50 Times Landlords Were So Terrible, They Got Shamed In This Online Community (New Pics)

A good landlord is worth more than their weight in gold. If they’re fair, communicate well, and genuinely care about the welfare of their tenants, then you know for a fact that you’ve got a lot of stability in your life. On the flip side, landlords who refuse to do their duties, dodge your calls, and try to squeeze you dry probably deserve to be shamed online. And that’s exactly what the r/LandlordLove subreddit is all about.

An online community that’s home to 76.6k members, r/LandlordLove calls out the most horrible landlords that tenants have ever had the ‘pleasure’ of encountering. What these people went through is absolutely awful, and we wouldn’t wish it on our very worst enemies.

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Scroll down to see just how bad things can get for some renters. If you’re feeling up to sharing some of your worst experiences with landlords, you can do so in the comment section, Pandas. Oh, and if there’s an additional bit of humanity that you’d just love to lose, check out Bored Panda’s earlier articles about r/LandlordLove right over here and right here.

#1 I, For One, Think This Could End Up Wonderfully For Us All

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#2 Capitalism Is Inherently Unfair. It Favors The Wealthy

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#3 Just Get A Mortgage!

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The r/LandlordLove subreddit was founded exactly three years ago, on October 18, 2019. The mods of the sub explain that the name of the community is ironic. The sub is meant to be a “tenant-friendly space” for people to highlight the problems of landlordism and the awful stuff that some landlords do.

From memes to personal experiences and more, the sub touches on a bit of everything. At the core of the sub lies the simple idea that housing is a human right. Which might sound like a no-brainer to many of you Pandas. But considering how bad the situation is getting, rent-wise, it seems like not everyone feels the same way.

CNN reports that rents are up double-digit percentages in some cities in the United States. “Meanwhile, buying a home is the most unaffordable it has been since the mid-1980s. Mortgage rates have surpassed 6% and home prices remain just off the record highs hit in recent months, pricing many prospective homebuyers out of the market.”

#4 Inclusivity

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#5 It’s Not Much, But It’s Honest Work

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#6 Nice

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A while back, my colleague got in touch with redditor u/RIPNightman, the founder and one of the moderators running the entire r/LandlordLove subreddit. In the interview with Bored Panda, they highlighted the fact that the community is meant for tenants, and landlords aren’t allowed.

According to them, the members of the group are “politically conscious and versed in left theory regarding Landlords and housing.”

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Some of the most common posts on the sub include terrible landlord DIY, current articles about tenant/landlord conflicts, examples of some landlords “doing awful things,” as well as tweets about them. There are lots of memes, too.

#7 Hmm Landlords Don’t Want Tenants That Know Their Rights?

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#8 That’s So Infuriating!

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#9 Landlord “Fixed” Nice Hardwood Floors

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“While they don’t always get much traction, we also have a lot of posts by tenants venting or ranting about situations they’ve had with their Landlord,” the mod told Bored Panda.

Redditor u/RIPNightman revealed the inspiration behind the online community as well. In short, the subreddit was born from the frustration with the current landlording system in the US.

“A system with its roots in feudalism where housing is not considered a right, but a privilege to be paid for. I’ve had a number of bad experiences with Landlords which influenced me. I’ve come to find out my struggles are very common, things like my deposit being kept by the Landlord despite me leaving the place spotless,” they said.

#10 Facebook Sometimes Does Not Disappoint

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#11 I Just Remembered This Awful PSA From During The Pandemic Asking Women Not To Prostitute Themselves To Landlords Because They Lost Their Jobs And Can’t Afford Rent. How Can Anyone Believe Our Society Is Normal?

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#12 Publicly Admitting That They Regularly Steal From Their Tenants

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“Those getting into property management often do so with the explicit goal of being able to live off of this investment income. In most instances, the Landlord doesn’t build the house—they purchase the property to rent out,” the moderator told Bored Panda.

“Successful Landlords contract out all labor which is required for upkeep. Many spend as little money as they can to maintain these properties, especially the smaller ‘mom and pop’ Landlords. What we have is a class of individuals that can be compared to societal leeches. People who live off of the money their tenants earn working for a living while doing as little as they can in return.”

