50 Mildly Amusing Things To Brighten Up Your Day, As Shared By This Group

Sometimes what you need is watching an hour long stand-up special that makes you laugh so hard your belly hurts. Other times, a few images of mildly entertaining situations can be enough to lift your mood before you carry on with your day.

Below, you’ll find a list of moderately funny things as shared on the r/mildlyamusing community. There, over 40,000 members share things they spot in their everyday lives that are pleasantly comical. That’s why in our collection, you won’t find anything hilarious or laugh-out-loud funny—we’re not trying to put you on an emotional roller-coaster. Instead, we’re offering a more subdued, humorous experience that, in the best-case scenario, might make you lightly chuckle or sharply exhale through your nose. Scroll down to get somewhat entertained.

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#1 Oh, Uncle Jack

Image credits: fuenches

Dedicating time to experience humorous things is undoubtedly good for you. It gives your mood a boost and, in turn, works wonders in many other areas. For example, one study found that watching a funny video can make you feel more energized and ready to tackle challenging tasks. Another study looked into how humor and laughter affect our short-term memory by studying elderly people’s responses to funny videos. The positive outcomes were undeniable.

Laughter in general is great for you, even without the humor in it. A study that looked into findings regarding genuine and simulated laughter found that the physical act of laughing on its own is good for you. It potentially makes chemical changes in the body that reduces stress and increases pain tolerance. “With no downsides, side-effects, or risks, perhaps it is time to consider laughter seriously.”

#2 Up-And-Coming Music Legends

Image credits: userp_io

#3 Car Salesman Closer

Image credits: Diligent-Physics

Steven M. Sultanoff, a clinical psychologist and professor at Pepperdine University has been studying the impact of humor on our lives for years. He thinks that it’s not only laughter that’s the best medicine. “My belief is that we are going to eventually discover that the most dramatic health benefits of humor are not in laughter, but in the cognitive and emotional management that humorous experiences provide. The experience of humor relieves emotional distress and assists in changing negative thinking patterns.”

If you’d like to find more humor in your everyday life, there are ways to invite it in. Determine what kind of humor you like and then try seeking it out. The easiest way to do that by following social media comedy accounts that you like or bookmarking your favorite jokes in a special folder on your phone. When unwinding in front of the TV, opt for a sitcom or a lighthearted movie instead of a tear-jerker. Choose a book that can make you laugh and try a comedy podcast once in a while. In general, make sure that the information you take in throughout the day has enough positivity in it to help you enjoy living.

#4 To Look Dangerous

Image credits: jesusismyupline

#5 Cat Hat The Tigress Expression Down Pat

Image credits: Gaza1121

#6 Baby’s Crib

Image credits: PiratiPad

However, don’t only rely on external fun to feed your brain positive emotions. According to Catherine Price, the author of “Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again,” phones, TV, and social media are all a form of “fake fun.” Instead, she suggests her own perfect recipe for true fun that she discovered after five years of researching what makes people most engaged in their lives. That is experiencing playfulness, connection, and flow. 

#7 Get A Dog They Said. It’ll Be Fun!

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Image credits: Disaster_Plan

#8 My Leasing Office Sent Out A Note Saying Anything Left In The Common Area Would Get Thrown Out Due To Overcrowding Of Bikes And Shoes. This Was My Neighbor’s Response

Image credits: JWolf886

#9 An Ai-Generated Image Of “Salmon Swimming Down A River”

Image credits: SonOfQuora

Playfulness is the lighthearted outlook at the world around you. Connection is the special feeling you get from shared experiences. Flow is feeling “in the zone” and not noticing the time go by. Separately, all of these “have been shown to improve people’s moods and mental health.” However, together, they are almost magical. “When people are having actual fun, they report feeling focused and present, free from anxiety and self-criticism. They laugh and feel connected, both to other people and to their authentic selves.”

#10 Space Invaders Floor Tiles In A Local Bar

Image credits: Cessnateur

#11 I Find Few Vanity Plates Clever

Image credits: fightingdove

#12 Supposedly A Girl In A Kindergarten In Poland Drew This As Her “Draw My Family” Picture. The Teachers Contacted A Psychologist, But It Turned Out That On Weekends, The Girl’s Entire Family Like To Scuba Dive Together

Image credits: AmazingColossalMan

To have more fun, Price suggests sitting down and analyzing what truly makes us feel good. “Think of times when you laughed with other people and felt completely engrossed in the experience. What were you doing? Who were you with? What made the experience feel so good?” This can be as small as playing with your dog or reading in the sun. 

