50 Of The Funniest Cars That People Have Stumbled Upon In The Streets And Just Had To Take Pics Of

If I had to name one funny-looking car on the spot, the first thing that would pop into my mind is the Fiat Multipla. Having gained somewhat of a cult status, these whimsical six-seaters have been dividing people since their launch in 1998. After the Multiplas were discontinued in 2010, their legend still continues to this day.

But it turns out, they are not the only funny cars that would raise a brow or two. Humans have been notorious for putting their automobiles on a whole new level of hilarity, for one reason or the other, or sometimes purely out of an urge to experiment.

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The result of these experiments is wrapped up in this list curated by Bored Panda, which will make us all question the notion of a vehicle, and what happens when function and design are challenged in the most ingenious ways. Scroll down and upvote your favorite ones!

#1 The Infamous Watermelon Car

Image credits: sergeyuf

#2 Mondern-Day Cinderella’s Carriage

Image credits: Mr-Klaus

#3 The Car I Drew In 1st Grade Finally Made It To The Assembly Line

Image credits: nomnomnon

To find out more about what’s buzzing in the automobile market right now and what people are wanting to see in their cars right now, Bored Panda spoke with Saule Magomedovienė-Lengvenytė, an industrial and automotive designer, who shared some very interesting insights with our readers.

It turns out that just like interior design and fashion, automobiles also have trends. Lengvenyte explained that “when creating a design of a vehicle, one of the biggest challenges is to foresee the future trends. This is because creating an automobile takes much longer than other products, for example, clothes.”

#4 Holographic BMW

Image credits: kpmeowww

#5 Well, At Least It’s Clearly Visible At Night

Image credits: JKang99

#6 Looking Forward To Cars 4 Starring Lightning McMeth

Image credits: ElbowDeepInRainbow

“At the moment, electric cars are the biggest hit among the newest car models. And when it comes to future conceptions, we see a trend in autonomous solutions,” Lengvenyte explained. She added that designers now try to adapt many car models for car-sharing systems.

When asked what’s her view of odd-looking and more unusual car models like Fiat Multipla, Lengvenyte believes that Multipla’s creators have surely achieved if not surpassed their goals. “It’s very rare that a good design receives that much attention,” she said.

#7 Wind-Up Smart Car

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Image credits: TheAmazingDougie

#8 Oh Look, A Penny!

Image credits: Sloshua

#9 It’s Worth Never Being Able To Use A Parking Garage Again

Image credits: basshead541

There are many different criteria that drivers are looking at when choosing their automobile. That includes their lifestyle, values, and financial abilities, the automotive designer argues.

“The most important criteria is the customer’s needs, therefore it’s important to formulate some key points in the beginning of each project. They include: what driver will be driving this model (what do they like, where are they going to use it, what are they going to bring with them, etc.) Things like what kind of environment the automobile is going to be used in are also important, and can vary from city to race, or off-road, and so on.”

#10 Heard You Guys Might Appreciate This Velvet Mercedes I Saw

Image credits: comicbookbean

#11 I Told You Not To Put It In The Dryer

Image credits: turtlenator

#12 I Don’t Know, I Think It’s Kinda Genius

Image credits: timwang6

There are about 1.446 billion vehicles on Earth in 2022, according to automotive market research data by Hedges&Company. About 19% of those vehicles are in the United States. Meanwhile, Asia has over a third of all vehicles on this planet with a whopping 531 million vehicles on the roads in the far east.

#13 This Steam Punk Cruiser Is Just Awful

Image credits: LandonBoogard

#14 Mean Nissan

Image credits: WYLD_STALLYNS

#15 The Avocardo

Image credits: jaykirsch

Moreover, the same data showed that the average age of trucks has remained relatively unchanged at around 11.6 years, but the average age of cars is approaching 13. The US fleet has gotten progressively older over the past decade, as consumers hold on to their cars and trucks longer.

With the slowdown in new vehicle sales due to the pandemic, the age of the average vehicle in the US will continue to creep upwards.

#16 Cessna 172 On A Volkswagen Beetle Chassis

Image credits: HugeEverGrowingPulsatingBrainThatRulesFromTheCenterOfUltraworld

#17 Beetle + Turtle = Burtle

Image credits: Codyc541

#18 When You Try To Get Butt Implants For Your Car, But The Doctor Is Not A Qualified Surgeon

Image credits: Uxinator

Meanwhile, the experts claim that the future of cars is largely electric. Unlike internal combustion vehicles, the emissions from electric vehicles are zero when in use and are instead concentrated on the production of the vehicle and the power supply.

That means that the production of an electric car battery requires mineral resources, the extraction of which has an undeniable environmental impact, and their refining, like the production of batteries, also consumes energy. In the production phase of the vehicle, electric cars emit more greenhouse gases (in addition to other environmental impacts) than combustion cars, because of the addition of the battery.

#19 Shagadelic Baby, Yeah!

Image credits: Gj404

#20 Found In Crown Heights. Is This Thing Even Street Legal?

Image credits: Stu_L_Tissimus

#21 It Looks Like A Depressed Transformer

Image credits: EMPEROR_CLIT_STAB_69

#22 Car Covered In Hot Wheels

Image credits: Mrg220t

#23 I Had No Clue You Could Make A Slingshot Look Worse

Image credits: Car_Nerd_87

#24 Probably A Spongebob Fan

Image credits: bowblow

#25 Next Level Hipster

Image credits: farfromhome9

#26 Liam Nissan

Image credits: thecrunchcrew

#27 Miss Hippopotamus

Image credits: codydingle

#28 Sssnake-cedes Benz

Image credits: pjaxon

#29 I Can Guarantee You That This Car Blinds Everyone Nearby With Its Sun Reflection

Image credits: yupyup98765

#30 What The Hell Is That

Image credits: reversehindsight

#31 Raptor Band Glued To A Hood. Amazing

Image credits: JaredBurb

#32 Swiss Cheese, Anyone?

Image credits: Isku_StillWinning

#33 They Do Say Volvos Are Built Like Tanks

Image credits: drhoagy

#34 It Was Supposed To Be A Dragon, But Looks More Like A Dragon Threw Up On It

#35 Franken-Volvo

Image credits: pangolinbreakfast

#36 It’s Definitely Ugly But The Execution Is Impressive

Image credits: flush_7th

#37 What? My Engine Blew Again? Why?

Image credits: LeGawdMod

#38 The Pikachu Hat Really Tops It Off

Image credits: 96Firebird

#39 I’m Not Sure What To Call This Strange, Heavily Modded Pickup Truck

Image credits: Porkchop_King

#40 Old Volvos Were Referred To As Brick-Mobiles

Image credits: natteulven

#41 Was Next To A Car That Was “Painted” With Duct Tape

Image credits: skythen

#42 Phone Car

Image credits: akaZeke

#43 This Car Probably Belongs To CatDog

Image credits: chondroguptomourjo

#44 The Pioneers Used To Ride These Babies For Miles

Image credits: iohfr

#45 Grass Car

Image credits: Cubican

#46 1982: I Bet We’ll Have Flying Cars One Day. 2019:

Image credits: thebayallday

#47 This Bull Truck I Saw In Houston. Yes, That Is Fuzzy Leather

Image credits: Sweet_Baby_Cheesus

#48 Grassy Van

Image credits: Roosterstein

#49 This Just Popped Up On The Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: SxE_Harry

#50 What About A Hairy Audi?

Image credits: smallsqueakytoy

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