50 Memes And Jokes About Bunnies That Show They’re Not As Sweet And Innocent As They Look

When you think of bunnies, the first traits that probably come to your mind are how cute, fluffy and friendly they are. They are the third most popular pets in the US and the UK, and they’re a great alternative to having a dog or cat. But despite rabbits having one of the greatest PR teams of all time, many of their owners claim that these animals are actually adorable little jerks.

Allow me to introduce you to the Bunnies Are [Jerks] Facebook group. (We’ve slightly altered the group’s name to make it a tad bit more family friendly.) This community exposes the true nature of these precious little balls of fluff: they’re menaces! From chewing wires to ripping apart couches, this list is full of reasons why bunnies are not as innocent as they seem. 

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Keep reading to also find an interview with the creator of Bunnies Are Jerks, Leona Gear, to hear more about the background of the page and why she decided to put these naughty bunnies on blast. Be sure to upvote your favorite pics of destruction, and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had a pet rabbit that turned out to be a pint-sized jerk. Then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring bunnies, you can find one right here. Alright, let’s hop to it!

#1 *Sees Mom Sleeping* *Get Hungry* *Eats Hair* Because [Screw You] Mom

Image credits: Grace Fonstad

To learn more about this group dedicated to showcasing the naughtiest bunnies of the world, we reached out to the creator of Bunnies Are Jerks, Leona Gear. She told us that the group, which now has over 156k members, originally started as a joke. “Another group had a post about how sweet and lovely their rabbit was, and I had commented that mine was not,” Leona shared, mentioning that she had referred to her rabbit as a word we won’t be using on Bored Panda… 

“Another member responded to me that theirs was also a troublemaker, and with a bit of back and forth, we concluded we needed a group for the people whose bunnies were harassing them,” Leona continued. 

#2 Husband Finally Figured Out A Way To Have His Dinner In Peace… Bunny Gattu Is Free Roaming House Bunny And The Fence Provided By The Rescue Was Useless Untill Hubby Put It To Good Use

Image credits: Bella Yogindrasinh Chudasama

#3 Yesterday Dorothea Managed To Jump Onto The Kitchen Counter

To get to the plants on the windowsill, knocking them all off in the process – blocking the sink with soil, and also hitting the tap onto full and therefore flooding my entire kitchen.

Image credits: Pema Ferris

And when it comes to having bunnies as pets, Leona is a seasoned veteran. “I have had rabbits most of my life, with a break in my teens when I was away at high school, and the first couple of years of university,” she shared. “At present, I have a solo bun, which is not usually recommended, however it works for him. He is the banner of the group and original logo for our merch. His name is Bugsy, and he is 6 years old. He is a rescue, and I got him at 4 months.”

As Leona mentioned, the page has even grown so large that they’ve been able to start selling merch. From baby onesies to tote bags to hoodies, you can find all of the adorable bunny merch right here. The calendars are particularly popular items, Leona tells me. 

#4 When You’re On A Camping Trip And End Up Searching For 20 Frantic Minutes To Find The Missing Bunny Somewhere In The Trailer

Image credits: Kenneth Stacey

#5 No I Did Not Bite My Sister

Image credits: Shona Bt

#6 The Art And The Artist… Well Done Pilot, You Can Explain This To My 5 Year Old

Image credits: Laura Hayward

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“We set up the group in November 2019, so over the course of that nearly 3 years, we have seen some stunning examples of what we’d call ‘bunstruction’,” Leona told Bored Panda. “Some of my favorites have included bunnies making burrows into people’s sofas. I actually included one of those photos in our calendar,” she added.

“My own Bugsy is a wall and cabinet chewer, so all the kitchen cabinets have little chew marks,” Leona shared. “And we had to run the internet cable around the roof and then behind a bookcase, so he couldn’t get to it. Bunnies also love to chew cables and wires so often we have stories, especially during lockdown, of people getting cut off mid zoom meeting because their little darling ate their headphone cable. I read somewhere that they think wires are roots destroying the integrity of the burrow, so maybe they are just trying to protect us!” Well, that’s a nice way of giving bunnies the benefit of the doubt…

#7 My Pet Fish Is Close To Passing Away, So I’ve Dug Him A Grave In The Garden

I went into the house to grab a beer and came back to this (heart was going until I realised she was just getting comfy)! Pepper – get out of the fish’s grave you absolute [jerk] of a bunny

Image credits: Wez Bolton

#8 Dinner Is At 5:30. I Got Home At 5:34

Image credits: Jessica Carpenter

#9 Ahh Yes… Time To Buy My Monthly New Couch

Image credits: Maya Amero

But despite all of the naughty behavior, Leona loves her little devils. “Bunnies are amazing pets,” she shared. “However, they are unfortunately very misunderstood. They need a huge amount of space and interaction. A very particular diet consisting of mostly hay and then high quality pellets and veggies to supplement. Too often we still see rabbits being kept in inadequate housing and eating bunny muesli which is just not good for them. It’s like letting your child have a happy meal for every meal.”

