50 Of The Funniest Moments From Weddings That Made Them Even More Special

When everyone’s walking on their tiptoes, profusely sweating their stress off on what people call the most important day of their life, little things can take an unexpected turn. I mean, both wedding planning and the ceremony itself are an unofficial test of our sanity, so it’s no surprise that surprises do happen.

Thanks to the people who had the camera on them to capture these weird, funny, and totally unexpected wedding incidents, we now have quite a solid collection of marital faux-pas moments that will crack a smile with some cringe included. Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics, and don’t forget to share what bizarre and hilarious things you’ve witnessed when lovebirds were busy saying ‘I do.’

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#1 Bride Who Is A Computer Engineer Doesn’t Have Any Girlfriends, So She Invites Her Bros Instead

Image credits: Fernando Duque Fotografia

#2 We Thought It Was Sad That Most Women Only Get To Wear Their Wedding Dress Once, So We Invited All The Women Coming To Our Non-Traditional Wedding To Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses Again

Image credits: JGrce

#3 After Being Divorced For 25+ Years, My Parents Reconnected, Moved To Texas And Bought A Farm. Today They Are Getting Married Again. This Is Their Wedding Portrait

Image credits: zephyrnug

To talk about all the joys and pains of the most important day of our lives, we previously contacted Rhiann Janak, the lead wedding planner and CEO of “Lucy Till French Weddings.” We were intrigued to see at what point things go against the plan and how to make sure everything goes smoothly so there are no unforeseen incidents.

Rhiann said that essentially, “If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, you’ll have a hard time pleasing everyone and drama will arise.” So in order to avoid any unnecessary drama, Rhiann recommends a simple trick: “keep the choices you make a secret until the wedding day unless you genuinely want someone’s input as it may be different to yours.”

#4 The Grandparents From This Weekend’s Wedding. No Words

Image credits: Teale Photography

#5 My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This

Image credits: imgur.com

#6 The Photographer Caught Me And My Dad Trying To Hide From Having To Take More Pictures For My Sister’s Wedding

Image credits: Jaybeaster

Rhiann recounted one incident about her friend who had a vegan meal in the heart of Texas, BBQ country. “Her mother-in-law spent the entire planning process stressing about the fact that people will be hungry and wearing out the phrase ‘what, I can’t believe there won’t be any meat.’”

“But in the end, everyone, all the guests, and mother-in-law were really happy with the meal,” Rhiann said and added that “sometimes, a bit of surprise is a good thing.” You shouldn’t thoroughly adapt your wedding to the preferences of your guests, and if you take them into account, this should not overturn the things that you feel comfortable with on your wedding day.

#7 Lovely Surprise

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Image credits: lexie_roessler

#8 My 6 Year Old Cousin Was The Dj At His Mom’s Wedding The Other Night. I Would Say This Majestic Shot Summed Up His Night

Image credits: imgur.com

#9 My Friend (The Bride) Swapped Clothes With Her Groom Half Way Through The Wedding

Image credits: frecklesandgegs

#10 At A Friend’s Wedding: The Best Man Is Asked For The Rings, The Groom Holds His Hand Out And The Best Man Plays The “I Don’t Have Them” Card

Everyone checks pockets… And no one has the rings.

Then… This guy rolls in.

Image credits: lucid_scheme

#11 Sometimes The Hotel Holding Your Wedding Also Has A Fetish Ball Booked

Image credits: WorkFriendlyAcct

#12 A British Couple Jokingly Invited Queen Elizabeth To Their 2012 Wedding And She Actually Showed Up

#13 I Was Recently The Flower Man In A Wedding

Image credits: GreekAlphabetSoup

#14 Someone Isn’t Taking This Whole Wedding Thing Serious

Image credits: Chris Davis

#15 Our Wedding’s Beer Burros Wanted To Be A Part Of The Picture

Image credits: StuTOTHEart

#16 This Wedding Cake

Image credits: Grillos

#17 Black Kitty Wedding Crasher, Who’s Known To Wander Around The Church, Decides To Lay Down On The Bride’s Dress During The Ceremony

