50 Times Cats Made Their Owners Wonder “What’s Wrong With My Cat”

There’s truly nothing better than a long list of ameowzing and hilarious cat photos to brighten up your entire week. Wouldn’t you agree, dear Pandas? If you’re a cat-lover through and through, then this is the post for you. On the other hand, if you’re on the fence about liking either cats or dogs, this is still the post for you—we’ll make a cat person out of you yet!

The r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat subreddit is an online community of over half a million members that celebrates cats meowlfunctioning and glitching out. The photos are amusing, funny, and weird in the best possible way. And we’re willing to bet that these will inspire you to go rescue a shelter cat if you haven’t done so already.

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Ready to dive into the Land of Cats? Remember to bring some snacks and get ready for a cuteness overload. And don’t forget, upvoting the pics is the same as petting these adorable animals on the head.

You might need an extra dose of feline cuteness after this list, Pandas. You’ll find our most recent articles about the ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat’ community right here, here, and here. Meanwhile, be sure to read on for Bored Panda’s interview with PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing about cat behavior, what they enjoy doing, and how we can help them lead their best lives.

#1 She’ll Sit On My Head While I Fold Clothes, Do Dishes, Everything. Nobody Else In The House Can Tolerate It But I Love It So Much

Image credits: stopkony2017

#2 Just Hanging Around

Image credits: jasontaken

#3 He Has Discovered His Superpower Of Staring At Us Through The “Wall Portal”

Image credits: oogyboogy72

According to PDSA Vet Nurse Nina, cats tend to be very independent, especially when compared to other pets like dogs.

She told us that if a cat has access to a cat flap to get outside, this helps stimulate the pet’s sense of independence. Usually, cats sleep through the day, with “bursts of energy in between.”

“Many cats will want the company of their owners too, so avoid leaving your cats alone for long periods to stay in your cat’s good books!” she pointed out that even though cats might be considered to be more solitary creatures, they still prefer to socialize and receive affection from others from time to time. Here is the PDSA’s guide to understanding cat body language. You might find it useful whether you’re already a cat owner or you’re just thinking of getting a new best friend for life.

#4 Unstoppable Nap

Image credits: MaryJaneFury

#5 My Wife Says I’ve Turned Into A Real “Cat Daddy” Since The Kids Grew Up. But I Just Worry That She Might Get Cold

Image credits: AdLocal3837

#6 Her Favourite Object In The House Is A Brick

Image credits: Buckwhal

The vet nurse explained to Bored Panda that owners can’t focus just on a single set of their pets’ needs. For example, cats need not only physical exercise, they need mental stimulation as well.

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“Otherwise, they can develop behavioral issues that their humans may find unwelcome. Puzzle feeders help to keep cats occupied at feeding times, and can be used to keep them entertained between meals,” she gave an example of what can help our pets have some fun when we’re at work or running errands.

#7 Meet Pete. This Is Him Asleep. Pete Is Not Photogenic

Image credits: Krobbox

#8 Gave Up After 20 Minutes Of Trying To Weigh Him On The Take-Home Scale. I Came Back To Find Him Lounging Like This

Image credits: hamsandwichman9

#9 Winston Wanted To Pop In To Say Hello

Image credits: mycatsagirl

“Indoor-only cats still need the mental stimulation, so recreate the outside world using cat shelving, vertical cat scratch poles, and hidey-holes so they can have adventures in their home,” the pet health expert explained to us that owners should be willing to put in the effort to give their cats the best possible lives. Love and affection are important, however, there are some more tangible choices that have to be made, too.

#10 Planking 10 Years Too Late..

Image credits: UltraDragonGod

#11 Made Him A Den

Image credits: YaBoiAMF

#12 I Wanna Be A Spider Please!

Image credits: Still_Hotel_268

“Cats love high-up perches so they can survey their territory and they love toys that they can stalk, pounce and catch. Scratching is a natural behavior and this should be encouraged, just make sure that you provide satisfying and effective posts for your cat—they need to be strong and sturdy enough that your cat can get a good pull on them, otherwise they’ll use your furniture,” Nina detailed what owners should keep in mind when setting up the interactive ‘playground’ for their pets.

#13 She Sleeps Like She’s Part Of A Crime Scene

Image credits: kumacmon

#14 My Mum Built Her Cat A TV Base To Watch Cat Youtube So She Could Watch The Big TV In Peace

Image credits: meowingcarrot

#15 Ozzy Doesn’t Understand How Loafing Works (Those Are His Back Paws)

Image credits: Pilleroaetum

A while back, cat behavior consultant Ingrid Johnson shared with Bored Panda some of her insights about feline behavior.

“Each cat is no doubt an individual, but there are some basic signs to help you know that your cat is content,” she said. “How your cat chooses to position themselves in the home while sleeping can illustrate that they are relaxed and feel safe.”

