50 Times Cats Did Such Hilarious And Weird Things, Their Owners Just Had To Share The Pics Online (New Pics)

Rejoice, dear Pandas! Our most gracious and benevolent Feline Overlords have decreed that we praise and admire them yet again. Our team here at Bored Panda has traveled to the farthest reaches of the internet to bring you some of the funniest cat pics known to meow-kind. And we hope that this might inspire you to rescue a floof or two from your local animal shelter. Because there’s nothing quite like living with a pet.

Scroll down to check out some of the most hilarious, goofiest, and derpiest things that these pets have ever done. Their owners were blessed to capture these moments, and couldn’t help but share them on the net.

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After you’ve upvoted the pics that you loved the most (let’s be honest, it’s all of them, right?) and finished this list, take a peek at Bored Panda’s earlier features about funny cat pics and memes right over here, here, and here.

Bored Panda got in touch with the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, with a couple of questions about cats. We were interested to find out how owners can tell if their cats are feeling happy or lonely, as well as how they might reward their pets in a healthy, engaging way. PDSA Vet Claire Roberts told us that one of the best ways to reward our cats is to spend time with them, and shared some of the biggest signs that your cat is glad to see you! You’ll find our full interview below.

#1 Zorro And Bandit Are Ready To Fight Crime

Image credits: vladgrinch

“With humans, you can clearly see if someone is happy or sad through a simple smile—although it might not be quite as obvious with our feline friends, there are some tell-tale signs of happiness they will show you,” PDSA Vet Claire told Bored Panda what to can an eye out for.

“One of the more obvious physical signs is to look out for their tail. The position of a cat’s tail will usually give away a lot about their mood. If they approach you with their tail up in the air and a slight curve at the tip, this shows that they are happy to see you. Similarly, if a cat lies on their back to show you their tummy it means they trust you, as their stomach is a very vulnerable area. Don’t be tempted to give them a tickle or a rub there though—most cats will not appreciate it and may scratch or bite!” she warned.

Meanwhile, when a cat rubs its head or cheek on you, it leaves its scent on your skin. That way, it can recognize that you’re friendly. “This is another sign they are happy to see you! Finally, if your cat blinks slowly at you then they trust you—you can even try a slow blink back to return the message—just avoid staring directly into their eyes as this can be intimidating for them.”

#2 Huh? Wazzit? Wha .. What’s Happening??

Image credits: Aztery

#3 Are We A Joke To You?

Image credits: bloggy75

Though we like to think of cats as solitary creatures, they can also enjoy human company, too. Claire, from the PDSA, told Bored Panda about some of the things to look out for when trying to spot signs of loneliness or stress in your cat: “Over-grooming themselves, crying or meowing more than usual, increased clinginess, peeing outside of their litterbox or being generally destructive around the house are all things that could be a sign your cat is lonely, or otherwise stressed.”

“There are many things that owners can do to help if their cat is stressed, so always keep an eye on your cat’s behavior and seek expert advice from your vet if you’re worried. Be aware that getting another cat might not be a good solution though as not all cats will get along.”

We were also interested in how pet owners might reward their cats for good behavior. Aside from spending quality time with your floofs, you can also get them some toys that help them stalk and pounce. Fishing rod-style toys, for instance, are a great idea.

“Cats enjoy variety, so put toys away and bring out different ones each day for playtime,” PDSA Vet Claire said. “Or why not make some yourself? Cats generally will only want to play in short bursts, around 10 minutes at a time—but they’ll also appreciate time relaxing curled up on the sofa with you.”

#4 Meow_irl

Image credits: Master1718

#5 This Cat Looks Like A Gruff Old Kung Fu Master

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Image credits: GreatlyUnlock861

#6 Whilst On Holiday, My Sister Asked For An Update Picture Of Her Two Cats. This Is What She Got

Image credits: 0MoodIndigo0

According to the vet, cats enjoy the occasional treat (just like we do!). “If you’re training your cat, you will need to use food or treats to reward the behaviors you want, as unlike dogs, cats may not find toys enough of an incentive. However, as long as you’re feeding a complete diet that is appropriate to their life stage, your cat doesn’t actually need treats to meet their nutritional needs—treats are classed as a ‘complementary’ food, which means they are fed in addition to your cat’s normal diet. Any treats you give will take up part of their calorie allowance without providing your cat with the correct balance of nutrition,” she explained to Bored Panda.

