50 Funny Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Foreground (New Pics)

When we compose our pics, it’s usually the foreground that gets the most attention. After all, it’s often where the main action is. But sometimes the background totally steals the show!

Whether it’s an animal doing something unexpected or a total stranger intentionally photobombing, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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So to remind you to pay attention to every pixel within a frame, we at Bored Panda compiled this exclusive list of some of the funniest backgrounds in photos ever. Continue scrolling to enjoy the images and fire up our earlier piece for more of the same.

#1 Best. Photobomb. Ever

Image credits: twofirstnamez

#2 And The Award For The Best Lifeguard Goes To

Image credits: GFBIGFAN

#3 My Mom’s Visiting Me In Anchorage And We Got Photobombed In The Best Way

Image credits: TexasPooneTappa

#4 This Is Perhaps The Best Photo Ever Taken In Rio

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 In Honor Of The Royal Wedding, I Present My Friend Derek Getting Photobombed By Prince Harry While Working The Invictus Games Last Year

Image credits: sidewinderucf

#6 “Man” Bun

Image credits: buchnasty

#7 Best Photobomb At My Cousin’s Bachelorette Party

Image credits: Lutya

#8 Photobomb Level: Adorable

Image credits: thepunis

#9 Best Wedding Crasher Ever! Thanks For Being So Awesome

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Image credits: honor_your_heart

#10 My Parents Met A Friendly Stingray On Vacation

Image credits: kebulatr

#11 Photobombed By A Dolphin

Image credits: mrpickem1

#12 When You Take A Picture While Riding And A Local Dude Is Photobombing You

Image credits: vatosniffos

#13 Expert Level Photobomb

Image credits: Rawtashk

#14 Went To Take A Picture Of My Girlfriend At Brunch When Suddenly

Image credits: FatKeystone

#15 My Daughter Is A Pro At Photo Bombing

Image credits: Big-Custard2645

#16 While Taking Wedding Photos In The Park, We Were Visited By A Friendly Family Of Trash Pandas! They Checked Us Out For A Few Minutes, Then Went On Their Way

Image credits: sarah

#17 Making Friends With Some Locals In Morocco A Few Weeks Ago. The Guy In The Back Liked To Photobomb Every Pic And I Wasn’t Complaining

Image credits: emmett_sparling

#18 This Is My Mother (On The Left) And Her Friends At A Concert And It Appears That They Time Traveled And Photobombed Themselves

Image credits: Justinf**kinProulx

#19 This Family That Photobombed Us

Image credits: NanoSama

#20 Zombie Horse Photobomb

Image credits: MelissaEnglePhotography

#21 Dwayne Wade Accidentally Photobombing A Proposal

Image credits: RealisticYogurt6

#22 The Weatherman Had A Dog On A Small Dog Couch In A Background

Image credits: IDonyKnow224

#23 Came Across The Greatest Photobomb Ever

Image credits: thatwasamusing

#24 The Boy Behind Is A Whole Mood

Image credits: rhodahxo

#25 Cats Cannot Let Dogs Live In Peace

Image credits: Hajlen

#26 Photobombed My Brother’s Wedding Photos

I’m the guy chasing the chicken

Image credits: da_purp_rolla

#27 A True Photobomb

Image credits: paigebartos

#28 Cute Witness

Image credits: sir_stegosaurous_rex

#29 I Tried To Subtly Crash A Prom

Image credits: millselle

#30 Mini Donkey Photobomb

Image credits: sowing-seas0n

#31 Greek Photobomb

Image credits: pomolore

#32 This Couple Wanted Dust In The Air For Their Wedding Photos, The Best Man Made It Happen… And Then Some

Image credits: Checkedout22

#33 Epic Photobomb

Image credits: princeofthepersia

#34 One Is Never Too Old To Photobomb A Bikini Shot

Image credits: MasterAle

#35 My Wife And I Photobombed By A Giraffe

Image credits: MadrushnRU

#36 Photo Bomb

Image credits: taterpig

#37 Best Photobomb All Year

Image credits: caflyerscheer

#38 Took A Pic Of My “Hidden” UPS Package And My Cat Decided To Bomb The Photo

Image credits: J_leo3

#39 Nova Was Curious As To Why I Went Outside Without Her, So She Photobombed

Image credits: quikthoreau

#40 Reminder To Always Check Your Background When Taking Pictures

Image credits: gooberbc

#41 Got This Gem

Image credits: BearWithAScarf

#42 My Friend Took This Picture Of His Son At The Mall. Noted Kid In Background

No one (parent or attendant) was paying attention to the fact that he wanted out of the bouncy ride. I think we all feel like this some days

Image credits: juniormars

#43 The Face When You Notice Them Trying To Hide

Image credits: zafirahnrjn

#44 The Best Photobomb

Image credits: katebertelson_

#45 Perfect Photobomb

Image credits: Drown_In_The_Void

#46 The Jealousy Is Real

Image credits: nurseratchet86

#47 This Happy Fish Photobombing Me

Image credits: essiehen

#48 Raising The Bar On Pigtail Fashion

Image credits: ascendantofrain

#49 Got Married Last Week. My Favorite Picture From The Night Got Photobombed By My Buddy

Image credits: muzungu616

#50 That Time Drake Photobombed My Family’s Photograph

Image credits: moneyor2

Source: boredpanda.com

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