50 Posts From Toxic Parents Who Simply Shouldn’t Have Had Kids, Shared On This Online Community

Let’s face it, parenting is one of the biggest challenges that we’ll ever have to face in our lives. It’s right up there alongside fighting off an alien invasion, surviving a zombie apocalypse, rocket science, and plugging in a USB cable on the first try. So it’s no wonder that most parents are less than perfect. In fact, it’s pretty much the norm.

However, they’re nowhere near the level that some of the parents featured on the ‘Parents Are Effing Dumb’ subreddit are. There, you’ll find some of the biggest fails that will make you gasp, shout “think of the children!”, and think about taking these people’s parenting license away. Remember to buckle up and upvote the pics that made your jaw drop as you scroll down the rollercoaster that is this descent into parenting weirdness.

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When it comes to parenting, both extremes—absolute perfectionism/trying to be a ‘perfect’ parent and not trying hard enough—can be harmful to the family. And while it’s very clear what bad parenting is, perfectionism is more insidious and sneaky and can actually end up being just as harmful as actual neglect or ignorance, though in a very different way. We spoke about the pitfalls of this with an expert in the field of psychology.

#1 He’s Not Wrong

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#2 I’m Sorry, What??

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#3 And I Know That From Home

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Emma Morton, a researcher at the University of British Columbia, explained to Bored Panda the pitfalls of perfectionist thinking and how it spreads to many areas of a person’s life, contributing to poor mental health and even depression.

Believing that you should (or even that you can) be a so-called ‘perfect’ parent is actually detrimental to your health. What’s more, the belief that you can control every single outcome can spread to other areas of your life, not just parenting.

#4 Actually What The F**k

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#5 My Family Does This To Me All The Time, And Each Time I Tell Them It Discourages Me But They Still Do It

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#6 Me Getting My Vaccinations After My Mother Refused For Me To Have Them

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“When we set excessive and inflexible high standards for ourselves and become self-critical about not meeting those, perfectionism can become a problem for our mental health and potentially contribute to depression or suicidal thoughts,” researcher Morton said.

#7 How Could She Not Know How Antlers Work?

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#8 She Is Insane

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#9 Oh Dear Mom

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“Perfectionism is a very insidious problem—even if someone achieves great success in their personal or professional life, negative thinking patterns lead them to be highly self-critical, focus on perceived mistakes, or mentally discount their achievements,” Morton detailed that a perfectionist mindset dims even the biggest victories when we tend to laser-in on the various real and imagined flaws.

#10 Very Not Cool

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#11 What If The Neighbors Had Dogs

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#12 Tweet Says It All

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The anxiety surrounding perfectionism is just as much about personal pride as it is about the desire to be respected and liked by others. “People who struggle with perfectionism may worry that they will be judged for their perceived failures, feel that they are inadequate for needing help, or assume they will be a burden on their family and friends,” she said, adding that this can make perfectionists especially vulnerable mentally and emotionally.

#13 Can’t Imagine What That Kid Has To Deal With

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#14 Please Show Support To The Op On His Post Since His Parents Surely Won’t

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#15 Imagine… Uggh

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As such, it’s very important that parents who make mistakes with their kids don’t overcorrect and land in the ‘perfectionist’ zone. Similarly, any parents who realize that they’re being inflexible with their standards and are overly critical of their and their kids’ (real or perceived) faults need to learn to hold back and allow room for (at least some) failure. After all, learning to deal with failure and drawing wisdom from our mistakes is what being human is all about. One thing’s for sure, though: nobody wants to be that parent who ends up on ‘Parents Are Effing Dumb.’

#16 Parents Theory

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#17 Wow Just Wow

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#18 Florida Teen Dies From Covid-19 After Mom Takes Her To Church “Covid Party”

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#19 Bad Parenting

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#20 Wtf

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#21 Taking A Picture Instead Of Saving Your Child

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#22 Mum Is Angry At Her Child For Growing

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#23 Another Great Example Of Dumb Parents

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#24 Found This On Facebook

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#25 Family Had Symptoms Of Covid But Sent Child To School Regardless

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#26 Woke Up And Saw My Door Removed By My Parents. I Asked Them “Why?” And They Replied With “Privacy Isn’t Necessary”

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#27 Atleast One Person In The Comments Had The Sense To Tell Her To Call A Doctor! This Is Too Much

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#28 It’s A Repost

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#29 Big Brain Logic

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#30 Mint Drugs

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#31 Tell Me Why

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#32 That Kid Is Like 1

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#33 Drip Or Drown

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#34 Well, He Tried

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#35 Let Me Just Punish My Kid For Being Depressed Instead Of Trying To Deal With It

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#36 We’re In A Crowded Terminal And This Toddler Wouldn’t Stop Crying And Screaming, So Her Mom Gave Her A Whistle To Play With

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#37 My Parents Think This Is A Cute Decoration

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#38 My Dad Needs To Stay Off The Internet

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#39 We Know Everything About You

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#40 Modern Names From Modern Parents… Parent Stupidity

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#41 Sad We Have To Create Something So We Don’t Forget Children

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#42 Everyone Is Fine Today And No Bad Habits Were Formed

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#43 I Did It

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#44 Sorry If Repost

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#45 7yo Gets Bullied At School For Sitting In A Car Seat, So Mom Waits Until He’s Asleep, Takes A Photo Of Him, And Posts It On The Official Parents Magazine Instagram Page (855k Followers)

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#46 Yes, The Problem Is Definitely Not That You Gave A Phone To A 2 Year Old!

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#47 Ou Mama!

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#48 This Mom Be Like “I Wonder Why My Kids Don’t Confide In Me For Anything?”

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#49 Nice Name

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#50 My Son Likes To Do Something He Likes And He Deserves It, But Doesn’t Need It. What Should I Do?

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