#10 Just Got Basil To Plant Outside And Put It On The Highest Counter And My Arsehole Got To It

Image credits: Dilek Babadagli-Sharpe

#11 I Took Batman For A Nail Trim Today. I Think I Should Probably Watch My Back Tonight

Image credits: Lindsay Wetzel

#12 This Little [Jerk] Thought It Would Be Fun To Burrow In My Throw Pillow Inserts!

Image credits: Leigh O'Connor Wolfe

“They are also expensive in vet care,” Leona noted. “They are not rodents but lagomorphs and require an exotic vet to give proper care. Rabbits are very clever, very determined and will not take a telling. You can say no until you are blue in the face, but once you turn away they will go right back to whatever they shouldn’t be doing. Before getting a bunny, people should look into diet, housing and vet care. When a rabbit becomes unwell, they hide it because they are prey animals, so often the first sign of illness is them on death’s door. When that happens, you need to get to a vet very quickly.”

#13 This [Jerk] Found The Dressup Makeup, Knocked It Over, Then Danced In It. Look At His Stupid Little Face. Daughter Not Impressed

Image credits: Jonathan Wylie

#14 No Words

Image credits: Vicky Lonergan

#15 The Art And The Artist! Clearly Pumpkin Heard Me Say We Were Going Away For The Weekend And He Was Getting A Bunnysitter For A Few Days! Totally Destroyed My Fav Weekend Bag

Image credits: Andrea Lorraine

And although it’s fun and humorous, this group is a great way to help people know what they’re getting themselves into before they adopt a bunny into their family. “I happen to know that some of the group’s antics have put people off,” Leona noted. “Not exactly because of how naughty they were, but more because people hadn’t realized how much personality and sass comes out of those tiny fluffy bunnies.”

#16 When Your Wife Doesn’t Want To Be In The Photo

Image credits: Katy Johanna

#17 Cookies Making Sure The Food In The Fridge Is Okay (She’s Totally Fine)

Image credits: Arya Jose Umali

#18 Get A Rabbit They Said, It Will Be Fun!

Image credits: Gail Mcartney

Leona also shared that despite all of the sass, rabbits are still capable of being sweet. “Bunnies are not quite as tuned into their people as cats and dogs, but in 2017 & 18, I had to have a very strenuous treatment for MS. The recovery afterwards was slow, and Bugsy, bless his soul, basically spent 2 months lying beside me in bed,” Leona noted. “And he didn’t even poop on it or eat my bedding. Also he gives kisses on command, which is very sweet and cute.”

#19 This Fluffy Turd Decided That Having Acces To The Whole Apartment Was Not Quite Enough

She, therefore, chose to evict the guinea pig from his igloo. She is a giant bunny and that’s an xl, 4 guinea pig igloo, so you can appreciate how fat her ars is. Seriously, she would steal candy from toddlers if she had any around.


Image credits: Ferdinand Symons

#20 I Say No Dahlias Shall Grow In This House

Image credits: Caroline Swartling

#21 My Bunnies Partied All Night Apparently

Image credits: Taylor Smith

“Bunnies are great pets. They are funny and cute and mischievous. However, they will get into everything. Bunny proofing is essential for everyone’s safety,” Leona says. As you can see from the photos on this list, bunnies have no problem being naughty. But if you think of your pet like a child, that you have to keep a close eye on so they don’t go making messes all the time, being the parent of a bunny can be very fulfilling.  

#22 Hey Hooman… Just In Case Your Wondering… The Strawberries You Left Sitting Unattended When You Answered The Door Are Resting Peacefully In My Belly!!!

Image credits: Kathleen Christie

#23 Not A Fan Of Bunny 101

Image credits: Anna Moody

#24 Pizza Thief Caught Before Action

Image credits: TteokBokki – တော့ပိုကီတို့အိမ်

I know this list may seem like it doesn’t paint bunnies in the best light, but we’ve all been frustrated with our pets before, right? A puppy will pee on the carpet or chew up a new pair of shoes, and your cat might knock a picture frame off the mantle and shatter it. But that doesn’t mean we love them any less! We want our fur babies to have some personality, so if that means being sweet one moment and ripping a pillow apart the next moment, that’s a price we have to be willing to pay.

