50 Pictures Of School Lunches That Shocked People In A Good Or Bad Way

Ask a person their favorite memory from school and you will get some relatable replies. Some might recall the amusing experiments from the science lab, others might miss the creative art and craft class. But one thing that is cherished by many people is their lunch break.

Those happy moments when you savored meals and gossiped with friends in the cafeteria. Today, we’ve gathered pictures that show what schools from all over the globe have on their lunch menus. Keep scrolling to see how culture and location plays an important role in the diversity of school food. Get ready to feel hungry because some of the food on these plates looks absolutely delicious!

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#1 The University Lunch At Copenhagen University. 1.21€ Per 100 Gram

Image credits: Anderkisten

As per World Health Organization (WHO) 2021 reports, approximately 41 million kids under the age of 5 are overweight globally. And, nearly 340 million children and adolescents aged 5–19 are overweight and obese. Studies show that childhood body mass index (BMI) and obesity are likely to continue into adulthood. Approximately 55% of overweight children go on to be obese in adolescence. There is an 80% chance that obese adolescents will still be obese in adulthood.

This increases the possibility for several diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Childhood obesity has increased tenfold in the past four decades. Many school-going children consume a good amount of their food energy at the institute.

#2 My Korean School Lunch! Free For All The Students

Image credits: darkrealm190

#3 My High School Lunch, A Beef Poke Bowl, California

Image credits: Throwaway82598

The food served for breakfast or lunch in schools is important as it impacts a child’s health. According to research, school food is considered more nutritious compared to other meals we get from different sources. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) studied the diet quality of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) that serves over 31 million children in the United States every day.

The study examined the quality of food eaten by 2,190 children who were selected as a representative sample nationally. Results indicated that the school-provided lunch had greater nutritional value compared to meals from elsewhere across both age and income categories.

#4 Middle School Lunch – Honolulu

Image credits: LynnsFriedRice

#5 Korean Middle School Lunch. For Students It’s Free, And For Teachers, Like Me, We Pay Around 50 Bucks A Month For 20 Meals. A Good Deal, Honestly

Image credits: Lokimonoxide

#6 Free School Lunch In Stockholm, Sweden

Image credits: Cool_Kalkon

#7 $1 Vegan Lunch At Brazilian University

Image credits: gattovegano

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#8 Lunch In A Public High School In Luxembourg (Filet Mignon)

Image credits: Foreign_Beach_1990

#9 Free Lunch In Estonia (Northern Europe), Public School For Grades 1-12

First picture: spaghetti and potatoes, chicken, pork, vegetarian curry, turkey sauce, sweet potatoes, and roux gravy.

Second picture: carrots, vinaigrette, Chinese cabbage, and pea salads.

Third picture: radish and pear snacks.

Image credits: margusus

Children who were not a part of the NSLP consumed approximately 58% more total fat and 60% more saturated fat. Their added sugar intake was double the amount than NSLP participants. On the other hand, NSLP students had better food-group composition and more fruits in their diet. Their meals were more favorable in macronutrients as well.

#10 My Korean School Lunch Of Spicy Braised Chicken, Ham And Sausage Stew, And Various Side Dishes

Image credits: darkrealm190

#11 School Lunch In Thailand, 25 Baht, About 0,75 USD

Image credits: PinkKnapsack

#12 School Lunch In California (Free). Zucchini, Radish, Avocado Slices, Grapefruit, Apples In The Bag, And A Bean And Cheese Burrito From A Local Restaurant. The Cafeteria Is Buffet Style

Image credits: bestoblivion

In order for children to consume healthy meals, many institutes in the world have implemented their own universal free school meal policies. This helps to ensure that every child, especially the ones from low-income households, gets access to free nutritious food.

Researchers have found an association between these free meals and reduced obesity in many places including California, Chile, and South Korea, among other places. The four boroughs in London that adopted the provision showed reduced levels of obesity as per the Observer.

#13 United States, Public Middle School

Image credits: bibliophile222

#14 $3 School Lunch: North Georgia

Image credits: merc123

#15 Christmas Lunch In A French High School

Image credits: Kernel557

A study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, revealed that the policy helped parents financially and also boosted reading skills in children as they were fed and focused.

In the USA, California was the first state to implement a statewide free meals program in the 2022-23 school year. School districts need to serve the K-12 students meals that follow the federal guidelines. As long as they do so, California’s Department of Education reimburses them for all the expenses that are not covered by the federal reimbursements, such as the costs of reduced-price meals. In the previous school year, the state also provided $150 million for staff training and kitchen infrastructure upgrades so that the implementation could happen smoothly.