The PDSA representative stressed the fact that cats process their food and calories differently than we do! “They are also much smaller, so something that seems like a small treat for us is often a lot of calories for our cats! For training, you can either use some of their normal ration of food for the day, or use a few treats and reduce their normal food accordingly—no more than 10% of their daily calorie ration should be made up of treats.”

#7 Speed

Image credits: Red_2541

#8 Kitten Relaxing On A Full Stomach

Image credits: pentagynflits67

#9 Meow_irl

Image credits: theproestdwarf

We love looking at cat pics a lot because they’re funny, cute, and relatable. They’re an easy way to make someone smile (and we could all use some extra positivity in these times), but they also make you realize that not every cat has a place to call home.

Even though life is great with a pet (or two, or three) around the house, taking care of animals isn’t all fun and games. Sure, you’ve got a companion for life, someone who snuggles up to you, loves to play, and amuses you with their antics. But they’re a huge responsibility as well: you’re taking care of another living, breathing, thinking being. 

So before you rush off to adopt all the cats you can find in your local area, sit down and think about what you can realistically provide. Be realistic. Do you have enough space for the animal? Will you be able to spend enough time with your pet? Do you know how to provide them with a healthy diet and ensure that they get enough movement? What kind of pet will best suit your lifestyle and character? There are a bunch of questions that you need to find the answers to!

“It should be expected that you’ll experience lifestyle changes over the course of the pet’s life, such as moving, having children, or getting a new job, so it’s important to consider how you will care for your pet during those changes before you add that pet to your family; many shelters offer various forms of support to answer questions you might have before you adopt, or afterward,” a representative of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explained to Bored Panda during an earlier interview.

#10 Went To Bed Last Night With My Wife And Woke Up To This In The Morning. We Don’t Have Cat. (It’s A Neighbor’s Cat)

Image credits: sami73

#11 My Mum Is Visiting This Weekend And She Has Taken The Absolute Best Photo Of The Cats

Image credits: AndrejNkv

#12 A Girl Teaching Her Cat How To Write

Image credits: usernot_found

“While each shelter is different, pets are generally assessed and then introduced to potential adopters based on the likelihood of compatibility. Every animal is an individual—even those within a specific species or breed—and shelter staff are experts at making matches that work. If you ultimately determine that now is not the best time to adopt, fostering can allow you to change an animal’s life for the better and is a rewarding experience for those who choose to become caregivers,” the ASPCA said.

#13 Meow Irl

Image credits: alexgreys13

#14 Mine Carpet

Image credits: momunism

#15 I Started Feeding A Street Cat Last Year, The News Is Going Fast In The Neighborhood…

Image credits: Pepitof

“We always encourage adopters to keep an open mind and heart when visiting a shelter or rescue; as you may walk out with a pet you’d never considered before, like a senior animal or an animal who looks nothing like what you originally had in mind. Adopting an animal from a shelter or local rescue organization saves more than one life by freeing up space and resources for another animal in need.”

#16 Meow_irl

Image credits: polegurl

#17 He Is The Chosen One!

Image credits: liangjianyi7

#18 Thought My Wife Was Getting A Kitten, Not A Furry Judgmental Parrot

Image credits: geekasms

Meanwhile, the Arizona Humane Society previously explained to Bored Panda that each and every animal is an individual. That’s something that you should keep in mind when considering adoption or becoming a foster parent to a pet.

“Although we may be ready to welcome our pets with open arms and lots of cuddles, our pets may not be on that level yet so it is important to give them time and space to acclimate to their new surroundings, becoming comfortable in the home and have time to decompress and de-stress if needed,” a representative from AHS said.