#16 Cats Are Liquid

Image credits: jasontaken

#17 Just Found This Sub And Had To Share How My Cat Used To Sleep A Few Years Ago

Image credits: guramika

#18 This Majestic Beast…

Image credits: rora_borealis

The feline behavior specialist continued: “Signs of this would be sleeping stretched out in a more vulnerable position, even exposing their belly as a sign of trust” She added that cats exposing their bellies doesn’t automatically mean that it’s an invitation for people to touch and rub them. Doing so might break the pet’s trust in some cases.

#19 Wazzaap!!

Image credits: Ana_Maria_C

#20 It’s Fine, Not Like One Of These Cost $40!

Image credits: Nikefut12

#21 The Age Old Cat Yoga Ball Act. The Yoga Ball Is On Top Of A 7 Foot Cabinet

Image credits: hereforthebooooze

Meanwhile, cats that feel stressed out avoid playing and usually hide. “So if your cat is happy to chase a feather toy all around the house, they feel pretty confident! Even just sitting in the center of the room shows you that they feel safe, content, and confident. Timid cats and cats that are stressed are going to try to not be noticed, stay hidden, and focus on only meeting their basic needs. Happy cats are full of life and a part of the family!” Ingrid said.

#22 This Is Ice Cube, He Crossed The Rainbow Bridge On The 18th. He Liked Grass. A Lot

Image credits: BrushfireMocha

#23 What Is This Breed

Image credits: verixtheconfused

#24 Peek A Boo

Image credits: saffaffa

“Just like with other animals, you can also see the joy in the cats’ facial expressions, too, so keep an eye out as well. Plus, like most other species, you can see it in their facial expressions, you can observe joy, excitement, or fear just by looking at your cat and taking the time to know him/her,” the specialist told us earlier.

#25 Very Distinguished

Image credits: AceOfBull

#26 When He Gives You This Look

Image credits: knives_in_my_eyes

#27 He’s My Personal Guardian, So If I Were You, I Would Think Twice Before Trying To Rob Me

Image credits: reddit.com

Cats acting silly or strange is nothing to worry about, so long as it’s their usual behavior. However, if their behavior suddenly changes, that’s when you should start getting concerned. A visit to the vet might be in order.

“Behavior changes are often the first and only symptom that something is amiss because cats are so adept at hiding and masking pain,” Ingrid said.

#28 They Are Worshipping Their Cult Leader

Image credits: rosecxty

#29 This Morning I Woke Up To This. I’m Scared

Image credits: DonnyToAshes

#30 Confession: I Can’t Do A Zoom Class Without Putting In A Movie For My Cat So He Can Feel Busy Too

Image credits: grayshush

“Are they suddenly sleeping in a new area of the home? Could be a seasonal change to chase the sunbeams, but it could also be a sign that they are not feeling well and trying to remove themselves from the household hubbub. Are they eating more or less all of a sudden? Have they suddenly become more vocal, or quieter? How about the litter box habits, are they eliminating more or less than is normal? All of this is really important information for pet parents to keep a close eye on and if they notice changes outside of what has been an established normal, they should contact their veterinarian.”

#31 Disguising Herself As A Shoe

Image credits: Love_n0te

#32 She’s Always Watching You

Image credits: Marko091

#33 Nothing But Elevator Music Behind Those Eyes

Image credits: Bowling5Soup

#34 There Was A Bug On The Wall 3 Days Ago. Obviously We Check 3-4 X A Day To Make Sure The Beast Does Not Return. He Stares At An Empty Wall For At Least Ten Minutes A Day

Image credits: grayshush

#35 We Were Wondering Why We Kept Finding Hair In The Brita Until We Saw This When The Lid Was Off To Refill…

Image credits: hereforthebooooze

#36 She’s More Of A Pile Than A Cat At This Point

Image credits: crumbshotfetishist

#37 The Cat Usually Sleeps On My Bed But I’m Staying At A Friends Tonight. My Sister Just Sent Me This…

Image credits: harrysayshello

#38 She Fell On The Floor And Randomly Did This

Image credits: bubblegum1215

#39 Upsidedown Pancake

Image credits: DeButtes

#40 I Was Told This Belongs Here – Our Kitten’s A Bit Crazy

Image credits: FluffyMaterial

#41 Whats Wrong With This Cat?he Thinks He Is A Croissant

Image credits: Kriss_Kiss

#42 He’s Not Very Good At Hide-And-Seek

Image credits: paintingcatlady

#43 These Two Always Stare Into Nothing… But Always At The Same Fixed Point. What Kind Of Ghost Stays In Place Like That?

Image credits: lurkergirl_sit

#44 He’s Fine He Just Does This For Attention

Image credits: afterlifedating

#45 We Named Him Potatoe Before We Knew His Personality But He Certainly Lives Up To The Name

Image credits: LadyJane17

#46 She Just Sits Up There And Stares Menacingly

Image credits: falgfalg

#47 I Was Just Trying To Reorganize My Drawer

Image credits: sydgc

#48 “He’s Still Got Some Life Left, He’s Just Really Ugly” – El Scrumpo’s Vet

Image credits: grayshush

#49 All Coked Out

Image credits: MotherGoatsMalk

#50 The Shedding Season Has Begun

Image credits: topaz1367

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