50 Surprising, Interesting Or Bizarre Shadows That Made People Look Twice

It’s no secret that our minds often play tricks on us. Just take a look at our previous post on optical illusions that almost gave people a heart attack and browse through this list of optical illusions in everyday things that left people seriously confused.

But this time we are looking at a peculiar case of optical illusions that were created by shadows. Think of random shadows created by both inanimate and animate objects like windows, birds, trees and people.

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And when you capture them at the right time in the right place (or rather, at a very random time and in a totally accidental place) you may come up with some very interesting results. Get ready to have your head spin, and be sure to upvote your favorite pics as you scroll through this list by Bored Panda!

#1 Shadows Cast From A Tree During An Eclipse

Image credits: LordBandimer

#2 Even The Shadows In Scotland Are Plaid

Image credits: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#3 A Rare Optic Sight, The “Brocken Spectre,” Occurs When A Person Stands At A Higher Altitude In The Mountains And Sees His Shadow Cast On A Cloud At A Lower Altitude

Image credits: utkrixx

Previously we spoke with Lisa Yaszek, a Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies at Georgia Tech, where she researches and teaches science fiction as a global language crossing centuries, continents, and cultures, who explained our never-ending fascination with optical illusions.

According to the professor, there is something inherently pleasing about the ability to perceive an image in different ways and it’s “part of our natural aptitude for learning.”

#4 This Unicorn Shadow

Image credits: OldForester101

#5 This Shadow From Two Different Trees In My Parking Lot

Image credits: UnholyFire23

#6 The Way The Light Shines Through The Bookcase Making A Cityscape Shadow

Image credits: Mitchdavismann

It doesn’t matter the source or the nature of the illusion, each one has captivated us since the dawn of time. “Whatever the source of our love for optical illusions, it’s fascinating to note that the desire to create optical illusions seems to be as old as humanity itself.”

Historical examples of optical illusions can be found with the work of the prehistoric artists who decorated the Cave of Altima 20,000 years ago. “They used the natural bulges in the rock walls of the cave to give volume and depth to the animals they drew there; the Greek-Egyptian inventor Heron of Alexandria (10CE–70AD) engineered a device that made it look like priests could open temple doors with verbal commands; and the Airavatesvara Temple in India is covered in 800+-year-old carvings of animals that change species when viewed from different angles.”

#7 Shadow And Slope Makes It Look Like He’s Floating

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Image credits: tommytwooo

#8 The Way These Shadows Line Up With The Windows

Image credits: bleimanb

#9 Crumpled Paper Shadow Faces

Image credits: reddit.com

Our renewed fascination with optical illusions is nothing surprising, says Lisa, because whenever people invent new creative or technical processes, they use them to create optical illusions. “Indeed, we’ve seen this throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: pioneering filmmakers like George Melies drew on vaudeville stagecraft and scratched and painted on celluloid to create the first filmic special effects; Op artists Josef Albers and Bridgette Riley manipulated geometric forms on canvas to convince the eye that unreal spatial places existed,” she explained.

Today, we use digital technologies that allow us to radically transform the scale and presentation of images in sometimes truly mind-blowing ways, while other times it’s nature that plays tricks on us!

#10 The Shadow On The Stairs Looks Like Another Set Of Stairs

Image credits: JazzFricker

#11 A Long Boi With A Shadow Of A Mandog

Image credits: thedogpicguy

#12 This Shadow That Perfectly Lined Up With The Light Pole

Image credits: caitwcam

#13 Shadow Cast By My Light Looks Like The Gingerbread Man Hanged Himself

Image credits: billysherbert

#14 Spider Floating On Water Made A Unique Shadow

Image credits: appleskittles

#15 The Horses Were Standing So Still That Their Shadows Still Have Frost

Image credits: Kelleykrider16

#16 The Shadow From A Rivet Makes It Look Like Sacajawea’s Smoking A Blunt

Image credits: pillowcurtain

#17 A Tree’s Shadow Stopped The Snow Underneath It From Melting

Image credits: louissmlej

#18 Baby Deer Chilling On A Chair

#19 The Way The Shadows Look Between My Coffee Mugs

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 The Shadow Of My Chimney Makes Me Look Like Lord Farquad

Image credits: atheistpianist

#21 This Restaurant Uses Shadows To Show Men And Women Restrooms

Image credits: Rook_Mozga

#22 Shadows Of Birds Perched Atop A Tent

Image credits: goodcheapandfast

#23 The Shadows From These Window Cages Create A 3D Effect

Image credits: Mike_ZzZzZ

#24 Only 3 Spiral Ornaments And The Rest Are The Shadows They Cast

Image credits: frogs-and-flowers

#25 The Shadows Formed On This Bench Are A Perfect Greyscale

Image credits: bakic0

#26 I Genuinely Thought My Car Was Hovering Over The Parking. The Shadow Makes It Look Like It’s Floating

Image credits: theam107

#27 Lahaina Noon In Hawaii Right Now – The Sun Passes Directly Overhead, So Anything That Isn’t Top-Heavy Doesn’t Cast A Shadow

Image credits: notmedicinal

#28 The Shadow Of This Decoration Piece Makes A Horror Movie Villain

Image credits: shahidhanif0

#29 Shadow Looks Like Painting

Image credits: Panishev

#30 This Shadow From My Axis Am Allies Game

Image credits: Bancaghedon

#31 K-Pop Shadow Is Coming For You

Image credits: Kudiak72

#32 Around 2pm Every Sunny Day, There’s A 1 Shadow On My Floor

Image credits: sleeptrouble

#33 The Personless Shadow

Image credits: HappyColoredMarble

#34 I Found The Shadow From My Sculpture More Interesting Than The Sculpture

Image credits: HazerLive

#35 This Glass Casts A Spooky Shadow

Image credits: nibers

#36 An Actual Full Rainbow And The Shadow Of My Plane

Image credits: durkluf

#37 The Shadow Of My Bookshelf Looks Like A City Skyline

Image credits: AppropriateForm

#38 When You’re Darth Vader At Heart

Image credits: Tsedik

#39 Shadow Of The Hair On The Forehead Looks Like A Bump

Image credits: xiangpornsroung

#40 My Jeans’ Shadow Looks Like A Face

Image credits: naritadivorce

#41 Straight Ladder Has A Crooked Shadow

Image credits: bpcity81

#42 The Shadow Left The Snow On The Roof Untouched

Image credits: somewhat-damaged

#43 The Shadow Of This Bench Looks Like Pixels In This Picture I Took

Image credits: cool_enough

#44 Shadow Cast By My Lamp Looks Like A Happy Spider With A Ball

Image credits: composerken

#45 The Shadow From The Bull’s Head Making It Look Like It Has A Chicken’s Body

Image credits: Blanchere

#46 This Dog Shadow Looks Like Donald Trump

Image credits: DonTramoya

#47 The Clouds Shadows Make It Look Like They’re Floating Islands

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 This Fuel Filler Cap’s Shadow Looks Like Batman

Image credits: jarzyniowski

#49 Changing My Friend’s Car Radio When I Noticed This. The Shadow Looks Like An Alien Language

Image credits: dr1fter11

#50 My Country Is So Poor It Even Has Low Quality Shadows

Image credits: AziPloua

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