#13 Shared Disappointed. Glad I Never Saw This For Two Decades…can Never Un-See This Now

Image credits: chrisjpostle

#14 The Perfect Fit On My Instagram Explore Page

Image credits: Meerkatch

#15 This Morning I Saw This Actual Squirrel Listening To A Stone Frog Read Them A Book

Image credits: Past_Organization_29

Once you know what truly makes you feel good (not numb or mindless, like your phone can do sometimes), you can dedicate more time to that activity or those people. “Prioritizing fun may feel difficult, but it’s worth it. Our lives, after all, are defined by what we choose to pay attention to. The more you pay attention to fun and the energy it produces, the better you’ll feel.”

#16 Saw On Facebook Today. Felt It Belonged Here

Image credits: Claud6568

#17 This Woman’s Review Of A Litter Box On Amazon

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Okay, Okay, I’ll Stop!

Image credits: leftanantcolonel

Of course, allocating time for pure fun is not always feasible. In those situations, try incorporating one of these three elements into your day. Get playful by wearing bright colors or fun patterns. Sultanoff even takes it to a new level by carrying a clown nose with him and popping it on whenever he feels like it. “My drivers license has me with my nose. At airports, ticket agents always smile at my ID. My watch runs backwards. You should see the smiles when I show it to others asking for the time. My car is equipped with bubbles which pass the time as I wait in a fast food drive-through.”

#19 Easier Than I Thought!

Image credits: ordinarybloke1963

#20 No One Likes Snow

Image credits: licoricluv

#21 A Note From My Wife

Image credits: TheFourthAmigo

Try to see playfulness in the world around you, as well. Maybe you notice a funny sign, a quirky coincidence, or the beauty of nature. Also, see if you can add more flow into your day by experimenting with new hobbies. See if any of them make you feel like time’s flying by and stick with them. Allow yourself to connect with people around. Do this by calling your friends or relatives you might not spend too much time with or simply having small talk in the grocery store. Notice how all these little things make you feel. 

#22 Well, It Fooled Me Too

Image credits: -fluffs

#23 Watching Netflix When I Noticed I Had The Exact Same Digital Clock As A TV Show I Was Watching… And It Happened To Be The Same Time!

Image credits: justneedtoreply

#24 Not How I Expected Him To Come Back, But Ok

Image credits: Scorpionator33

The people on this list were also keeping their eyes open for the playfulness around them. Maybe what they found wasn’t enough to make them cry from laughter, but it did make them amused enough to brighten their day. We hope this list brightens yours, too.

#25 Went To A 30th At A Village Hall And This Was In The Mens Toilet

Image credits: KingOfThe_Jelly_Fish

#26 Sums Me Up!

Image credits: ordinarybloke1963

#27 Now I Can Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd

Image credits: biglanga

#28 A Butternut Squash

Image credits: gary6043

#29 Judging By My Heart Rate, My Apple Watch Thinks I Was Very Active On Wednesday. In Reality I Just Had A Long Panic Attack. Bet I Can Do It Again!

Image credits: EvaRahRahRah

#30 This Restaurant’s Guide For Washing Your Hands

Image credits: Gurtmcsquirt

#31 No Kidding?

Image credits: Caesar100

#32 I’ll Never Look Cool In Sunglasses Because One Of My Ears Is Higher Than The Other

Image credits: LolaShlee

#33 When Viewing Buckingham Palace On Google Maps, The Street View Figure Turns Into A Tiny Queen Elizabeth!

Image credits: katsie

#34 Yep

Image credits: Infinite_Tadpole452

#35 At My Vet’s Office

Image credits: KatharticHymen

#36 Girl Decided To Send Me A Sexy Text Message. The Preview Cut Off At A Very Unsexy Moment

Image credits: RE_TARD1S

#37 Not A Good Sign For The Ladies

Image credits: natedog2049

#38 Get To The Chopper!

Image credits: p1son

#39 Found This Under One Twitter Post About Apple Inc

Image credits: s0nicDwerp

#40 Til If You Ever Lose Your Wedding Ring, Start Planting Carrots In Your Garden

Image credits: rgaywala

#41 When Reddit Answers Itself

Image credits: m3chanicalbirds

#42 This Always Makes My Morning Commute Start With A Giggle

Image credits: Devilishmess

#43 I Just Noticed The Corporate Bickering On My Home Depot And Lowes Buckets

Image credits: grahamvinyl

#44 Gotta Appreciate Electrical Issues

Image credits: Gurtmcsquirt

#45 I’m Known For Getting Good Pause Faces But I Didn’t Ask For This

Image credits: AAPRRILL

#46 A Whole Section In A Japanese Store Dedicated To Chair Socks

Image credits: Ilovegoodnugz

#47 Learning How To Use My New Drywall Sander

Image credits: maeganmarie

#48 My Buddy’s Bar Tab Receipt After A Company Event

Image credits: SubCircus

#49 Maybe Grandpa Comes With The House If You Buy It

Image credits: SuperMommyCat

#50 So Glad Twitter Can Keep Me Updated On The Eclipse

Image credits: SpicyAlienCocaine

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