50 Things That Feel Illegal Even Though They Aren’t

From how we dress and what we eat to how we talk and even what we allow ourselves to feel; we humans need to internalize a lot of rules if we are to properly function in our societies.

But as you probably know, it can be tricky to rationalize if our actions are acceptable or not.

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Recently, Reddit user IPlayBongos was browsing the platform when they came across the question “What feels illegal, but isn’t?” in one of the subreddits they follow. “I can’t remember which one now, but it was a post that had … one funny answer (I think it was … about feeling guilty to leave a supermarket without buying anything.),” they told Bored Panda.

“I thought there must be so many other things that feel this way in life so I just went to r/AskReddit to see what people can come up with.”

IPlayBongos reposted the same question there and it instantly caught the eye of the 35.6M-big community. So even though it’s not technically an original idea, the Redditor did correctly identify the immense potential of entertainment it possessed. And we’re really glad they decided to seek more replies because of the nearly 9K comments IPlayBongos has received, many pinpointed the exact circumstances our moral ambiguity kicks in.

Since we at Bored Panda had such a blast going through the discussion, we decided to compile the most interesting ones and bring you in on the fun too. Enjoy!


It feels illegal getting out of my wheelchair. I’m not paralyzed but it helps to have a wheelchair, but people always think I’m faking a disability when I get out of my chair.

Image credits: FawnTi


Driving next to a cop at the speed limit

Image credits: Zynse


Calling in sick when you’re actually sick.

Image credits: TheYoungWan


Bringing your baby home from the hospital the first time. I remember thinking “they’re really going to let me just walk out of here with this fragile infant and no experience?!”

Image credits: Munich11


Asking someone for the money you lent to him/her.

Image credits: remy_00


Telling your barber that you don’t like the haircut

Image credits: mtvshnya


Bringing reusable grocery bags to a different grocery store than the one the bags are branded as.

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Image credits: Hypersapien


Not liking dogs. People treat it as the worst thing in the world if you aren’t deathly allergic and just don’t like dogs.

Image credits: BucketIsTired


Your employer will tell you you’re not allowed to discuss your wages but legally you are and you cannot be fired for it

Image credits: CharacterPotential66


Being a 30-something male and taking your 4 yr old niece to a kid’s live musical. My partner and I took my niece to the Frozen live musical today. Because we purchased tickets at late notice, I had to take a seat in the row behind my (female)partner and my niece. The stares I was getting from the other audience members because I was a dude sitting by myself at a kid’s musical… I felt like I should’ve been in prison.

9/10 though would do it again, the Frozen musical was great!

Image credits: Sexforcrack


Walking out of a store without buying smth

Image credits: AwiiiLama


Card counting in a casino. It’s totally legal within the law, but the security and management will make you feel like a criminal for doing it.

Image credits: Vandiall


Coughing in public places

Image credits: Edified001


Sitting at the restaurant, not liking the menu, and leaving.

Image credits: XiVo47


Purchasing an item with no bag, and leaving the shop with it under your arm

Image credits: SigProc


Staring at someone through binoculars from your house


Getting a haircut from someone other than your regular hairdresser

Image credits: T-Muffin


U.S legislators are allowed to trade stock in and sit on boards of private companies while passing legislation affecting those companies.


Taking time off work always feels illegal. Even if it’s paid time off I’ve earned.

Image credits: CreeperBinks


My dad had a tendency to go to a store and eat and drink off the shelves. Then go pay for the wrapper at the end. Always thought we’d get arrested for that.

Image credits: McGinneth


Watching a video on your phone at full volume in a public place, I’ve done this a few times on accident and I wanted to crawl out of my skin and [pass away].

Image credits: AdLiving7358


Walking into a store with a mask on, your hood up, all with sunglasses

Image credits: dino-soreass


A hundred-billion-dollar corporation paying absolutely zero in taxes whilst also owning several billion-dollar businesses.


Pulling your pants down when you have 2 pairs of pants

Image credits: PolyGonePie


Doing nothing on New year’s eve

Image credits: XiVo47


Driving with the interior light on

Image credits: Strong_Doubt_9747


Going to a concert after covid. After the last 2 years of avoiding crowds and people it just feels wrong.


Driving barefoot


Being at a red light next to a Police officer

Image credits: TheTastySpoonicorn


Breaking off a banana from the bunch in the store


The first time driving a car after you’ve got your license

Image credits: pseudophant


Calling customer care.


Big companies buying up a whole bunch of housing in some city and renting it out to visitors.


Revealing spoilers of a movie or show.

Image credits: tripler1983


Taking the hotel freebies


Using a bathroom for disabled/handicapped people.

Image credits: Feisty-Key-5250


Using the other genders bathroom when yours is occupied


Reading a book completely in a book store then not buying it.


Facebook stalking


Watching the next episode of a box set without your significant other.


Leaving the office on time

Image credits: XiVo47


Smuggling your own (non-alcoholic/hot) snacks into the cinema.


Driving on german Highways with a speed of 200-250 km/h


Using conditioner first


When we got out of covid lockdown in Melbourne: going outside, going out to a restaurant/bar, having friends in your house.

Now it’s just not wearing a mask at the supermarket


Having fun at work. Your boss walks around the corner and everybody scatters in the most totally not suspicious way.


Pouring in milk before the cereal


after turning 18 or 21 in some places and being able to just do anything, without anyone’s permission, with your own car that can take you wherever you please. Still feels weird


Turning right at a red light.


Taking someone’s shopping cart with their groceries in it, while inside the store.
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