50 Times People Found Something Unsettling And Shared It On The “Thanks, I Hate It” Page

The Internet is an interesting place, full of WTF stock photos and questionable DIY anti-coronavirus solutions. But if you like your content even edgier and weirder, look no further than the subreddit r/TIHI.

Its name is an acronym for “Thanks, I Hate It” and it pretty much sums up everything you see on the sub. From a vending machine selling Pringles in a pack as opposed to a tube, to a sign warning about deer carcasses falling from trees; the 1.3 million members of r/TIHI really know how to get under each other’s skin. The best part is they do it without any gore or anything. Continue scrolling and check out some of the subreddit’s most popular posts!

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#1 Thanks, I Hate Skin Dogs

Image credits: stupidoldandy

#2 Thanks, I Hate Sleeping Like A Baby

Image credits: JeremyLayt0n

#3 Thanks, I Hate This Photo Of A Seal

Image credits: 1antojones

While the exact origin of the “Thanks, I hate it” phrase is unclear, its usage saw a spike in the fall of 2017 not only on Reddit but on Tumblr as well. According to the Internet culture database Know Your Meme, it was popularly used in comments responding to strange images before it was used to title such posts.

People began using the phrase in their post titles somewhere around late 2017 and early 2018, so you can say the subreddit r/TIHI (created on November 09, 2018) is a way of keeping this meme alive.

#4 Thanks I Hate Home Alone Now

Image credits: itrevormoore

#5 Thanks, I Hate Emo Horse

Image credits: SteveMeans

#6 Thanks, I Hate Trojan Lady Liberty

Image credits: LittleLostLad

Mashable writer Heather Dockray believes that “Thanks, I hate it” is a celebration of what they call Internet Gothic; the grotesque consisting of hellish images, perverse Photoshops, photos suggestive of late capitalism, disturbing GIFs, shitposts, nihilist memes, and all the stupid stuff we try and forget we saw on the internet.

If it wasn’t for r/TIHI, the meme might’ve died.

“The initial idea came from another moderator of us (u/scrumbly) on another post on r/ATBGE … He posted a comment linking to this sub and as it didn’t exist yet I decided to make it a thing,” Markus, the founder of the subreddit, told Mashable in an email. “I wanted to create a place for all the beautiful posts that are both likable and hatable at the same time. But I wasn’t all that serious about it, as all subs I managed before were very small as well.”

This one, however, lives on. And flourishes.

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#7 Thanks, I Hate Wellness Geese

Image credits: BantshireUni

#8 Thanks, I Hate Farm Emo

Image credits: Mmanos316

#9 Thanks, I Hate Ghosts Now

Image credits: craig-craig

#10 Thanks I Hate Deep Sea Fish

Image credits: Moonlit_Cactus

#11 Thanks, I Hate Fried Chicken

Image credits: shitheadsteve__

#12 Thanks, I Hate Anxiety

Image credits: Maelarion

#13 Thanks, I Hate What Jack-O-Lanterns Looked Like

Image credits: Il0veMyCats

#14 Thanks, I Hate Wild Bananas

Image credits: ziyatong

#15 Thanks, I Hate Honey

Image credits: Foksees

#16 Thanks , I Hate Swan When Given The Same Treatment As Dinosaurs Are Given By Paleoartists

Image credits: atlasobscura

#17 Thanks I Hate Philadelphia

Image credits: ivanwafles67

#18 Thanks, I Hate Horizontally Cut Bread

Image credits: FLITTER

#19 Thanks, I Hate To Engage Ramming Speed

Image credits: Ol_bagface

#20 Thanks, I Hate Unfinished Leopard Food

Image credits: coffeetable213

#21 Thanks, I Hate Brazilian Chernobyl Olafs

Image credits: EnZeeeRu

#22 Thanks, I Hate The English Language

Image credits: 6969BRUH_MOMENT6969

#23 Thanks I Hate Chicago Bulls Logo

Image credits: DenizCamp

#24 Thanks I Hate “Calming Product”

Image credits: lawrineapple

#25 Thanks, I Hate This Soap Dispenser

Image credits: pulikana2t

#26 Thanks, I Hate Chicken Feet Socks

Image credits: AristonD

#27 Thanks, I Hate Spring

Image credits: toddalcott

#28 Thanks, I Hate Leather

Image credits: regian24

#29 Thanks, I Hate Police Werewolves

Image credits: Mr_Awesome_rddt

#30 Thanks, I Hate The English Language

Image credits: PiDawg

#31 Thanks , I Hate It

Image credits: 69joseph-stalin420

#32 Thanks I Hate Broken R

Image credits: mossygator_

#33 Thanks, I Hate Water With Whipped Cream

Image credits: r-slash-randomname

#34 Thanks I Hate These Shoes

Image credits: farrukhsshah

#35 Thanks, I Hate The Pumpkin House

Image credits: Currynrice9728

#36 Thanks I Hate Birds With Legs

Image credits: TommySiegel

#37 Thanks, I Hate Warm Puke In My Body

Image credits: FiversWarren

#38 Thanks, I Hate The Last Garfield Comic

Image credits: Bigboyadam21

#39 Thanks, I Hate Book Murder

Image credits: Zee_Ventures

#40 Thanks, I Hate Hollywood Boy And Girl

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Thanks, I Hate Sans Serif

Image credits: Auctorion

#42 Thanks I Hate Exciting New Ideas

Image credits: RyomaNagare

#43 Thanks I Hate New Dino Names

Image credits: matttomic

#44 Thanks, I Hate A Saint Now

Image credits: Akephalos_Agares

#45 Thanks I Hate These Dice

Image credits: animehentaikanker

#46 Thanks, I Hate The Paradox Of Meat

Image credits: chuuYuan

#47 Thanks I Hate Bags Of Pringles

Image credits: headcabbage

#48 Thanks, I Hate Megetables

Image credits: BushyEyes

#49 Thanks, I Hate Super Creepers

Image credits: gourdhorder

#50 Thanks, I Hate Liquid Toast

Image credits: FrazzleMyGimp

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