Image credits: Wagner Breciane

#18 5 Years Ago I Promised My Sister I Would Bring A Llama To Her Wedding

Image credits: DJ117Xx

#19 I Got Married Last Week, My Wife Wanted Me To Only Take Serious Pictures With My Groomsman

Image credits: goosse

#20 Couple Have An Unexpected Visitor At Their Wedding Ceremony Held In A South African Nature Preserve

Image credits: Stephanie Norman Photography

#21 We Recently Celebrated Our One-Year Anniversary. In Celebration, Here’s My Favorite Photo From The Wedding- Flower Nana

Image credits: aquafate

#22 Asked My Sister If My Nephew Was Enjoying The Wedding. This Is The Picture She Sent Back

Image credits: caityfaced88

#23 A Friend Got Married And His Best Man Snuck Into The First Look

Image credits: kabornman

#24 My Grandma With Alzheimer’s At My Wedding. She Asked – “Where’s The Body?”

Image credits: ImTheMistake

#25 Got Married 1 Year Ago Today. We Tried Not To Let Little Problems Ruin Our Day

Image credits: Ive_got_a_sword

#26 So I’m At My Friends Wedding, She Did A Superb Job On The Programs

Image credits: Timtasticc

#27 My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood

Image credits: DominicOH

#28 Bride Left At The Altar By Her Fiancé, Celebrates By Destroying The Wedding Dress

Image credits: ElizabethHoardPhotography

#29 Whispering That I Ripped My Pants At Our Wedding

Image credits: DrPoepoat

#30 As A Wedding Photographer, I Peaked With This Capture

Image credits: ANTIQUE_HEALBOT_

#31 We Attended A “Zoom Wedding” Yesterday, And Dressed Accordingly

Image credits: Zeehammer

#32 My Friend Held A BBQ After His Wedding. These Two From Different Sides Of The New Family, Turned Up Like This

Image credits: imgur.com

#33 A Pig Ran Through Grandmas Wedding Photo – 1927

Image credits: Stroy1

#34 I’m At A Wedding. Both Bride And Groom Are Police Officers. This Is What They Are Serving

Image credits: mreastvillage

#35 My Buddy Went To A Wedding Last Weekend And This Swan Wouldn’t Stop Staring At Him Through The Door

Image credits: The_Huge_Moist

#36 Accidentally Inviting Strangers To Your Wedding Can Make Up For An Interesting Photo

Image credits: mactumbo

#37 So We Got Married At The Zoo, And This Bear Had An Interesting First Look Reaction

Image credits: DrBaumli

#38 My (Now) Wife Beating My Groomsmen At Smash Bros About 5-10 Minutes Before Our Wedding Ceremony

Image credits: Shortchiken05

#39 My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob

Image credits: TheNervousPoops

#40 Photographer Fell Down While Taking A Wedding Picture, Here’s The Picture He Ended Up Taking

Image credits: chase_rich

#41 A Wedding Invitation, A Chair And A Sandwich

Image credits: koreenalynn

#42 Our Wedding Shower Was Supposed To Be Today. We Made The Best Of What We Had

Image credits: harmonicr

#43 My Sister Wanted A Couple Wedding Pictures At Her Favorite Pub But Ran Into Another Bride

Image credits: IndigenousStranger

#44 A Gay Jewish Wedding Where They Rode In On A Horse Dressed As A Unicorn

Image credits: Anonymousacc

#45 Jason Momoa Photobombing Wedding Photos

Image credits: FenrirIII

#46 My Mom Had A Kangaroo Growing Up, And It Was The Ring Bearer At Her Wedding

Image credits: Supersonic5

#47 I Was Recently The Best Man At A Wedding In The Caribbean

Image credits: Jrnelson34

#48 Weddings Are Exhausting. Here’s A Pic Of My Brother’s Wife After Everyone Left The Reception

Image credits: darkprinceofanal

#49 A Reporter Was Having Her Wedding When The Quake Hit Sichuan Today. She Went To Work Immediately

Image credits: Xanthon

#50 If You Want To Wind Up In The Same Country As Your Wedding Outfits, Don’t Fly Delta Airlines

Image credits: Zebidee

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