50 Parents Having A Pretty Miserable Day

Let’s all just give a big round of applause to all parents who dedicated their 18 years (or rather, their whole lives) to professionally taming a little daredevil, and often not one but two or three, or more. With bloodshot eyes and not much fuel left in their tank, moms, dads and caregivers keep surprising us all with their sheer level of resilience, straight face, and even a smile.

Because raising kids is not for the faint-hearted. So in order to remind us of that, Bored Panda compiled a collection of posts where kids made their parents’ day really miserable.

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So that your coffee stain, lost keys and really important email sent out to the wrong address won’t feel so bad!

#1 Just Brilliant

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#2 And This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Go In The Bathroom Together With You

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#3 It Wasn’t Even Double Stuffed

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To find out about navigating parenting in these crazily uncertain times, Bored Panda reached out to Natalie Maximets, a certified life transformation coach at “Online Divorce,” which is a professional divorce document preparation service with 20 years of market history.

“The pandemic and isolation have certainly shocked every family with a child. Now our houses or apartments aren’t just places where we live. Currently, this space also serves as an office, a school, a place for activities, etc.,” Natalie told us.

According to her, the situation is twofold. “On the one hand, parents are constantly with their children and can devote more time to them. But on the other hand, not everyone can withstand such a stress test as limited space doesn’t provide an opportunity to direct one’s energy and emotions outward.”

#4 Little Mischief

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#5 This Kid At Lowes

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#6 Kids, Sharpies, And A Dalmatian Makes For Interesting Times

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What’s more, the need to combine multiple roles is even more obvious.There are many challenges parents can face during times of pandemic and postpandemic. “First, they have to act as teachers because of homeschooling. However, not all parents have the necessary skills to explain the subject matter to their children easily. Moreover, with this additional role, it becomes more challenging to maintain a balance,” Natalie explained.

“Second, parents can face behavioral problems in their children. Due to a lack of interaction with other kids, the inability to play with someone other than their parents, and a limited list of activities, children can become irritable, aggressive, or hyperactive (it’s purely individual).” Natalie said that such situations are challenging for both the children and the parents.

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#7 Golden Advice For Parents

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#8 How

#9 It’s Amazing How Unhelpful Kids Can Be While Trying So Very Hard To Be Helpful

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“Third, it can be difficult for working parents to take care of their children’s daily routines. Kindergartens, schools, and hobby groups are extremely important. They help structure children’s lives, fill them with meaning every day, and reduce conflicts in the family. In the new realities, parents have to think about how to keep their children busy every minute.”

#10 Kid Buys Farts From Amazon

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#11 Honey, I Cheated On You

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#12 Kids Are Having Fun With Friends So A Neighbor Reported To HOA That They Must Be Running A Childcare

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Moreover, Natalie explained that during quarantine, people become closer to each other. As a result, personal boundaries are blurred, leading to two possible scenarios. “In scenario one, parents and children start working against each other, causing conflicts. In scenario two, they manage to establish an even deeper connection with each other. The main thing with the second scenario is to not leave the child alone with their fears.”

#13 This Mom Who…well, I Don’t Need To Do Any Explaining Here:

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#14 Could’ve Leaked Those Spicy Brian Nudes

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#15 She Thought This Was “White Water”

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For any parent who feels overwhelmed with trying to juggle out these duties, Natalie’s advice is to change perspective. “Young parents may feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out because they take on too much and want to be ideal parents. But remember, the child doesn’t need a perfect mom or dad. They need emotionally healthy parents because the parent’s psychological state directly affects the kids.”

She continued: “Therefore, every time you feel strained to your limits, just stop, exhale, and deal with the problem you can solve at the moment. It will make you feel capable of doing something. Then, try to break bigger problems into smaller ones. You’ll see that there are practically no unsolvable situations.”

#16 Wife’s Friend Was Convinced There Was Ghost Baby In Her Daughter’s Crib. Turns Out Dad Forgot To Remove The Mattress Sticker.

