50 Times Child-Free People Had Something Sassy To Say, And Posted It In This Online Group

More and more people these days are becoming childfree by choice, in turn celebrating time, freedom, and opportunities they have reserved for themselves. Meanwhile, economists have pointed to the fact that the fertility rate has fallen every year since 2007, as the Great Recession made millennials put off child-rearing for years.

But in order to get a glimpse of what childfree life is really like, you have to look at what people who opt out of having babies have to say about it. So we looked at the corner of Reddit “Childfree,” which is a place for discussion of the childfree lifestyle.

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With a whopping 1.4M members, it surely has a lot to say on this matter, so let’s see some arguments on living with no kids right below. Also, after you’re done, be sure to check out part 1 of the post right here.

#1 Family Is What You Make

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#2 Been Waiting 20 Years For A Comeback Like This

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#3 What Could Be More Important Than Creating Life?

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To find out what people who choose not to have kids have to say about the childfree lifestyle, Bored Panda reached out to Amy Blackstone, professor of sociology at the University of Maine and the author of “Childlfree by Choice: The Movement Redefining Family & Creating a New Age of Independence.

When asked if such a lifestyle is getting more popular nowadays, which it certainly feels like it, Amy said that it’s certainly more popular “in the sense that more people are aware of it as an option than ever before.”

According to the professor and book author, “That is largely thanks to the willingness of childfree people to speak out about their choice and of course to the decades-long work of reproductive justice advocates. Whether more people than in the past will ultimately remain childfree for their lifetimes remains to be seen.”

#4 I Can’t Believe This Is Still Even A Thing

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#5 Child Fees Should Be A Thing And Dogs Should Be Free

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#6 For The Childfree Motorist

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“Certainly more millennials are currently childfree than were previous generations at their age, but there hasn’t been a dramatic increase in lifetime childlessness,” she said and added that only “time will tell whether today’s millennials are opting out of parenthood altogether or simply delaying it.”

There’s a common misconception that parenthood defines us unlike anything else. Amy said that there are “good reasons that this misconception is so common. Almost from the moment we are born, we are taught that becoming a parent is one of the most important milestones of adulthood. For this reason, it makes sense that folks might think that parenthood is the be all, end all experience.”

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#7 Just A Nice Quote I Read And Felt Like Sharing

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#8 I Swear

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#9 Pug Slide (Found On Facebook)

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However, “we know from all kinds of social science research that having kids is not required for living a complete, happy, and fulfilling life,” the professor explained and recommended everyone looking for the answers to read her illuminating book “Childfree By Choice.

#10 Welp. There It Is

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#11 Goals

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#12 Top Notch Product Review

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It’s hard to say whether opting not to have kids will stay popular with future generations. According to Amy, “it depends on what we mean by ‘popular’ but if what you’re referring to is whether the idea that having—or not having—children is a choice, I’d say that yes, our awareness of that reality will continue to grow.”

It’s just that more and more people are speaking out about their choice not to have kids. “And thanks to their bravery in speaking out, we now know that parenthood is simply one of many paths available to us,” she concluded.

#13 Letter From An 85 Year Widow: My Childfree Experience And A Few Humble Opinions

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#14 I Wish More People Realized Just How Much A Bad Parent Can Mess Up Their Children

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#15 I Love Steve Hofstetter. Walter Is His Dog

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#16 Truth Hurts

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#17 Imagine That. Maybe One Day

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#18 I Have A Lot Of Reasons For Not Wanting Kids, And The World Being On Fire Is Definitely Among Them

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#19 Since They’re Trying To Ban Abortion…

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#20 Actress Jameela Jamil Celebrates Her Successful Cf Life, Shrugs Off Haters

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#21 Louder For The People In The Back!

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#22 Think I Pissed Off My Obgyn

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#23 Saw This Meme And Thought You Guys Would Enjoy It, Too

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#24 I Think Someone Working In This Store Is Childfree

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#25 Just One Simple Trick To Save Money

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#26 The Double Standards Are Wild

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#27 My Friend Sent This To Me [humor]

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#28 Is Anyone Else Thrilled To Not Have Kids Whenever They See/Hear One?

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#29 GF Wanted A Dog, I Didn’t. What Happens? We Got A Dog. Then GF Wants Kids, I Don’t

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#30 Don’t Do That

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#31 This. Is. Imporant

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#32 Everyone: ‘Have A Baby!’ Me:

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#33 “Without Kids, Your Christmas Must Have Been So Boring”- My Sil

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#34 When Being Child Free Gets You Extra 40 Hours/Week Of Work

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#35 I’m Going To Print Out A Stack Of These And Hand Them Out To People Who Bingo Me

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#36 Wise Words

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#37 Cf

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#38 I Will Never Ever Ever Get Tired Of Silence

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#39 Wife Of 7 Years Left Because I Didn’t Want Kids

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#40 Happy Birthday

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#41 They Got Me – Had To Slow Down For This One

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#42 I Think We Can All Agree On This Post I Saw Today

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#43 I Got Pregnant After My Tubal Ligation And Doctors Are Treating It Like A Happy Miracle As I Sit Here Horrified

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#44 Posted By A Friend With A Few Kids On Facebook

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#45 “What Could Be Better Than Having Kids Then?”

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#46 “Being A Young Woman Without Kids Is A Privilege.” No, It’s An Active Decision

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#47 Great View From Here

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#48 Life Is Gooooood

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#49 My Bloodline Ends With Me

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#50 I’m 53. My Wife Is 60. We’ve Always Been Staunchly Childfree. Can I Tell You… It Only Gets Better

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