50 Interesting Comparison Images To Give You A New Perspective On Things (New Pics)

We’re about to blow your minds. Time… it changes everything! And different things are, well, they’re different! [Gasp.] “No way!” you’re probably thinking sarcastically while rolling your eyes and snorting with laughter. Here’s the thing, though—we’re not fully aware of how much time changes people, things, and technology while we’re stuck in our daily routines. And even though we theoretically know that some things are far bigger than others, it’s not the same as seeing it with your own two eyes. It takes a great comparison photo to highlight the immense differences.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Gee whiz, I wonder how Abraham Lincoln looked before and after the American Civil War” or, “I wonder how big a wombat really is,” then this is the list for you, our dear Pandas. If, however, you’ve never entertained thoughts like that, well, this list is perfect for you, too, because you’re about to see some amazing stuff!

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Bored Panda has collected some of the most interesting comparisons to show you, so scroll on down, enjoy, and upvote your fave pics. From before-and-after pics of how time changes things to incredibly cool side-by-side comparisons of small and huge things, you’re gonna wanna share ‘em with your friends. Meanwhile, you’ll find our other recent interesting comparison posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4.

#1 In 2006 My Boyfriend Asked Me For An Epic Painting For His Birthday. I’ve Tried Again Over The Years. 2006, 2016 And 2020

Image credits: AsurM

#2 Four Generations In Comparison Next To Each Other

Image credits: earlcampbellmd

#3 Two Different Doctors Once Told Me I Wouldn’t Live To See My 40th. I Was 500 Pounds At The Time. Today Is My 40th. During That Time I Lost 350lbs

Image credits: lesszachmoore

Bored Panda spoke about aging and what has the biggest impact on how people’s looks change over time with redditor Zbf, founder and moderator of the ‘13 or 30’ Reddit community. Zbf has become a real expert on aging and looking young because of the content the subreddit focuses on.

Zbf explained to us all about how our lifestyle impacts how young or old we look. “Drugs, alcohol, and smoking have the largest impact on making someone look older than they are. Getting enough sleep is beneficial in keeping a youthful appearance,” the subreddit founder pointed out that it’s not just what we avoid but also what we do that helps contribute to looking like the years have barely touched us.

#4 We’ve Grown Up Together. Though I’ve Stopped, He Has Not. 1996 To 2013

Image credits: Jmtrapas

#5 Strawberry Cycle That My Dad (A Berry Farmer) Sent Me

Image credits: shredd77

#6 This Is The Largest Mural I’ve Ever Painted. Me For Scale

Image credits: mnhaverland

However, looking young doesn’t just depend on our actions. Genetics plays an important role, too. “Some people are born with features that make them look older or younger than they are when they get to a certain age. We’ve all heard the term ‘babyface.’ At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of perspective,” Zbf said.

In other words, some people are bound to look young no matter how much time passes. Meanwhile, others have more mature features or they appear to age more rapidly. The same genes, passed down along generations, can make someone look just like their great-great-grandmother, for instance.

#7 Same Cat’s Eyes: Day vs. Night

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Image credits: xafiandauri

#8 This Is What Really Got To Me. 5 Lbs Of Fat Compared To 5 Lbs Of Muscle

Image credits: darkwavechick

#9 What Changes In 122 Years? Found A Photo Of My Great Great Grandmother. Thought She Looked Familiar

Image credits: crispypotatowhyes69

According to Zbf, having a so-called ‘babyface’ can have some unintentionally hilarious and embarrassing consequences. They recounted a story about a guy and his girlfriend who were both in their 20s. The woman looked extremely young and kept getting embarrassed at restaurants because she’d always get the kids’ menus.

Be sure to drop us a comment or two to let us know which photos you loved the most and why. And if you’ve got any interesting comparison pics of your own, post them in the comment section waaay down at the very bottom of this post.

#10 This Wombat, Human For Scale

Patrick the Wombat! This 29-year-old wombat is the world’s oldest living wombat. Given that Patrick has never had children or any partners in general, probably makes him the oldest living wombat virgin as well. Congrats mate.

