50 Times Clueless People Surprised Others With Their Stupidity (New Pics)

In life, we all get our chance to shine, like nailing an important presentation at work or leading the football team to victory. Such highs make us want to share our joy with everyone. On the other hand, we also have those embarrassing moments—searching for our keys while holding them or misplacing our groceries.

On such occasions, our common sense takes a backseat, and our brain refuses to function—a brain fart, if you will. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Sometimes, people are hilariously clueless and naive and thankfully, someone captured it on camera.

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To help you momentarily forget your goof-ups and lift your spirits, Bored Panda has collected a list of silly things that people have said and done.

#1 Blaming Young People For Being Triggered

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#2 It’s Just Sad

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#3 Never Get A Tattoo If You Can’t Understand What It Says

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Have you ever been in a situation where you randomly blank out or end up doing something silly, and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Welcome to the world of brain farts – those awkward moments when our mind stops functioning, leaving us confused and sometimes embarrassed.

Our brains are incredibly complex organs, capable of processing vast amounts of information efficiently. But they experience hiccups from time to time, or ‘cognitive dysfunction’.

#4 All Because He Felt Bad He Didn’t Pay Her Enough

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#5 Prove Me Wrong, Gladly

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#6 Yikes

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A brain fart, which can be linked to cognitive dysfunction, perfectly describes those instances when our mental processes seem to malfunction. Thankfully, many of these glitches are quite common and easy to manage.

We can hit a roadblock when our stress levels skyrocket or we are exhausted. This causes our attention to waver and our memory to play hide-and-seek. Picture this: you’re working late in the night, trying to finish a last-minute project, and you keep reading the same paragraph over and over again, unable to understand a word of it.

It is hard to concentrate when our brains are pushed to the limit. In order to recharge our batteries, we should indulge in relaxing activities or hit the gym. This will not only soothe our soul but also help kick stress to the curb.

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#7 Lesson Learned

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#8 The “Fidget Stick” Was Bothersome

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#9 Ah, Yes, $4k Rent

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#10 Every Job Should Be Appreciated

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#11 What Is This New Email You Speak Of?

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#12 $15 Tacos

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In today’s fast-paced world filled with distractions, staying focused can be difficult. One moment of distraction, and bam! our train of thought derails, leaving us wondering where it all went wrong. That’s the magic (or rather, the mischief) of a brain fart, it sneaks up on us when we least expect it, turning our well-laid plans into hilarious moments.

Participating in meditation events or learning new breathing techniques helps to sharpen our attention and focus on the present moment. In fact, organizational tools such as calendars or to-do lists are a great way to keep your appointments and tasks in check. A structured approach helps prevent those “oops” moments.

#13 So Penguins Are Mammals Now

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#14 She Doesn’t Know What’s Coming

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#15 A Person Who Hacked My Credit Card Emailed Me, Asking Why I Canceled His Flight

My credit card was hacked. I think the guy did it by hacking my Gmail account because he signed up for Priceline using the Gmail login button.

I called my bank and canceled it. I logged into Priceline to see if I could get any information about the person who booked the flight. I saw I could cancel it for no charge. So I did it because it was going to be faster to get a refund from Priceline than my bank.

Two days later I got this email. It had his photo and phone number. It matched the name on the flight too.

Image credits: AshesfallforAshton

While multitasking is impressive, sometimes it’s a recipe for disaster. When we attempt to do too many tasks at once, our brains get overwhelmed, like a computer that has too many tabs open. And just like that, we start to lag because of the overload.

To avoid going from lightning-fast to snail’s pace, one should focus on one task at a time. When we keep switching between different things, our brains need time to refocus and this prevents us from fully immersing ourselves in the task at hand. It’s harder to achieve meaningful progress while multitasking. So, remember to take a deep breath, and tackle things like the productivity pro you are.

#16 Gatekeeping Gen-Xers From Their Own Music

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#17 My Sister Called And Asked Why Her Dryer Kept Stopping

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#18 Probably Shouldn’t Have Replaced The Carrots

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Don’t forget, sleep is your brain’s secret weapon that keeps your cognitive powers in top shape. Not getting enough rest can impair memory, attention, and your decision-making abilities. Imagine: You are staring blankly at the fridge, wondering what exactly you are looking for. It’s like your brain hit the snooze button along with your alarm clock.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize quality sleep. Aim for a solid 7-9 hours of uninterrupted shut-eye every night, and it will help you efficiently tackle whatever challenges the day throws your way.

#19 Umm… So Who’s Gonna Tell Him

Image credits: T_h_e_Assassin

#20 Stepdad Thinks Eclipse Will Burn Us Alive

My stepdad will not let me remove this thin foil for the entire week because he thinks the eclipse will burn us somehow, and now the entire apartment looks like a cave (the first photo is my room, and the second is the kitchen/living room).

Image credits: DarkSharks4219

#21 Virgin Mary Strikes Again

Image credits: Big_Boog_Boi_TANK

With a bit of mindfulness, a good night’s sleep, and some stress-busting techniques up our sleeves, we can turn those dumb moments into tiny blips on the radar of our brilliant minds. Meanwhile, it never hurts to enjoy those occasional silly situations where we goof up. Have you ever experienced a brain fart? Tell us about your funniest struggles in the comments below.

#22 Judging A Book By Its Cover

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#23 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Substances My Cleaning Woman Reported To The Police. It’s A Thermal Paste For A Computer, Found Next To PC Parts

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#24 Is That Why, Like, 3/4 Of The Population Is Lactose Intolerant?

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#25 Excuse Me?

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#26 An Idiot In A 34-Ton Cement Truck Tried To Drive On A 4-Ton Wooden Bridge

Image credits: No_Associate2881

#27 “Can You Do This Report With Someone Who Doesn’t Have That British Accent?”

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#28 I Have No Words

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#29 Toxic Masculinity At Its Finest

Image credits: TheGrimReefah

#30 Freedom Of Religion, Never Heard Of It

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#31 The Sunburn Won’t Give Her Cancer, The Sunscreen Will

Image credits: em-chris

#32 Apparently, Crying At Your Wedding Is Considered Gay Now

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#33 Don’t Park In Front Of Fire Hydrants, Folks

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#34 And Gay Men Were Breastfed By Their Fathers?

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#35 Fiancée Wanted An Iced Latte

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#36 Of All The Things That Didn’t Happen, This Did Not Happen The Most

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#37 Synonyms

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#38 I May Not Be A Smart Man, But I Know What Stupid Is

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#39 Man Punctures Leg With Drill, Treats It With Homeopathic Remedies

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#40 Blood Is Blue, Apparently

Image credits: Mundane_Son4631

#41 The Client Used Paper To Walk Into The Room Along The Floor With Glue While We Were At Lunch

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#42 Apparently, Cleopatra VII Was African-American

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#43 Someone Forgot How An Acronym Works

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#44 Women Lose Their Autism If They Have A Child

Image credits: SabishiSushi

#45 When Main Characters Expose Themselves Like This

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#46 “He Looks Very White For A Spanish Guy”

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#47 Imagine Settling Into Your Nice First-Class Seat And Having To Deal With This The Entire Flight

Image credits: Paneraiguy1

#48 My Mom Threw All The Chocolate Waffles Outside For The Birds, Thinking The Chocolate Was Mold

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#49 The Entitlement Is Strong With This One

Image credits: Piccolo-Sufficient

#50 Science Is Too Hard

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