Sad

Image credits: Kozza Jackson

Though you might be the best candidate for a particular job in terms of hard skills, getting the position in the first place requires that you’re able to communicate well and respectfully with recruiters and managers. Not only that, in order to thrive in the workplace and ascend the corporate hierarchy, it’s not enough to be the smartest person in the office: you need interpersonal skills, the ability to work well in a team, and generally be a pleasant person to be around. 

#28 ***tunnel Vision = Dark Humor***

Image credits: Ralph Kirshner

#29 Time For Something “New”

Image credits: Valentin Dombrovsky

#30 Indeed True

Image credits: Rajesh Gandhi

What’s your relationship with science like, dear Pandas? Is there a specific subject that you’re really interested in? Which of the memes from the ‘Science Humor’ Facebook group did you enjoy the most? We’d love to hear from you, so scroll down to the comment section and share your thoughts. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed the witty pics, make sure to join the group for some more fresh content.

#31 It’s The Seconds That’s Killin’ Me!

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

#32 Speed, Velocity, What Could Wrong?

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

#33 Thermodynamics Is Where It’s At

Image credits: Jennifer Myers

#34 Now That Would Be A Sight

Image credits: Alex Folen

#35 When Your Wife Goes Nuclear Over An Innocent Remark…

Image credits: Mark Doran

#36 I Have To Admit, The Science Would Make This True

Image credits: Kristin Stewart

#37 I So Want This

Image credits: Superb Sandy

#38 Insufferable!

Image credits: Rebecca A Weitzel

#39 Thought This Be A Smile

Image credits: Connie Charles

#40 Schrödinger’s Menu

Image credits: Dhirendra Bist

#41 ***misdiagnosis ***

Image credits: Ralph Kirshner

#42 Each Fungi Needs It’s Mushroom

Image credits: Gunter Simon

#43 True, Isn’t It? Even Though Not PC!

Image credits: Himanshu Gupta

#44 Awwwww…. So Cute

Image credits: Gunter Simon

#45 ***cryptozoology ***

Image credits: Ralph Kirshner

#46 Someone Broke Lady Gaga’s Code…

Image credits: Wilson Revelle

#47 I Used To Love Doing Punnett Squares For Everything

Image credits: Makenzee Jade

#48 A Win Win Situation For The Doctor, Either Cure The Dog And Get Paid Or Stuff The Dog And Get Paid

Image credits: Shehryar Khan

#49 If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

Image credits: Mark McKanna

#50 Holy Schnikes!

Image credits: Paul Mahon

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