50 Stupid Things Kids Did That Adults Just Had To Share (New Pics)

Some time ago, we were all tiny versions of ourselves with heads full of the most insane ideas and thoughts about the world above and beneath us. Fast forward to today, and some may be raising kids of their own, while others are sharing homes with little brothers or sisters. The fun part about it is that it never gets boring.

Because kids are goofy, silly, cute, and totally clueless about this whole thing called Earth that we live on. Out of sincere curiosity and hunger to get to know things, they come up with the funniest things you’d never read in books.

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From searching for tiny seashells that are in fact just pistachio shells washed ashore, to making more money out of a $1 bill by cutting it into pieces, the list goes on. Bored Panda compiled pictures of some of the funniest incidents that only little ones can get themselves into. Psst! More of the same goofy kids just being kids wait in our previous articles here, here, and here.

#1 My 5-Year-Old Nephew Figured Out I’m Still A “Kid”

Image credits: frannyfranfran5

#2 One Of My Earliest Memories

Image credits: Crew_Joey16

#3 Kids Are Stupid

Image credits: Kids_kubed

To find out how children think and come up with the most incredible things we as adults would never think of, one has to look into the world from a child’s point of view. And it turns out, this is very different from the ways adults view the world around them.

One of the driving forces in a child’s development is curiosity, which helps them to discover and try out new things and learn something about them. This early knowledge is something kids carry well into their childhood and maturity.

Bored Panda reached out to Brenna Hassinger-Das, an assistant professor in the psychology department at Pace University, New York. Brenna explained that the job of children is “to play and learn.” But making ourselves time to be curious in whatever forms we can is something that adults should also work on throughout their lives.

“Research suggests that it relates to satisfaction, happiness, empathy, and problem-solving skills,” the professor said and added, “we are always in need of refining the ways in which we view the world.”

#4 Mom Told Her Daughter To Grab Her Mask So They Can Go To The Store. This Was The Mask She Grabbed

Image credits: jorhey14

#5 Identically Unperturbed By What They Did To Themselves With The Clippers At 5am

Image credits: passingglans

#6 He’s Cute Tho

Image credits: oumahgad

Brenna said that research has shown that curiosity not only relates to academic skills, like improved reading and math, but also “fosters imagination and exploration.”

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“Parents can nurture curiosity in a lot of different ways. For instance, encouraging children to take part in free or unstructured play allows them to figure out how things work and develop their own storylines and directions for their play.”

The professor also said that it’s important to “encourage children to ask questions (and then answer them in a developmentally appropriate way) and to let children follow their interests. For example, “If your child loves animals, go for a nature walk where you live (whether in a city or in a more rural area) and point out all the animals you see. You could also read books about the animals they like and perhaps venture out a bit further for a hike.”

It turns out that fostering curiosity early could also have the added benefit of helping your child develop a habit that will continue into adulthood. “We know that curiosity is still important for learning and overall life satisfaction,” Brenna concluded.

#7 My 7-Year-Old Son Was Excited To Show Off His Clay Pirate Boat

Image credits: TheDiscordium

#8 “Faster!”

Image credits: Smyley12345

#9 Kid Thinks His Mom Is A Murderer

Image credits: mirielmargaret

#10 Oh My Lord What Even Are Children

Image credits: jamessmurray

#11 My Son Found Sea Shells On His First Trip To The Beach. I Didn’t Have The Heart To Tell Him

Image credits: ShadyDingo

#12 Winnie The Poo

Image credits: cactusqueen94

#13 My Son Asked Me Why This Lady Is Reading Poop Magazine. I’m So Proud

#14 Got New Doors Installed. He Doesn’t Realise One Of His Favorite Hide And Seek Spots Has Been Severely Compromised

Image credits: stepuptoredalert

#15 *Patrick Selling Chocolate* “I Love You”

Image credits: emmaaraphael

#16 This May Work For A Long While

Image credits: DJLevela

#17 When The Photographer Says “Touch Your Cheeks Together”

Image credits: DooDooPapa

#18 Remember, Always Use Your Dominant Hand If You Want To Win A Chess Match

Image credits: jazz_inmypants

#19 But What If?

Image credits: TomerUllman

#20 Kids Are Stupid. Over

Image credits: HenpeckedHal

#21 Okay All You “5G Risk Deniers” – This Settles It, 5G Is Dangerous

Image credits: pkmnTrainer_axl

#22 When I Was 2 I Thought An Electrical Box Was A Robot. My Mom Let Me Take A Picture With It, And I Have Come Across That Picture Again

Image credits: Atrylno

#23 Stupid But Wholesome

Image credits: Luciuxness

#24 Potato Mind

Image credits: rururu38

#25 Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Image credits: hankgreen

#26 Cyclop Tiddie

Image credits: AngryManTV

#27 My 1,5-Year-Old Daughter, Ladies And Gentlemen

Image credits: sabby55

#28 Not Ready To Be A Bird

Image credits: cassietotallyjust

#29 A Friend On FB Just Posted This

Image credits: natisnotcool

#30 Someone’s Kid Hung Up The Wet Wipes To Allow Them To Dry

Image credits: thinkingbell955

#31 How My Dad Tricked Me Into Eating My Crust

Image credits: SageAnowon

#32 My Nephew Got A Card From His Teacher And Was Stoked. He Read It, Then Instead Of Showing Anybody, He Sat Pensively On The Couch For A While. Finally A Quiet Voice Asked “Auntie, How Long Have I Had Autism?”

Image credits: extidedetergentfan

#33 My Little Brother’s Search History. Lots Of Diarrhea And Vomit Followed

Image credits: SentientFecalMatter

#34 Well, It Was For Science

Image credits: Enkaybee

#35 My Niece’s Hiding Spot

Image credits: secret_agent_dog

#36 That Time I Figured Out How To Take The Lid Off Of The Vent, And Proceeded To Get Stuck In It

Image credits: yatenate

#37 Yugioh With Made Up Rules

Image credits: frogitivity

#38 Kids In Rome Were Mischievous Too. Toddler’s Footprint In A 2000 Year Old Clay Tile

Image credits: OptimoPrincipi

#39 He Wants To Get On The Bus, And The Bus On The TV

Image credits: claire_adlam

#40 When I Was A Kid I Was Stupid

Image credits: NonSonoTommyy

#41 My Little Brother Grabbing Live Wasps Because “It’s Fun”

Image credits: Nixoli100

#42 Me Being A Silly Child

Image credits: thebigfigdig

#43 She Got Laid-Off

Image credits: WonderMonkey78

#44 Kids Are Quick Learners

Image credits: loghan10

#45 My 3-Year-Old, Everybody

Image credits: wutwut191

#46 My Kid Won’t Eat Her Eggs Because They Have “Dark Spots”. Yeah, That’s The Fork

Image credits: thisissixsyllables

#47 Not The Smartest Kid

Image credits: ponettplus

#48 Oh No, We’re Lost

Image credits: Sky_Crescent

#49 A Common Mistake, Really

Image credits: JelloBodega

#50 My Sister Drew On Her Passport

Image credits: LuisSweden

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