50 Proud Dog Mommies With Their Puppies (New Pics)

Canine mothers are the first to love and protect newborn puppies. For the first few weeks, they shower their babies with undivided attention and care, making sure that they get the best opportunity in life.

Since puppies enter this world unable to see, hear, or walk, this early period is extremely crucial (it’s estimated that they spend about 10 percent of the time eating and the other 90 percent sleeping) — their mother’s job is to meet all their needs; from nourishment to helping them poop.

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Of course, that’s not all. As time goes by, dog mommies continue to further their babies’ independence. And you can easily tell these wonderful animals take their parental duties seriously. Just continue scrolling and take a look at Bored Panda‘s new list of pictures of canine mothers and their little critters.

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#1 The Happiest Mother

Image credits: anapaulagrillophotographer

#2 Loulou With Her Little Boy

Image credits: daninger4995

Around the third or fourth week, puppies begin transitioning to solid food, and the drive to nurse decreases. As they become less dependent on the mother for her milk, she experiences a decline in her lactation. “It’s not only about the transition to solid food but also the transition to independence,” Dr. Oppenheimer, Director of the Perla del Sur Animal Hospital in Ponce, Puerto Rico, told American Kennel Club. “One of the wonders of this world is getting to watch how a canine mom separates from her puppies. Nature and its behaviors are beautiful to observe.”

#3 Not Quite What We Were Expecting – Our Foster Dog And Golden Mix Gave Birth Yesterday. To Baby Cows. She Is One Proud Mama

Image credits: katendy

#4 Tucked In Safe With Mama

Image credits: YoungCasanovaaa

The mother will start leaving the whelping box more frequently and for longer periods of time. “This gives the pups optimal time for socialization and to assert some independence away from her,” Russell Hartstein, a certified behaviorist and dog trainer in Los Angeles, added.

When they are first born, puppies have no motor skills but by the fourth week, they start to become ambulatory. This is the time they begin to transition from a helpless newborn to a playful puppy.

#5 Perfect Family Picture

Image credits: vladgrinch

#6 My Foster Mama Ellie Had Her Babies Yesterday – Apparently, She Came With A Whole Lab Sampler Pack

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

The weaning process, in general, is very important to a pup; it learns critical behaviors from both its mother and littermates. These behaviors are essential to its overall development too. The important benchmarks needed for separation should be met in a natural order of progression, otherwise, problems can arise as the puppies mature into adulthood. It’s also important to the mother’s health that the weaning process is a gradual one.

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#7 Mother-Daughter Bonding

Image credits: TeisTom

#8 Luz’s Sympathy To Give Birth To Two Princesses

Image credits: marina.brito.39

As the pups get more and more independent, so does their activity level. They begin to explore their surrounding area and form social connections with humans. Dr. Hohenhaus thinks it is imperative for newborn puppies to be around people from the very beginning.

“A canine mother is very protective on day one, but after a couple of days, the mamma will let other people near her babies,” she explained.

#9 May I Present To You, The Beautiful And Rare Dogtopus

Image credits: zainraza12

#10 This Proud Pibble Mama And Her Sweet Pups Made My Day

Image credits: Dangerous_Upstairs

As a puppy grows and becomes more independent, his mom’s role changes from one of support, direction, and protection to one that encourages self-reliance. By eight weeks of age, puppies can usually handle going to a new home. When this happens, the mother may initially feel lost without her babies and show signs of depression. It can last a few days.

Leaving its mother and siblings might be scary for a puppy at first. It’s natural for the little fella to cry or whine during this adjustment. But with love and socialization, the doggo will soon acclimate to his new surroundings and family.

During their first 16 weeks, puppies are the most impressionable. “This social developmental period is an extremely crucial time for them,” Dr. Hohenhaus said. “They need to interact with other people and animals, as well as become accustomed to strange sights and sounds.”

#11 Proud Corgi Mother With Her Litter Of 15 Puppers

Image credits: Yeet69lasagna

#12 Managed To Take This Cute Picture Of My Husky And Her Pup Snuggling Up Together (She’s A First-Time Mom And Had 8 Cute Puppies)

Image credits: MemeCrit

#13 I Made These

Image credits: dog_appledore

#14 One Proud Mom & Puppies

Image credits: papemaker

#15 Last Week She Gave Birth To 8 Babies In A Shelter. Last Night She Got Her Own Room, With Her Own Bed And All The Cuddles! She’s One Proud Mom

Image credits: sfreeman8875

#16 Foster Mama Ellie, Wondering If There’s A Return Policy On Her Lab Samples

Image credits: DisgruntledPlebian

#17 Hammock Full Of Huskies

Image credits: imgur.com

#18 When Ravioli Saw His Pups For The First Time

Image credits: figuringout25

#19 This Is The Exact Amount Of Puppies I Need In My Life

Image credits: Quiraily1

#20 Proud Mom Moment

Image credits: aussiesdoingthings

#21 This Mama Dog Comforting Her Puppy On It’s First Day As A Police Dog

#22 Look At What We Did

Image credits: BlackBox8995

#23 Proud Mama

#24 Mama And Her Sweet Little Babies. Can You Believe She Was Going To Be Euthanized?

Image credits: windycityfosters

#25 6 Hours + 9 Puppies = 1 Tired Mama. Our Sweet First-Time Mama, Ellie Mae And Her Babies

Image credits: McAngel8

#26 So Today I Was Taking A Photo Of A Litter Of One Week Old Puppies When I Got Photobombed By My Other Dog

Image credits: hazzamadazzla

#27 Mother Very Pleased With Her Pups

Image credits: 1Apart

#28 Proud Mother

Image credits: etymologynerd

#29 Like Mother, Like Son And Daughter, And Son, And Daughter, And

Image credits: stengebt

#30 Parenting

Image credits: Yucked

#31 Good Looking Family

Image credits: jeffhext

#32 This Is Jessie. A Proud New Mama Of Ten

Image credits: fstall303

#33 Ten Potatoes. Mom’s Heckin Proud

Image credits: amutualaddiction

#34 Proud Mama

Image credits: FrankRizzo55

#35 Very Proud Golden Mama

Image credits: commonvanilla

#36 Proud Mama. 9 Golden Retriever/Rough Collie Puppies Born This Saturday

Image credits: Lyin-fish

#37 Proud Mom At Dinnertime

Image credits: all_u_need_is_luv

#38 Even As A Surprise Pregnancy, She Is A Proud Mom

Image credits: Sexualchocolate42

#39 Rowena With Her Babies Roz, Harvey, Pru & Brina

Image credits: bluewonderfrenchies

#40 Proud Mommy

Image credits: ledasg

#41 Proud Mama

Image credits: cincinnatichili

#42 Proud Mama!

Image credits: RockGamingReal

#43 Proud Doggo Mama Of 8 Young Rascal Puppers

Image credits: baked_olive

#44 Proud Mama With Her New Babies

Image credits: nuggs4lyfeee

#45 During This Time Of Panic, Here Is Chilli Pepper And Her Baby Peppers Born Last Night

Image credits: bensolo12

#46 Mama Pug Is Proud

Image credits: Sabby

#47 Today My House Went From Zero Dogs To Eleven Dogs In The Span Of A Few Hours. Meet Emmy Lou And Her Pile Of 10 One Week-Old Puppies

Image credits: QQueenie

#48 Our Dog Just Had 9 Puppies And She Is Ecstatic

Image credits: joshborup

#49 Proud Mother Doggo

Image credits: red93093

#50 Keeping Eye On The Newborns

Image credits: beagles_lovelife

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