Image credits: imgur.com

#11 Watched A Crimson Rose Caterpillar Metamorphosize To A Butterfly

Image credits: _Subhashini_

#12 2015 vs. 2020. Pencil Sketch Journey Progress

Image credits: artbykaran

#13 Capital Of The Philippines Before And After The Quarantine

Image credits: jaycesuo

#14 Wooden Chair, Before And After

Image credits: _NITRISS_

#15 My Dad Sent Over The Blueberry Cycle

Image credits: shredd77

#16 One, Five And Seven Months Together

Image credits: metalheadgod69

#17 The Scale Of This Beautiful Place Is Much Smaller When You Compare It To A Man

Image credits: CoronaLlorona

#18 My Painting Progress In Over 4 Months

I am definitely using the Bob Ross method. I am by no means an artist. I can’t even draw a good stick figure. I started watching him a few months ago and figured I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t do too well in the beginning so I just kept practicing.

Image credits: woody31081

#19 My Husband’s Fully Reflective Iridescent Rain Set

Image credits: Iiri92

#20 My First Cat Drawing vs. Recent One. If You Are Not Happy With Your Results Right Now, Just Keep Going. Eventually You Will Improve

Image credits: yana-golikova

#21 Ladies, Hear Me Out

Image credits: marektypes

#22 The Dog I’m Dogsitting Looks Exactly Like Her Food

Image credits: Captainsboot

#23 Caught The Smoke As It Was Spreading Over Our Suburb In Australia

Image credits: Jaykoyote123

#24 My Oil Painting Of A Jar Of Honey Next To A Jar Of Honey Itself

Image credits: NoahVerrier

#25 I’ve Gone From A Craniotomy To Ninja Warrior In The Span Of A Year

Image credits: QuiGonGiveItToYa

#26 Two Paintings Based On The Same Photo, But With 2 Years Of Practice In Between

Image credits: sktchup

#27 My Dad Is A Veteran! 18-Years-Old vs. 77-Years-Old

Image credits: RichAuntieSkeleton

#28 Abraham Lincoln Before And After The Civil War

Image credits: admania

#29 Just Realized I Took Nearly The Same Photo On My Honeymoon Today That My Mom Took 43 Years Ago On Hers

Image credits: No1philliesfan

#30 Restored My Dad’s 50 Year Old Hammer As A Christmas Present. Old vs. Restored

Image credits: turbo_man_

#31 We Adopted Nova 12 Weeks Ago Today And I Wanted To Share With You All How Much He Has Changed Since He Arrived

Image credits: SomeGayGamer

#32 I Rescued The Cat Off The Street. Photos Before And After. One Year Difference

Image credits: alinaesther

#33 June (2-Months-Old) To February (10-Months-Old)

Image credits: thewifeaquatic1

#34 Size Of A Blue Whale’s Heart Compared To A Human Height

Image credits: PerspectiveFriendly

#35 Before And After Of My Very Own Living Room

Image credits: woootcher

#36 My Lockdown Backyard Project. Before And After Comparison

Image credits: Ridingdinosaur

#37 Pakistan’s Billion Tree Tsunami Making A Difference In Just 6 Years

Image credits: hydrogen_radium

#38 The Ring Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Reflects Differently Off My Glasses Since Each Eye Has Its Own Prescription

Image credits: Nukemarine

#39 Before And After “Adoption” – 5 Days After I Found It In The Trash This Beauty Is Thriving

Image credits: Mr_Wy

#40 My Prosthetics. All Designed For Different Purposes And Fit The Same Sockets

Image credits: benhundben

#41 In Northwest China, The Mu-Us Desert, An Area Of ​​42,200 Square Kilometers, Has Disappeared

93.24% of its territory has been turned into an oasis as a result of years of efforts to combat desertification.

Image credits: cgtnrussian

#42 Mindhunter (2017) The Real Killers vs. Actors Who Play Them

Image credits: VariousEntry

#43 Mom Compares What Food She Can Buy For £30 vs. What The “£30-Worth” Government Food Package Looks Like

Image credits: Munchbunch87

#44 Before And After I Wear My Fake Eye

Image credits: deafis

#45 I Got My Huge Pet Snail A Small Pet Snail

Image credits: mossydeerbones

#46 The Same Wooden Cover On The Building, But One Part Is Under The Balcony. 10 Years Of Weather

Image credits: csoszi

#47 First Pic 21 February, Second Pic 23 October

Image credits: jukiel19

#48 2019 vs. 2020 Costume

Image credits: amlarson1111

#49 My Great-Aunt Uses Her Old Television As A Stand For Her New One. Works As A Comparison Between Them Two

Image credits: jacksrv

#50 World’s Largest Dragline Bucket. Moved 650,000 Lbs Per Scoop. Dog For Scale

Image credits: gtr_shrkmedic

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