#13 He’s Got My Vote

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#14 Shouldn’t Have Bought So Many Avocado Toasts

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#15 Landlord Isn’t Giving The Deposit Back Regardless So

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Here at Bored Panda, we’ve covered intense drama between tenants and their less-than-stellar landlords time and again. A while back, we got in touch with financial expert Sam Dogen, the founder of Financial Samurai and the author of ‘Buy This, Not That,’ for a chat about how much we should be spending on rent. He stressed that we should be spending over 30% of our gross income on rent each month.

“Once you limit your rent to 20% of your monthly gross income, you’ll free up a lot more disposable income to invest. If you want to achieve financial independence sooner, my housing expense guideline recommends keeping rent/mortgage to 10% of gross income each month,” he told us that it’s always worth negotiating with your landlord for a reduction in rent.

#16 Landlords R Parasites!

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#17 They Never Cared About You

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#18 Karen Landlord Can’t Even Handle Other People Using Spices

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“After all, if you never ask, you never receive. You just have to negotiate in a courteous way, not in a demanding way. As a landlord since 2005, all I want is great tenants who will take care of the place, pay on time, and be respectful to the neighbors. Plenty of landlords are willing to charge a discount to market if prospective tenants come across as responsible,” the financial expert said.

#19 Queen S**t

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#20 Like Scalpers For Concert Tickets

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#21 Reminder: People Don’t Need To Be Sober And Drug Free To Deserve Food, Shelter And Kindness

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“If your rental property has fewer people, that’s another great reason to negotiate the rent lower. For example, my previous tenants were a family of four with a dog. However, my new tenants are a family of three with no pets. As a result, I was more than happy to charge them less due to less wear and tear. In a hot rental market, make sure to come prepared with all the relevant documents when applying. The more thorough, the better.”

#22 Abolish Capitalism

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#23 “You Gotta Look At It From The Landlord’s Point Of View”

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#24 Right?

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One of the most powerful pieces of leverage that tenants have is the willingness to move elsewhere. “Landlords don’t want turnover. If you move, even in a strong rental market, a landlord might lose a month’s worth of rent or more trying to find new tenants. So it’s best if there’s continuity,” Sam, from Financial Samurai, said.

#25 100% Correct. F**k This System

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#26 I Have No Words

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#27 Good Lord, The Hailfax Sub Is Just Ripe Lately

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“However, if tenants can’t find a better deal elsewhere and don’t want to move, then tenants should try and negotiate. Landlords want self-sufficient tenants who never bother them. Therefore, tenants can highlight their on-time payments and care for the property, Tenants can also volunteer to do some cosmetic upkeep in lieu of lower rent. For example, you might offer to paint some walls or change some fixtures that cost less than the rent increase. Tenants can also volunteer to be a project manager for any larger work the landlord wants done on the house at the landlord’s expense.”

#28 As Everyone Knows, It Is Impossible For An Object To Break After 4 Years Of Use

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#29 The World Doesn’t Need Jeff Bezos. But Jeff Bezos Needs The World. We As A Society Need To Remember That

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#30 God Is Indeed Good

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The ideal tenant/landlord relationship involved very little friction and is harmonious. The more mutual mistrust there is, the worse the situation is for everyone involved.

“Good landlords will want to take care of good tenants and vice versa. Landlords have been burned many times before with non-payment, damage to property, rent moratoriums, rising property taxes, noise disturbances, and so on. These past occurrences are one of the main reasons why there are bad landlords. Work together to make things work!”

#31 From Ireland Subreddit

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#32 I Informed My Landlord That The Law States I’m Required To Give 20 Days Notice To Move Out In A Month To Month Lease, Not 30. She Was Not Happy

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#33 Just An Honest Job. Honest Living

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#34 Sounds About Right

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#35 Bootstraps™️, Motherf**kers

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#36 And Their House Was Twice As Large

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#37 Oops I Forgot

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#38 Cruelty Is The Point

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#39 Giver Of Life, Provider Of Shelter

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#40 Landlord Helps Himself To Tenant’s Cookies

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#41 Anyone Else Stand Behind And Back The Boys In Beige?

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#42 Mao

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#43 Ok Let’s Add Thievery To The List

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#44 Very True

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#45 Important Reminder

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#46 Pretty Nice Of This Landlord To Incentivize His Tenants To Exercise

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#47 Cozy Studio With Lots Of Light And A Great Waterfront View!

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#48 That’s What Happens When You Don’t Earn Your Title

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#49 Mathematically Perfect Tweet. Like Sacred Geometry Of Language

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#50 You Can Stay Working While On The Toilet

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