50 Posts From Twitter “Comedians” That Were So Funny, People Had To Share Them With Others

While you scroll through an eternity of your Twitter feed, it’s easy to get lost in anything from politics to societal problems, have your temperature soar and your mood drop on a day that otherwise was perfectly if not fine, then okay-ish.

So it’s no secret that on some occasions, we all benefit from more light-hearted content avoiding all the heated discussions on trending threads as if you were playing Minesweeper.

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Luckily, there’s a subreddit dedicated to precisely this. Titled “NonPoliticalTwitter,” it celebrates Twitter posts that are politics-free and have some vibes instead. “Come vibe with us,” the page’s description says and 73.8k members have already signed up for it. So what do you get? A hilariously accurate selection of the best tweets for anyone from a weird sense of humor to a more pragmatic attitude towards life.

#1 Clever

Image credits: MGigger

It’s no secret that Twitter is the unofficial home of many online comedians who share those little bursts of life, whether it’s a joke or pun, an observation or opinionated post. Part of Twitter’s appeal has to do with how user-friendly the platform really is since every tweet there only takes a few sentences.

#2 Now, This Sounds Like A Story

Image credits: sangriya

#3 And It Worked!

Image credits: BisHilarious

#4 This Is The Way

Image credits: lgbtop

It’s sort of like a Facebook status, but it’s public, so the audience is different. If you want to reach an audience beyond your closest circle of followers, it’s important to post things that have broader appeal. And because Twitter’s audience is so vast and diverse, you get to participate in conversations (or threads) about nearly every little thing that happens in the world.

#5 Fruit

Image credits: skayeterboy

#6 Biggest Mistake Of Her Life

Image credits: hwhouston517

#7 I Mean, He’s Not Wrong…

Image credits: _kylebrownlee

In 2017, Twitter conducted a multicountry study that showed that Twitter’s audience operates in a receptive mindset when using the platform, and the audience is also highly influential across a vast array of topic categories. The same study showed that Twitter users tend to be natural explorers compared to the general online population.

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According to Cartier Stennis, a head of market insights and analytics in the US, “They are more likely to discover new things (82% vs. 71% for the online pop.); They are more open-minded (81% vs. 74%); They also like to be the first to try new things (59% vs. 41%).”

#8 Yeah That’s Weird

Image credits: ellewasamistake

#9 Feels

Image credits: rmccarthyjames

#10 Pretty Accurate

Image credits: morganhousel

Furthermore, they found that Twitter users possess greater influence to compare with users of other platforms. The study showed that “78% of US Twitter users like to give their opinion about things they’re knowledgeable about or interested in (vs 66% US online population) and 55% of US Twitter users share things they’ve seen on Twitter with others offline (by showing them their phone screens).”

#11 Unorthodox *for His Time*

Image credits: hwhouston517

#12 Guess She Won

Image credits: torii_somerss

#13 Me_irl

Image credits: Thryloz

#14 Bread Is God

Image credits: hwhouston517

#15 Good Boy

Image credits: McJesse

#16 Fiat Stands For Fix It Again Tony

Image credits: kieransofar

#17 Ia This That Difficult For People

Image credits: chemicalbrodar

#18 Doctor: Excessive Crying Is Normal, You’re Not Meant To Be Happy

Image credits: bugposting

#19 If You Call Me, 8/10 Times I Will Ignore It

Image credits: Thedepressionoftrees

#20 Not So Smart After All

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#21 Waiting For My Package Currently…

Image credits: Orcanist

#22 One Person Doesn’t Always Have To Be Right

Image credits: ahahamina

#23 He’s Bin Better

Image credits: theikeabluebin

#24 Need A Better System

Image credits: me_irl

#25 I Wish I Didn’t Relate To This So Well

Image credits: hwhouston517

#26 I Don’t See The Issue Tbh, Seems Like Good Eye-Witnessin’

Image credits: DrakeGatsby

#27 Mm. Balsa Wood

Image credits: HumoudMosabih

#28 For The Kids

Image credits: alexfromoakland

#29 Missed Opportunities Be Like

Image credits: ArfMeasures

#30 He Clearly Did Not

Image credits: hwhouston517

#31 A Great Friendship

Image credits: Thryloz

#32 A Good Risotto

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#33 Me_irl

Image credits: isabelfulla

#34 Yep

Image credits: mckenziedenisee

#35 Impregnated Goblin

Image credits: swat_08

#36 Raccoon

Image credits: Rainbow_Aussie

#37 I’d Like To Hear Em

Image credits: hot4anEngineer

#38 I’m A Huge Fan

Image credits: deepthriIIs

#39 I Do

Image credits: sophiacadogan

#40 Mutant Ninja Tuetlw

Image credits: beluuuuuuga

#41 Liar

Image credits: MrMamas_

#42 Which Purse Isn’t Like This?

Image credits: hwhouston517

#43 Absolutelynotmeirl

Image credits: ComradeKickass

#44 They Are Trying Their Best

Image credits: leafyIeah

#45 Don’t Think For A Second You’ll Ever Surpass Me

Image credits: poop_wagon

#46 Signature Look Of Superiority

Image credits: Thedepressionoftrees

#47 Happens

Image credits: maggieisntcool

#48 Either Way

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#49 Same

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#50 Then This Is The Wrong Thing To Buy

Image credits: Thryloz

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