50 Of The Funniest Pics Of “Cats Making Funny Faces”

Cats are curious characters. To many, they are the perfect pet—intelligent, elegant, calming companions, often capable of providing themselves with a great deal of exercise and hygiene.

However, one can’t underestimate their independence and quirkiness. And the Facebook group ‘Cats Making Funny Faces’ illustrates these characteristics beautifully.

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This online community celebrates felines by sharing their not-so-majestic moments, proving that these creatures are full of surprises and you never really know what they’re planning next.

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#1 I Yawned While Looking At This. Dammit!

“This is how you know yawns are really contagious”

Image credits: Viral Cats

#2 This Is ‘Keys’. She Keeps Putting Her Paws In The Air And Nobody Knows Why

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

We managed to get in touch with the group’s administrator, Amy, and she told us that a lot of work goes into keeping it friendly.

“We manually review and approve/decline every post submission each day,” Amy explained to Bored Panda. “Many trolls are removed at that stage.”

“Also, we have a very active community which knows the importance of our primary rule ‘see something say something.’ This means if a conflict happens in the comments, anyone can write the word “admin” and we will see it to take care of the issue. This has been working great for us. We are also very diligent with screening new member requests to help prevent a problem from occurring at all.”

#3 Shay Thanks For Bringing This One To My Attention. So Stinking Cute

“Monsieur cat”

Image credits: Amy Ketchum

#4 The Purr-Fect Wedding Photo!

Image credits: The Cat Butler

#5 Caption This

Image credits: Michelangelo Filippini Giogli

If you open the group’s page on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll see posts about pretty much everything cat-related.

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“Our members love the ‘free for all’ weekend!” Amy said. “I wouldn’t say we relax the rules of moderating but we do relax the rules of what content we will approve.”

“During the week we only approve cats making funny faces (or poses) as well as cat birthday announcements. Over the weekend we approve all cat-related content that follows our general rules. It is still at each admin’s discretion what we approve though. Our main goal is to make the group a safe place so that the members can enjoy it without worries. Members mostly post pictures of their own cats on the weekend as well as memes and videos,” the administrator noted.

#6 Pancake Says Hi

Image credits: Nikki Ardizzone

#7 Well I Try To Anyways Lol

“When I visit someone who has a cat”

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#8 Dragon Cat

Image credits: The Crazy Cat Lady

#9 Saturday Sleep In Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

Amy described the community of ‘Cats Making Funny Faces’ as light-hearted, friendly, supportive of each other, and, of course, cat-loving.

“The love of cats and silly expressions of cats is universal. We have a great community that is filled with lots of familiar (cat) faces and active members,” she said.

#10 P.e.r.v.e.r.t

Image credits: Cat Super LAG

#11 Weighing Lana Before I Wormed Her, She’s Still Small Enough To Be Weighed In Kitchen Scales, Maybe I Should Have Used A Bigger Bowl, The Look On Her Face Is Priceless

Image credits: Jaqui Larg

#12 She Had No Idea Why I Was Laughing At Her Soo Much!! The Piece Of Grass Stayed On Her Face For Almost Half An Hour Silly Baby

Image credits: Michelle Ducharme

#13 Ouch

Image credits: Amy Ketchum

Amy described the community of ‘Cats Making Funny Faces’ as light-hearted, friendly, supportive of each other, and, of course, cat loving.

She said, “The love of cats [and their silly expressions] is universal. We have a great community that is filled with lots of familiar (cat) faces and active members,” she said.

#14 Sometimes You Find Great Things In Apple Trees Photographer Unknown Stunt Cat Unknown But A Definite Hunk

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#15 Best Caption Wins

Image credits: Cat lovers

#16 I Think He Enjoyed His Kitten Soup

Image credits: Emily Blair

#17 Teeeefs Meezer Teefs

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#18 Lola Would Like Some Attention

Image credits: Lilly Kühl

#19 This Is Biscuit

Image credits: Alyson Luckett

#20 Hapten Is All Smiles After His Neuter Surgery

Image credits: Cindy Engel

#21 Dorito

Image credits: Angel-David Ibacache

#22 What Cat Doesn’t Want A Piece Of Pizza?!?

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#23 Jon Snow. He Knows Nothing

Image credits: Nathaniel James Jiskra

#24 She Is Beauty. She Is Grace. She Is Bella Fluffy Face!

Image credits: Caitlyn Cunningham

#25 He Does Not Want To Be Touched

Image credits: Isaac Farm

#26 Mmmchickins Lol

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#27 Velvet Being Cute On Her Egg Carton

Image credits: Drew MacLean

#28 Pendalaton Wants To Know Who Is Ready For The Weekend???

Image credits: Kitties n K9s Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

#29 Sooo Sleepy

Image credits: Mona Reinvik

#30 That Time I Startled Tupelo When He Was In The Box

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#31 When You Tell Your Cat No More Cat Nip

Image credits: Misty Richardson

#32 Not Sure What Disney Knows That I Don’t

Image credits: Boutique Cattery

#33 Not Only Does One Of My Cats Make Weird Faces Rutabaga Also Sits Weird As Well

Image credits: Mya Coach

#34 No Caption Needed

Image credits: Ashton Harber

#35 Dorito

Image credits: Angel-David Ibacache

#36 My Partner Caught This Picture Of Both Of Us Making A Funny Face. The Stink Gremlin Is Named Bailey. This Is His Stank Face, Much More Impressive Than Mine

Image credits: Adam Logan

#37 ;p

Image credits: Becki Price

#38 Ramone At His Finest

Image credits: Felicia Cabello

#39 Ma I’m Sick Of Your Crap Give Me Some Food

Image credits: Kirstyn Marie

#40 Nathaniel James Jiskra

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#41 My Big Boy Stache

Image credits: Barbie Heydweiller

#42 Her Name Is Maeve

Image credits: Gavin O'Broin

#43 Cat In The Baby Monitor

Image credits: Edward Basurto

#44 Big Stretch

Image credits: Elizabeth Soriano

#45 I Didn’t Do It, Ma! You Can’t Prove Anything!

Image credits: Stephanie Clark Box

#46 I Caught The Teefs!!

Image credits: Vanessa Provencal

#47 Show Me Your Cats Licking Themselves, This Is My Daisy

Image credits: Caitlyn Davis

#48 Big Yawn Or Big Repulse? Our Newest Addition; Catfish (Aka Miss Squish-Fish Sammich)

Image credits: Jennifer Debo Dearborn

#49 That Face You Make When New Halloween Decor Is Being Displayed In Stores!

Image credits: Laurie Gasper

#50 Snickers Fell Asleep Next To The Window

Image credits: Jessica Causey

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