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#17 A Bit Creepy

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#18 Sounds Like A Great Start Of The Day

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At the same time, it seems like there are too many parenting styles and methods out there. Natalie confirmed that the topic is often very controversial, with many parents having strong opinions about raising their children. “But at the same time, the goal is always the same—to raise a happy, healthy, and successful child. Each of the existing parenting styles and methods focuses on it.”

#19 My Son Said He Was Hot And Wanted Ice Cream. This Is Not What I Expected

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#20 My Kid Swallowed A Penny While Showing His Little Brother How He Accidentally Swallowed A SIM Key The Day Before

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#21 What My Aunt Encountered When She Went To Pour Herself A Whiskey On The Rocks

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According to the life coach, it is crucial to find the one that works for your child. “For example, the well-known Montessori method may not suit an active child. Waldorf education may not work for children with strong leadership qualities and a great need for physical activity. Technique by Cecil Lupan requires the baby’s mother to spend almost all of her time exercising with her child.”

#22 Identically Unperturbed By What They Did To Themselves With The Clippers At 5AM

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#23 There Was A Friggin Gecko Hiding In My Son’s Toy Spider

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#24 My Nephew Wanted A Portrait Of George Washington. Thank Goodness He Didn’t Want A Portrait Of Ben Franklin

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Natalie added that there is no single recipe to understand what is suitable for your child. Having said that, she also listed some steps you may want to think about. “First, you should analyze your child’s personality and the required level of physical activity, creativity, and socialization. Second, think about the 4 main parenting styles (authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, uninvolved) and try to predict your child’s reaction to each of them. Perhaps in your case, you can’t choose one style. Then, think about how you can mix them or even work out your own.”

Natalie concluded that as a parent, you can also go to a professional psychologist who will talk with you and your child, determine strong sides and interests, and suggest possible options.

#25 While The World Is Fighting Over Toilet Paper, My Toddler Is Giving Ours A Bath

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#26 Now That’s Just A Little Scary

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#27 Something You Can’t Put On The Fridge

#28 Mom, I Swear It Wasn’t Me

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#29 Just Watched A Kid In My Apartment Lobby Get Excited About Seeing His Dad Outside, Run Face-First Into The Glass Panel, And Crack It

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#30 My Kid Got Her Fingers Stuck In A Bench At School And The Bench Rode With Her To The ER. Yes, She Is Alright. Yes, We Kept The Bench Seat

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#31 Wrangled All The Seats Put Of The Minivan, Got 30 Seconds Into My Vacuuming When Suddenly It Shuts Off And A Kid Starts Crying. Kid Was Fine

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#32 All Fun And Games Until The Hypothermia Sets In

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#33 Thanks, Nickelodeon Slime

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#34 I Complimented My Wife On The Design On The Back Of Her Dress Not Realizing It Was Our Son’s Puke

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#35 If It Fits, It Goes In The Drain

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#36 My Toddler Squeezed A Bottle Of Powdered Creamer Until It Exploded In Her Face… Now Creamer Is Continuously Draining Out Of Her Nose

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#37 Kid Hung Up The Wet Wipes To Allow Them To Dry

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#38 To Top It Off, It Was On Her Husband’s Credit Card

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#39 My Five-Year-Old Daughter Cut Holes In Her Socks Just In Case Her Feet Get Hot

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#40 Sigh

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#41 Son Decided To Swallow A Nickel And Turn $.05 Into $4400.00

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#42 I Had To Pay $39.35 To Hold My Baby After He Was Born

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#43 Drove 45 Mins To The Store Thinking I Had My Mask In My Pocket. It Was A Baby Sock

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#44 Where In The Dad Manual Did It Mention How To Stop A 3-Year-Old From Taking Bites Out Of Dry Wall?

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#45 Had A Sneezing Attack (Not Sick) And My Daughter Made Me A “Potion” To Feel Better

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#46 They Are So Literal Aren’t They?

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#47 Sorry Dad, Sister Did It

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#48 My 14-Year-Old Daughter Decided To Stir The Smoothie With A Metal Spoon. While The Blender Was Still Blending

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#49 Accidentally Spilled Coffee Grounds On The Floor… And All Over My Child

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#50 My Toddler And I Walked To The Park… Just To Find That The Whole Playground Has Been Removed

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