#25 How Do I Apologise To My Neighbours For My Rabbit Roundhouse Kicking And Kangaroo Punching Their Cat This Morning

As he dared to step foot in my bun’s domain. Never thought I’d have to pull a bunny off a cat but there I was.


Image credits: Darcy Warby

#26 This [Jerk] Sleeps Like A Middle Aged Man Who Barely Made It To The Bed After Too Many Beers, Love Her Though

Image credits: Claire LeBlanc

#27 Couldn’t Find Him Anywhere, Then Look Up And There He Is… On The Garage Roof!!!

Image credits: Chantel Reeves

We hop– I mean hope you’re enjoying this list of photos of bunnies being adorable little menaces. If you’re ever had a pet rabbit of your own, we would love to hear about some of its most mischievous behavior in the comments. And if you don’t have a bunny (yet) but you’re interested in what it would be like to adopt one, be sure to check out the Bunnies Are Jerks Facebook group right here.    

#28 The Idea Was To Keep The Rabbit Out Of The Plant Pot

Image credits: Rue Burgess

#29 Someone Didn’t Like Their Nana Tonight After Stealing It Out Of My Hand

Image credits: Melanie Hunt

#30 He Got No Worries At All

Image credits: Jared Ignacio

#31 “Don’t Put Him In A Cage At Night! Free-Run-Buns Are The Best”. Yeah, Head-Sitting At 02.30 AM… Didn’t Really Want To Sleep Anyway, Skipper

Image credits: Martin Robbins

#32 This [Jerk] Destroyed And Shredded At Least A Foot Of Our Laptop Charger. He’s Very Happy With Himself

Image credits: Mary Lundemo

#33 Twat

Image credits: Alyson Tompkins

#34 Apparently I’m Not The Only One Thinking That My Partner’s Gaming Addiction Must Come To An End

Image credits: Amelie Hansson

#35 “Move Over, Doggo.” He Jumped From His Carrier On The Floor And Made Himself Right At Home. Shameless

Image credits: Renny Ives

#36 She Jumped Right In The Dirty Water After I Cleaned The Floors

Image credits: Margaux Bernardini

#37 When You Get Her The Cutest Little Bed And She Prefers The Shoe Rack

Image credits: Brooke Turner

#38 Ate Daddy’s $100 Game Controller. 2 Mornings Later Ate Daddy’s $100 Shoes. Feet Pics For Sale To Make Up For The $200 She Owes Daddy. Kidding. Mostly

Image credits: Ashleigh Gibson

#39 Impermanence No. 7 By Boot

The enigmatic artist, known only as Boot, has made a controversial return to the art world with his latest masterpiece. This bold statement about the futility of the barriers of man, is thought to be symbolic of the ability of rabbit-kind to transcend all physical boundaries.

Image credits: Vikki Haley

#40 Has An Issue With Barbie It Seems

Image credits: Donna Cameron

#41 And His Butt Smells Bad

Image credits: Karmen Kincaid

#42 What Can I Say?

Image credits: Laure Peninon

#43 Caught Her On Camera

Image credits: Daisy Wang

#44 He Hasn’t Had Breakfast Yet… Should I Be Scared…

Image credits: Kaylee Haney

#45 People Told Us To Watch Out For Foxes Jumping In… Butterscotch Is Bringing The Fight To Them

Image credits: Sarah Hall

#46 Getting Himself Ready For The Pot

Image credits: Shelley Dilley

#47 Escapeeeee

Image credits: Mackie EC

#48 I Said No Touch Mom!

Image credits: Zanthe Cilliers

#49 Adding A New Sofa To The List Of Things I Now Need After Owning A Rabbit

Image credits: Maz Webb

#50 No Words

Image credits: Mary J Foot

#51 Yesterday Dorothea Managed To Jump Onto The Kitchen Counter To Get To The Plants On The Windowsill, Knocking Them All Off In The Process – Blocking The Sink With Soil, And Also Hitting The Tap Onto Full And Therefore Flooding My Entire Kitchen ?

#52 We Gave Miffy An Hour Running Round In Our Bunny Proof Garden However Miffy Decided She Didn’t Want To Be Albino Anymore. My Little Arsehole

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