50 Times Kids Did Something So Ridiculously Stupid, Their Parents Just Had To Document It

The world without kids would be a blunt and boring place. And I’m not saying it’s easy to be a parent. Ask any mom, dad, or caregiver and they will tell you how often challenging it is to be one, how much your life changes when you become one, and how it all suddenly is about that little daredevil who still has little clue about anything, really.

But all the happy, goofy, and silly moments overshadow the hardships of parenting. Because children can be witty, hilarious, and cute all at the same time and when that happens, the chances are it ends up on this entertaining Reddit community known as “Kids Are Stupid.

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“Welcome to r/KidsAreStupid, where you can get a laugh out of kids doing dumb things because they don’t know any better,” the group’s description says and we’re totally up for it!

#1 I Bet They Tricked The Teacher!

Image credits: Traeger-Cooks

#2 How Can You Mess Up That Bad

Image credits: Thatone_lowkey-dude

#3 Kids Are Idiots

Image credits: S4lty_Assassin

#4 Every Family Has That One Kid

Image credits: You_dontkn0wme

#5 Chewing Yoghurt Lids

Image credits: BrunoBraunbart

#6 Family That Brushes Together Stays Together

Image credits: SexyN8

#7 Sheesh

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 This Actually Happened

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 Yay!

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Image credits: LemmeGetUhhhhhh3000

#10 Chocolate Guy

Image credits: Inevitable-Soup-420

#11 Snitches Get Stitches

Image credits: faze_ca

#12 I Mean, Who Can Blame Them?

Image credits: Wooden-Mongoose98432

#13 When Your Son Loves The New Toy Trucks In Daycare

Image credits: gestrn

#14 Omfg

Image credits: Strawberee_Cow

#15 Alrighty Then

Image credits: Far-Weekend-5118

#16 Playing Hide And Seek With A Toddler Is Always A Thrill

Image credits: _starla_

#17 This Kid Ran Into A Lamppost While Chasing His Favourite Soccer Player

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Babies: Not That Smart And No Depth Perception

Image credits: rndsepals

#19 Hmm.. Yes My Sh#t

Image credits: 69chipz

#20 F In The Chat For That Kid Who Had To Go To The Principal’s Office

Image credits: theonly5368

#21 Facepalm Kids Edition

Image credits: nerosavage

#22 I Laughed Too Hard At This

Image credits: MathC_1

#23 ≈7 / 8 I Saw Turtles Humping And Thought It Was “Romantic” … This Was What My Parents Got For Their Next Anniversary

Image credits: gaywardson42

#24 I Guess I Really Admired Cows

Image credits: psychpopnprogncore

#25 Surf And Turf!

Image credits: Major-Cover6718

#26 That Time I Figured Out How To Take The Lid Off Of The Vent, And Proceeded To Get Stuck In It

Image credits: You_dontkn0wme

#27 Sadistic Laughing

Image credits: MakeMeRichIDC

#28 Is It Real School Or School With You?

Image credits: Balloon_911

#29 Found This On R/Holup

Image credits: ItsMichaelRay

#30 My Brother Rearranged My Keyboard

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 This Is Wat You Get If You Hike With Kids!

Image credits: MarinoMani

#32 Ah Yes, The Recognizable Shape Of A Flamingo

Image credits: CobWebbs

#33 To Eat A Mozzarella Stick

Image credits: AlphaO4

#34 *hissing*

Image credits: eevee_enthusiast_471

#35 I Feel This Guy

Image credits: SweatyGamer69420

#36 Alright, Who’s Telling Him When He Finally Does It Willingly?

Image credits: GenericUser1185

#37 No You Are Not

Image credits: tjlurk

#38 Absolute Madlad

Image credits: Ostracized_Aresian

#39 Well What Can I Say?

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Holesum Eviction

Image credits: Reppandaadventures

#41 My 4 Year Old Brought Me A Rubber Band And Asked Me To Do This To Him

Image credits: Delzaleon

#42 I Should Leave This Package Outside

Image credits: Pandamemnon

#43 Lets Walk On Water

Image credits: Balloon_911

#44 Blursed_victory

Image credits: sss_spooky

#45 Found This Comment On Youtube, Full Credit Goes To Whoever Said This

Image credits: Obvious_Thing_3520

#46 Well That’s Incredibly Dangerous

Image credits: NeedlessTreasure69

#47 Mom, The Zombies Are Coming!!!

Image credits: DAMcraft

#48 I Wished

Image credits: RevolutionaryDiver48

#49 Nice Idea

Image credits: TalonsofIceandFire

#50 My Man Has Not Breathe In 2-3 Months!

Image credits: QuietKid42069

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