#19 The Council Has Decided Your Fate

Image credits: Drag0nPoopsies

#20 I Put My Shirt To The Floor Next To The Washing Machine. This Is Three Minutes Later

Image credits: Mario_cy_83

#21 New Rock Band

Image credits: meister2a

“Make sure your pet has a comfortable, safe, and quiet space they know they can go if they need time away or time to themselves. If there are young children in the house, it also is important to ensure that they understand the do’s and don’ts of interacting with pets (i.e. letting pets come up to you for pets/cuddles, don’t get too close to their face, don’t interfere with feeding times, etc.),” they explained to us.

Some of the things that you can do to make your new pet comfortable at home is to have fresh food, water, and proper shelter available to them. These are things that you can prepare in advance. Also, consider getting them some toys and treats, as well as giving them a safe space for them to acclimate to their forever home.

#22 Truly A Master Of Disguise

Image credits: TongueTheAnus

#23 Filthy Hobbitses!

Image credits: Drag0nPoopsies

#24 My Argument For A 4th Cat. We Have 4 Corners To The Bed

Image credits: ComicPlatypus

“When looking to adopt a pet, it is extremely important to do your research about not only the type of pet you’d like but also the care and needs of that particular pet. Many shelters and rescues are very open and transparent about a pet’s medical and behavioral background, so it is important to fully understand what a pet will need to ensure it has the best quality of life with your family. If you have questions about a pet’s history or the care it will need moving forward, do not be shy to ask the adoption counselors or employees helping you with the adoption process,” the AHS told Bored Panda some time ago.

#25 He’s Trying To Lure Me Behind The Bed With Red Balloons

Image credits: Slamtastick

#26 Meow_irl

Image credits: Aztery

#27 My Cat Stands Up, When He Hears Bell Noises

Image credits: Flbudskis

“At the end of the day, it is OK if you decide you are not ready to commit to adopting. There are many different ways you can still support your local rescues and shelters and help save the lives of pets that don’t directly involve adopting including volunteering, fostering, becoming a donor, and advocating for strong animal protection laws.”

#28 When I Sit Down She Climbs On My Neck And Refuses To Leave. Even When I Stand Up She’s Not Bothered

Image credits: Heinrich428

#29 I Can Be Your Angel Or Your Devil

Image credits: fyflate89

#30 He Always Tries To Lie On Top Of The Eggs, So We Put Ping Pong Balls In The Egg Carton

Image credits: mercurio_liquido

Which of these pics did you enjoy the most, dear Pandas? Which ones made you laugh way harder than you’d care to admit? Do you have any pets at home? Have you ever owned a cat before? We’d love to hear from you, so drop by the comments and share a few of your thoughts!

#31 Phantom Of The Opera

Image credits: TwoTimeToj

#32 “Describe Your Cat In One Picture”

Image credits: rscarson

#33 My Daughter And Our Cat Look Like They’re Up To Something

Image credits: tamdes2


Image credits: imgur

#35 Disagree

Image credits: mariasmillu

#36 Mine Now

Image credits: soyamin

#37 So My Cat Just Put A Frog In My Dog’s Water Bow

Image credits: Loustalet5


Image credits: mymemoldy

#39 During Lockdown, My Husband And I Would Pretend To Go The Pub, And Sit At The Breakfast Bar With A Drink. Our Cat Liked Joining In!

Image credits: escape_button

#40 My Cat Proudly Showing Me All Of The Stuff She Carried Up Two Stories Into Our Room While We Slept Last Night

Image credits: hikingfortheviews


Image credits: bigbootyderek


Image credits: theriseofdax

#43 I Think My Cat Likes The Box

Image credits: No_Hunt7394

#44 My Magic Cat

Image credits: miakarmamia

#45 Meow_irl

Image credits: totalinfonet

#46 Meow_irl

Image credits: dyssie1

#47 Sick In Bed Today. My Cuddle Nurses. Drew My Leg Positions For Reference. Why Not

Image credits: seebeeem10

#48 While On Vacation My Wife Received A Notification Of Movement In Our House I Think They Found The Cameras Lol

Image credits: Lememss

#49 His Platform Is Only Wet Food And Morning Snuggles For All!

Image credits: Jjunk24

#50 Fuck The System

Image credits: Suspicious-Pie2318

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