#16 University Lunch In Slovakia, 3,9€ 

Image credits: Lucis1250

#17 School Lunch In The Texas-Mexico Border

Image credits: DownTownDave915

#18 Private School Lunch In Montreal

Image credits: douglasscott

#19 Tennessee. (There Is A Pizza Under There Too)

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 Lunches Served Last Week In Schools In Georgia, USA. They Are All From Different Schools

Image credits: Mr_Awesome1919

#21 My High School Lunch. Clarification: This Is Orange County, CA. It’s Also Free

Image credits: ItzARand0mBoi

Since 2023-24, free school meals are permanently available for all elementary and secondary public school students in New Mexico. Their legislation now includes an additional $20 million to fund the infrastructure improvements and encourage made-from-scratch meals.

Kendall Chavez, the governor’s food and hunger coordinator, announced that this bill is critical for “[s]upporting [New Mexico’s] local farmers, ranchers and food businesses and elevating school food as something that’s as important as the books that our kids are reading while they’re in school.”

#22 School Lunch In England – Cost £2.95

Image credits: anandgoyal

#23 School Lunch In Russia (Free)

Image credits: KristyKris9

#24 This Wiener Soup We Had At School In Finland

Image credits: tasty_hands

These school meal pictures show how geography also plays an important role in the food we consume. While some meals seem more nutritious than others, it’s great that educational institutions are now putting effort into making the lunches more healthy. What did you eat during recess in school? Share with us your favorite food from lunch break!

#25 USA: The Milk I Got During Lunch In High School. No, It’s Not A Meat Cube

Image credits: -Vink-

#26 Got Served This For Lunch At School In China. Help. Food Wasn’t This Bad Until Recent Administrative Changes. I Just Had To Take A Picture When I Saw This Monstrosity

Image credits: ShinyRathian

#27 Alabama Public High School Lunch

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Tired Of School Lunch Slander. I Go To A Public School In Pennsylvania, It Just Has Pretty Good Food

Image credits: eatdafishy

#29 School Lunch In Japan. The Christmas Edition

Image credits: Hahnter

#30 American High School Lunch

Image credits: AsianNoodL

#31 School Lunch Was Epic Today. This Is A Public School In The US

Image credits: BlitzNinjaOfMars

#32 Elementary School Lunch In Japan


#33 These “Grilled” Cheese Sandwiches I’m Serving To The School Kids At Work. The Cheese Is Sticking To The Tray Like Glue. Lunch Starts At $3.75, USA

Image credits: YukiHase

#34 Free School Lunch In Washington, US

Image credits: Deppfan16

#35 This Is What They Gave Us For Lunch. I’m A 160 Lbs Track Athlete, With Practice And Weight Training After School. This Did Little To Nothing To My Hunger Level. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Image credits: Toastedtoastyyy

#36 USA: My School Thinks They Are Cool On Saint Patrick’s Day

Image credits: dcannon1002009

#37 School Food Never Disappoints. This Is In France

Image credits: antoine_gues

#38 My Free School Lunch, Ohio

First picture: ice cream (with sprinkles), fries, chicken tenders, garlic toast, and gravy. Second picture: mashed potato bites, chicken alfredo, and a cookie.

Image credits: hzvo_

#39 Brazilian School Lunch. It’s Coconut Milk And Some Crackers. They Actually Give Us Real Food Some Lunch Days But When There’re Not Enough Kitchen Workers They End Up Having To Cut Corners

Image credits: Pizz22

#40 I Paid 4,32€ For Lunch At My University In Italy

Image credits: piergino

#41 USA: My Mom Is A Teacher At My Former Elementary School And She Sent Me A Photo Of Her Lunch

Image credits: HomocusPocus

#42 My School Thinks This Fills Up Hungry High Schoolers. It’s American High School In Albany, New York

Lunches are free for schools in my city and surrounding cities. Ever since lunches have been made free, the quantity (and quality) has decreased significantly. This is what we would get for our meal. It took me three bites to finish that chicken mac and cheese. Any snacks you want cost more money, and if you want an extra entree, that’ll cost you about $3 or $4.

Image credits: Thebiggestbot22

#43 My Son Works At A Fairly Prestigious Charter School. This Is What They Served High School Kids For Lunch. Santa Ana, CA

Image credits: Mingey_FringeBiscuit

#44 USA: My School’s “Chicken Strips”

Image credits: vincentsd1

#45 The American School System Calls This A Lunch. You’re Not Allowed To Pack Lunch At My School

Image credits: Jumboo-jett

#46 The “Stuffed Potato” Lunch At My Son’s High School, America

Image credits: kenobrien73

#47 Since We Are Sharing Our School Lunches. It Was On Thanksgiving And It Cost $5

Image credits: divsandpremium50

#48 School Lunch In Canada

Image credits: dadtheviking

#49 Free School Lunch In Finland

Image credits: girl-unknown

#50 School Lunch In America. That Is BBQ Chicken, Not A Chocolate-Glazed Donut. This Cost $3-4

Image credits: paaunel

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